Update 4.1 Bug Hunt

Okay, post 'em if you’ve got 'em (and we’ve all got 'em – a lot of the old favorites are still there, sadly) …

  1. Ingame sound effects stops to play, not all of them, around 80% of them (by feel, but surely most of them, oddly some still plays). Confirmed by other player, so it’s not on my end.
  2. After canceled match search and while typing with other player, I got into match found screen.
  3. Lags + mis positioning all games… and they talk how will work to fix it… not exactly a bug, but worth mentioning.

For now I will start will those.


I had one where opening any chest triggered the Season Transition screen. Already reported through other channels, but wanted to include it here in case anyone else had experienced it and wondered if SEMC knew yet.

iPhone XS max, latest software update, not jail broken


I played a couple of matches as Gwen, and the problem of activating her A with no resulting animation or sound effect is back and occurs WAY more frequently than in the past. (Nearly every time I activated A in the lane in one match.)

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In the two matches I played as Skye, her Forward Barrage is sometimes interrupted mysteriously and unpredictably – it simply stops after a fraction of a second. No further animation, no sound effects, no damage to enemies. Cooldown timer starts.

I absolutely will not play Skye until this is fixed. It’s ridiculous.


Melee targeting bug is still there >_>

Plus the combo thing for some heros such as Krul AB combo and not being able to do it.

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Fortress ult sometimes just mutes majority of all the sounds in the game. I rely on audio cues a lot so it’s really distracting. This issue existed before 4.1 though.


Was it ever removed? I’ve had it quite a bit in the last 3 months.

Also I’m rubberbanding quite a bit, but dunno if that’s new or just what games on the rise are like, as it’s the first time in ages I’ve played 5v5.

Ghostwing and Blackclaw do not focus the closest character anymore. I have been primarily targeted despite being far away as a mage

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I don’t want to be negative, but the game is broken beyond playability in my opinion. The bugs are too many, too much affecting the gameplay/joy and in my face all the time. This totally kills the fun…

The last 2-3 patches, everything got out of control literally. More and more and more bugs. They fix less bugs than introduce with every patch. :frowning:

  1. 5v5 ranked only searches 6 players instead of 10.
  2. Searching a match in party sometimes gets canceled for no reason.
  3. When someone doesn’t accept the match, the accepting screen doesn’t disappear, I have to re-enter the game.
  4. Party chat is broken… Again. At least for me.
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Oh, I also got that. Yes, pressing decline is leaving the match found screen indefinitely . I had to force close the game and open it again to remove it (android).

Skaarf goop still goes beside turrets even if you tap directly on the turret


I encountered it occasionally in 4.0 also, but in the matches I’ve played so far in 4.1, it happened nearly every time.

I am afraid I have to agree with this. The myriad serious bugs coupled with the lack of any seasonal progression system or rewards have quickly dampened my enthusiasm for playing the game.


" Rona’s B is bugged and is a strong factor in why no one plays her. Pls fix that.( You are forced to re target a Target your already targeting to activate her B )" -VG Crimson on Reddit

It also happens to Krul

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I bet that one is because of the mouse/keyboard controls on the PC version. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to say that as well but it happened to me. And I dont have *old phone.

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Tidal Enchanter Lyra Bug,
Animation AA attack is slower than her normal and Dear Diary Lyra even with :vgitem_alternatingcurrent:

And also Tidal Skin bug, Lyra’a B is not.blocking dash attack.

Before hotfit it blocks. Now it doean’t


I encountered both of these in a scrim in practice mode … they’re game-breakers, if you’re Lyra or on her team.

The question that comes to mind is … HOW DOES THIS NOT GET NOTICED IN TESTING?!?