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Update 3.3 experimental joysticks


It’s actually better than I expected, precised controls is still there.


Two very easy targets though for ganking


That’s 20 buttons, not including possible extra activated items/consumables, using the mini-map, or if you consider the ‘drag-to-cancel’ a button also. Yikes.

The level indicators underneath the ability buttons are a nice touch, though, I like the thought there.


Where do the six activatables go for a Roam???


The new hero also appears :slight_smile:


I would assume around abilities like the boots


I still wondering playing someone ranged and aiming for someone further back or behind another player, how would that work or would that even work?

Edit: never mind I have now seen the video, looks great, I like it


It’s discussed in the video. They touch on it a few times.


@hazeleyes Can you combine threads? I wonder if you should combine this thread with this thread.


curious how ozo work with this d-joy
harder than touch, i bet…


Im not against joysticks but theres too many button which almost cover the game i think they should make 1 icon that can expand for the settings,leaderboard etc


Honestly the left screen isn’t that bad the horrible part is the right side include your finger on joy plus sliding an ability you lost 75% visualibity


looks cool i’ll try this in casual. Maybe some high level players from other joystick mobas can come on over and play. then I can crush them :slight_smile:


If they had shown this earlier, I wouldn’t have been such a crybaby about not wanting joysticks.