Vainglory Discord Bot, Toothless - Caramel [ Patch 3.9 ]

Hi everyone, a lot of improvements have been made to the bot since I last posted about it here. I originally made it for friends and personal use but it has come a long way!

If you didn’t know, Toothless is a well-maintained Vainglory bot for Discord that emphasises clarity and simplicity. Information is presented in a neat and compact format to improve readability and reduce scrolling, especially on mobile devices.

My goal with the bot is to reduce the need to open third-party apps or websites for essential information while you are in Discord. If you want a clutter-free, easy-to-use Vainglory bot that does one thing really well—serving you only Vainglory-related commands, I think you’ll love Toothless.

Check out some screenshots here.


  • Multiplayer search.

  • Game mode filter for match lookup.

  • Basic role detection in match details.

  • Sold build restoration in match details.

  • Vision map support in match details.

  • Key telemetry data in match details.

  • Complete hero/item database for v3.9.

  • Recommended builds for heroes.

  • GIF previews for hero abilities.

  • Timezone support for date/time display.

  • Alert for delay in Vainglory API data.

  • Set custom server-based prefix.


  • !elo: Shows skill tier given elo

  • !build: Shows build stats & effects

  • !recent: Shows n most recent matches

  • !register: Links your IGN & timezone to Discord

  • !invite: Shows bot invite link

  • !last: Shows the last nth match

  • !status: Shows bot status

  • !prefix: Sets server-based bot prefix

  • !hero: Shows hero stats and ability

  • !player: Shows basic player(s) stats

  • !item: Shows item stats and recipe

You can type !help <command> for instruction and example usage on a command.


For security reasons, Toothless only requires basic permissions to function. No administrative or destructive permissions means you’ll never have to worry about the robot uprising!


Add the bot to your Discord server:

For questions or feedback, you can join the Discord support server here (optional):


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