Vainglory needs a complete overhaul with new system and changes and today let's have a gathering of ideas for the game

As simple as the title goes, comment your ideas for a new Vainglory right down in the comments or maybe link your previous posts to here so this will become a compilation.
I’ll post mine when they are ready.

A bit wary to start, considering the results of the last thread but here goes.

A Couple Ideas
  • Events.
    I don’t even know what to say. You threw a great 2016 Summer Event and although you bailed the community out at the end, there was plenty of hype, few had problems spending a couple bucks, and it was overall successful. Now you throw together an event with a ridiculous ante, low reward, and excludes most of your player base. You know how to do events and it’s infuriating because you used to do them well. However, this Summer Finale isn’t too bad, if not for a slightly short timeline. It’s a step in the right direction. Perhaps someone can link a thread detailing good event ideas.

  • Currency.
    For a game with little grindable progression systems, you have a ridiculous amount of currency. Glory ( without any dump ), ICE, opals ( useless ), essence ( made useless to veterans with the introduction of blueprints ), sunlight ( who even knows how this 100 levels will go ), hat materials ( really … ), ping sets, blueprints, chests, keys, event chests and keys. There is just so many different things happening that have become useless or excessive. Not to mention the card art that was promised to be re-incorporated into the game.

  • Basic Communication.
    Hello SEMC. This is your community speaking. Arguably the majority of the anger / disconnect from your player base comes from your complete lack of communication. You want to take out charm passes so you can introduce a new collectible feature of the game? Want to start event after event? Want to increase the ICE only period on new heroes? Add hats? You want to continuously cheapen your game to make a buck?
    Get this part straight if nothing else - You will get opinions and some will not be good but there will be no backlash for being in the dark.
    Your player base wants transparency. We want to feel how we did years ago while you were beginning. We understand you need to make money. However, for a small company, you have the disconnected attitude of a gaming giant. Have a change for the game? Talk to us about it and your reasoning, if for no other reason than a heads up. The last time you all generally communicated was the 2017 Roadmap. I don’t even care that you didn’t get to do everything you wanted - you told us your intention. That’s all we ask and instead of that, the three most community-interactive devs get the boot. You are doing it to yourselves.

  • Well-Known Bugs.
    Need I even mention the amount of age old bugs in this game? Samuel B, Grace B, Alpha reboot, the turret bug, losing ELO for a teammate dodging, and my personal favorite - stuttering as if I was being pulled backwards . Now I admit I have been considerably less active on Vainglory than in the past, so some of these may have been addressed. For example, I haven’t heard of any ELO loss from a dodging teammate since the hotfix after I first saw it in forums. However, there are plenty of bugs and issues that the community has been quite vocal in calling out. The last organized “Bug Hunt” was this one and I’m sure we can begin another after this upcoming update. Update 3.7 finally fixed Reim and I’m excited because my irritation with SEMC would be gone if the just fixed some bugs, network, and talked to us about it.


Basically stop ignoring a majority of your player base, find a use for the plethora of currency or just cut down on it, fix bugs and issues that plenty of players are vocal about, and just communicate. It’s not a complete overhaul, it’s just a change in attitude.

SEMC already got the 5v5 experience that they wanted but we are still waiting for the 3v3 experience that has been lost for years.

  • Minion mines
  • Capturable gold miner
  • Make a decision between only traps or only cams
  • Halcyon pots?
  • 3v3 also needs Fog of War.
    It has been out for 6 months now.
    It’s now a staple feature of the game but half the game doesn’t have it.

This is a stretch, but I would apply the same treatment to 5v5 as well.

  • Scrap the map and all the art
  • Make the game jungle-centric per old Vainglory
  • Two lanes with a huge jungle in the center
    Wave control via minion mines
  • Basically just a scaled up version of 2016-2017 Vainglory
  • Actually put effort into the artistic theme this time
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Here goes and nothing? People say here goes nothing and they post man.

For 3v3, I think we should combine the old Minion Miner and the new Crystal Sentry which means that the new Crystal Miner will have the HP, defense and unlimited lives of the old Minion Miner but the damage and aggressiveness of the new Crystal Miner. Also, putting in one more Scout Cam per player would be appreciated.
For 5v5, I don’t think 5v5 will work in Vainglory because we only have 3 ACTIVE skills per hero and about 8 items per category. If we really want to do 5v5, I suggest we put in a 4th skill (ACTIVE or PASSIVE depends on the complexity required for each hero) and increase our item pool.

I dont think they need to remake the map.

The lanes and homebases are fine as they are.

Its just the jungle thats screwed up and allows the lanes to get messed up aswell

I think about the map, we should have a multi-map system like Heroes of the Storm.

Thats a FAT no from me and the majority of players.

I think your talking imaginativly and not realistically.
A multi map system would increase the already huge storage requirements that the game has. :sleepy:

Edit for my two posts. I forgot that this was an “Idea” thread and got mixed up with another thread. Whoops my bad.
But I still would love to see some reasonably realistic ideas instead of far fetched ones. Once again my bad. :mask:

The very next line after that was “Editing”. Didn’t mean to post and it wouldn’t just delete “man”

Mmm one thing that you may have forgotten that VG is on PCs now (yay but no selfish changes should be made into the game). Anyways, I myself will try to come up with a new map layout later (just a sketch because I suck at drawing) and post here.

I dont think SEMC would jeopardize their phone and tablet systems just for the Alpha Pc version.

Mmm there are so many things at stake now. Ok here are some more ideas.
Hero and Talent Changes P1.

*Hero Changes:

  1. General Changes:
    In 5v5, all heroes will get an additional skill to their arsenal along with 4 extra levels. This 4th skill has 5 ranks but there are only 4 extra levels. This puts a greater emphasis on overdriving skills and enhances the build diversity.
    The list of 4th skills with their stats will be in another post because they are too long.
  2. Specific Hero Changes:
    The list of specific hero changes with my comments about that will be in another post because they are too long.

*Talent Changes:

  1. Talent Upgrades of the current Talents:
    Do you think that your current Talents are a little bit too stale with the same effects and only the stats changing? If so, here’s the system you have always wanted. With the new system, before you join in a match, you can allocate Hero Points gained from mastering heroes from the system below into Upgrades of Talents. Each Talent has 3 Tiers of Upgrades and each Upgrade from tier opens up 2 Upgrades from the next Tier to unlock. However, you can only choose one out of the 2 Upgrade options. This will definately make quick modes more tactical, interesting and engaging too play but I know a whole lot of people will say: “Heroes will be so OP, squishies will be wiped out of the face of the Earth in like 0.2 seconds and tankers can survive forever.” Don’t worry, everything will be balanced at the end of the post.
    The upgrades for Talents will be in another post because they are too long.
  2. Hero Mastery and turning Talents comepletely non-P2W:
    Do you think that playing the same hero for a long time to earn minimal rewards is worth the time you spend? I surely don’t think so. That’s why I’m bringing into Vainglory the spanking new Hero Mastery system. Now whenever you play a hero, you will gain Hero Experience Points. The amount of Hero EXP you gain will be based on your performance. For example, if you got a 2.5 K/D Ratio and your team won the match, you would gain the same amount of EXP as when you got a 5.0 K/D Ratio and your team lost the match. It is just an example but it may show how the system works. When you get enough EXP, you will level up your hero, your Talents, gain a Hero Point to allocate to the Talent Upgrades based on the Hero Level. Each hero has a maximum of 20 levels and now upon being unlocked, all Talents will be equipped.
    Here are the required EXP to level up and rewards for each hero level:
    Level 1: (0 EXP required): Level 1 Rare Talent, 1 Hero Point.
    Level 2: (200 EXP required): Level 2 Rare Talent, Level 1 Epic Talent.
    Level 3: (300 EXP required): Level 3 Rare Talent.
    Level 4: (700 EXP required): Level 4 Rare Talent, Level 2 Epic Talent, Level 1 Legendary Talent, 1 Hero Point.
    Level 5: (800 EXP required): Level 5 Rare Talent.
    Level 6: (1000 EXP required): Level 6 Rare Talent, Level 3 Epic Talent.
    Level 7: (1200 EXP required): Level 7 Rare Talent, 1 Hero Point.
    Level 8: (1500 EXP required): Level 8 Rare Talent, Level 4 Epic Talent, Level 2 Legendary Talent.
    Level 9: (1600 EXP required): Level 9 Rare Talent.
    Level 10: (1900 EXP required): Level 10 Rare Talent, Level 5 Epic Talent, 1 Hero Point.
    Level 11: (2000 EXP required): Level 11 Rare Talent.
    Level 12: (2200 EXP required): Level 12 Rare Talent, Level 6 Epic Talent.
    Level 13: (2400 EXP required): Level 13 Rare Talent, 1 Hero Point.
    Level 14: (2600 EXP required): Level 14 Rare Talent, Level 7 Epic Talent.
    Level 15: (2700 EXP required): Level 15 Rare Talent.
    Level 16: (3200 EXP required): Level 16 Rare Talent, Level 8 Epic Talent, Level 4 Legendary Talent, 2 Hero Points.
    Level 17: (3300 EXP required): Level 17 Rare Talent.
    Level 18: (3500 EXP required): Level 18 Rare Talent, Level 9 Epic Talent.
    Level 19: (3600 EXP required): Level 19 Rare Talent.
    Level 20: (4100 EXP required): Level 20 Rare Talent, Level 10 Epic Talent, Level 5 Legendary Talent, 2 Hero Points.
    If this was to be implemented, all Talent Coins bought would be fully refunded and each Coin acquired from chest would be converted into 10 Hero EXP. Upgrades would still be permanent and could be continued when the level threshold had been reached.
  3. A massive tactical advantage and a whole new experience in 3v3 mode:
    I don’t know if there are anybody who think like me but the Talent system is too unique not to be implemented into the normal mode. That’s why I here want to implement a whole new Talent Tree into the normal mode. There will be 6 Talent Tiers in the Talent Tree. In 3v3, the order of acquiring the Talents is Level 1 and skip one level until all Tiers are acquired.

They’re way too far down the rabbit hole to do a fourth skill. It would be easier to make a new game than it would be to properly balance the current roster of 44 heroes with a new skill.

I don’t say that SEMC will be the one who balances out the 4th skills. I’ll do it. I’ll send the details of the 4th skills with stats later in this month. All I want is that SEMC creates the new animations for the skills. I’ll do the heavy work.
Ps: 4th skills will be either ACTIVE or PASSIVE depending on the level of complexity wanted in each hero.

They’ll have stopped development on Vainglory by the time you finish. It’s definitely not as easy as you seem to think it is.

I don’t say it’s easy at all but it’s the only shot at bringing the game back into the limelight.

Ahhh, we’re back to the REAL purpose of this topic, which is for you to tell everyone how you plan to single-handedly “save” Vainglory.

I’m tempted to close this topic, because I can see where it’s headed …


They head pretty much the same direction each time, first day back from his ban I assume and straight back to the same ideas.

Advice I say each time to lam, save your ideas for your own game when you get older, cuz they’re almost 4 years in, they’ve established their game/gameplay mostly and what you suggest honestly could end up being it’s own game

how about you create some new animations for the skills, since you’re claiming it’s the “easy” part.

when you succeed. SEMC can do the balancing.