Joystick Video

What do you think of the preview for joystick? I am presonally really impressed with how SEMC implemented joystick from what the video shows.


The video, for those of you who don’t want to go searching and haven’t seen it yet.

EDIT: Called it, that new hero is Vainglory’s Yasuo.

To add to give you a proper response:

The more I see it, honestly, the more I warm to it. I wonder what kind of troubles it’ll bring in the future, especially separation between tap-based movement and using the joystick controls, where the skill tiers will differentiate (if any), and, if higher-based skill tiers will be mostly void of one or the other.

I enjoy the joystick in AoV, but AoV can be very unresponsive even with the best ping, and their controls often feel delayed and not entirely responsive. I play AoV with the mindset that I need to preemptively make movement decisions, rather them be reactionary, too.

When joystick controls are released I’m going to use them very heavily to really see how I feel about it. I think the greatest takeway for now with joystick controls is that it will allow tablet users the option to play without having to prop themselves onto a flat surface (i.e. playing while laying down on your back, or in transit) and still retain complete sense of control.

EDIT 2: Also, greater last-hit control. Better CS, better kills via auto basic attack. Stutter stepping might be easier.

EDIT 3: Okay, no, these controls look incredible. There might be a bit of a learning curve with some heroes, and implementing the new control scheme/adapting to the new control scheme vs how abilities were placed/targeted with touch-based controls, but I’m sold. They’ve obviously spent a lot of time thinking about how they’re going to make this right.


Global attacks look a lot easier to use and snipe with


But I play lying on my back with my thumbs :frowning: having only really played mobile games, my thumbs areore dextrous than my forefingers so I naturally use them. It means I have to pull off some crazy acrobatics while stutterstepping (and I’m kinda worried my wrists won’t thank me in the future…) And I can’t reflex block well because of the travel distance but I’m too lazy to learn to use my forefingers lol

Also auto cs that will target the low hp minions, excluding the option of misclick = easier in a way. We will see, but the controls look good for joystick. At the end it can turn out to be easy to play with them, especially on the bigger phones where it’s hard to reach the center of the screen.

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With a tablet? Like a 9" or something? Not something like a mini-tablet or a phone. I’m talking like, iPad sized. If you can do that laying on your back, I can only imagine that you have monstrous hands or you’re come up with some ingenious way to play, in which case please share!

There’s a lot of screen real-estate that I imagine you must not have access to.

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One hand holds with 5 fingers to tap with or maybe to play?

i know the autoaim on kes wasnt accurate while the enemy was moving, but how accurate would it be if, say, celeste or someone with a more instant skillshot would use it on a moving target is all i’m wondering

Auto-attacks prioritize heroes on the lowest health. lol . How am I not surprised.

Time to abuse ranged Auto attack heroes . . . doesn’t take a genius to figure out who’s that gonna be . . . :haha::adagio::haha::saw::opaf::lyra::happy::ringo::gwenrainbowbarf::thumbs3:


:gwenrainbowbarf: gonna be mega low tier meta with 75%winrate now

9" iPad air 2, now I’m embarrassed ;-; I hold the iPad kind of in the joints where my fingers meet my palm if that makes any sense. If I have to block something my thumbs have to travel quite a bit so it’s very inefficient, but I play far worse with forefingers, I’ve tried :confused:slight_smile:
Also I have smaller than average hands I think.

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well, it depends on region?

after recently enjoying some Heroes Evolved on the NA server and getting 100% win rate, climbing all the way up to Bronze, I finally started to lose some.

So i created an Asia region account and couldn’t even get past novice 3 star without having a 50% win/loss rate.

I actually thought the NA players was bots with made up names, until i played in “Asia server” and I realized that it really was real players.

i earned 1000+ diamonds on my NA account, just from winning. I can’t even earn 50 diamonds on my Asia account.

It’s relevant, because that moba utilizes joystick control, targeting heroes as a priority, with drag and drop abilities, extremely similar to this.

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patel?? pls tell me its patal



I’m actually surprised how good it looks. It even looks viable. Most old players would probably never use that but it’s good to know that it’s working and even has some advantages. I honestly didn’t expect it to turn out this good.


I want the pre-targeting while on cool down for abilities to cross over into tap touch as well. it’s unfair that tap user’s need to constantly spam tap the ability just to get it to activate on time.


You can pre-target now, you just hold the ability down, and then release when ready.

Apparently I’m delusional, I just opened up Vainglory to try and I just get descriptions of abilities instead of pre-target.


Or remove pretarget abilities as even 5 seconds could change if I ability should be used

even when I have the option enabled to activate on tap? rather than on release?

5v5 is going to turn into a sniper brawl mode, calling it.

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Not sure, when approaching these things it’s always good to mention them prior.