Joystick Video

Welcome new joystick player. And goodbye to old player who really hate joystick on vg

I hope vg can increase the player base…

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did I miss something? while on CD is my point. since when can you cast a DD while it’s still on Cool down?

Not sure what you mean, I suppose we’re both confused.

You don’t cast it but pretarget and cast once cooldown ends(during which I think you are Auto chasing

Yes, it is abit of a redundant feature. We already and the (?) icon for the full description of the abilities and hero perks.

make it hold to pre-target abilities. VOTE NOW. lol.

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hold up… i need to try it out in game… too hard to visualize -.-

Screw that neither Joy or tap should ever pretarget we aren’t lazy ability spammers who can’t keep track of cooldowns

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It would be safe to ASSUME Vainglory is in a pickle, the addition of joystick controls can only mean appealing to the players from the other mobile “mobas”.

I can see why they are doing this but that doesn’t mean I like it. Especially since the past few months from the UI to the market, its becoming more and more similar to those other “mobas”. Whats next? Getting gold even without last hitting? Shopping from anywhere on the map? Making the heroes cost 32k? It seems as if they gave up on being innovative and coming up with new ideas and are just using the formula that everyone else is using. That isn’t 100% bad but to what extent are they willing to push the game towards the generic chinese copycat games that people call mobas? That is what worries me at the moment.

The joystick controls certainly look good and it promises bringing lots of players over, but it will affect the game one way or another. First, its going to be (if even for a tiny bit) more noob friendly. Lowering the skill ceiling might be ideal for some people, heck even the majority, but it isn’t what vainglory stands for or at least it is what they made us believe. Second, some heroes wont be as quite mechanically challenging as before or the opposite for people who decide to switch to or the new people that will use the joystick controls, say marksmen or stuttersteppig in general as an example. Third, the attitude of veteran players towards the change. This place either definitely changed or there aren’t as many as the people from the old forms because I was really surprised (not implying that this is a bad thing) as I was reading the replies. If this was the old forums people would by burning at the stake and the place would be in chaos with arguements and such.

At the end of the day, it isn’t all horrible, pitch black and the end of the world. I can see how the game would benefit from the influx of the new players but bear in mind that changes would occur. Lets just hope that those changes wont dramatically change the game and lets hope our belevoed semc doesn’t adapt the ways of the copycats fully and keep on coming up with bright new ideas and keep making the game that we all love to play better.

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Here is the bigger question in the expectation that vainglory will see an influx has SEMC upgraded the servers and improved netcode so those people will stay and not leave from lag. The key right now is not controls but actually playing a game with server client team and opponent client and your own staying in sync


Anyone notice how effortless Skye’s suri strike was? lol.

What was once a highly skilled hero taking months of practice, is now usable with a touch of a button. Nice.


I just realized something about analog that I haven’t noticed yet in regards to the conversation.

With a lot of opinions here, it reads almost exactly like when MK support was being added.

Has anyone else noticed this?

On that note, MK support clearly didn’t have a huge impact on the game at all. Even though there was much talk of the clear advantages of MK over Touch.

I guess what I am trying to say is it seems SEMC is trying to make VG as inclusive as possible. With the addition of Analog controls, there will be 3 different ways to enjoy this game of ours. This is a good thing.

I really do not see anyway Analog will have a leg up on the precision of touch. Infact, it seems like everything about the new analog controls is meant to just keep up with touch, so the players dont feel like they are at a disadvantage.

So the addition of hitboxes for targeting abilities and all the other features are simply there to aid in removing the obvious handicap analog players will have being up against a touch player.

This is my two cents anyways.

it will depend on which hero you’re using. just like M+K, it will have it’s advantages and disadvantages.

all this discussion is merely curiosity more than anything else.

Wait, what? Mouse and keyboard?

No. Mortal Kombat . . . it’s a new control feature they was considering.

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Yes there is mouse and keyboard support making it entirely possible to use programs to completely port into a gnu Linux os the only problem I see is anti cheat might kick in

Wait the legendary body control where you got to mimick animations for it to work


lol. almost got @dream fooled. . . had to spoil it. . . XD

That’s the sense I make from that sentence. I have no idea what you’re saying.

Nevermind, got it. I reread it a few times.

Wow. I am impressed with SEMC. They make joystick controls look… NOT RIDICULOUS. I am honestly hyped to try these out. For the longest time I’ve wanted to play VG while lying down :eyes:


phone players will be loving this. no more phatt phingers trying to target tiny minions.

EXACTLY! People crying mad that joysticks is such a bad thing but think this just made playing on phone an option for players or even made it better for some