Uh what other games do you play/watch?

The title says it all…
Mine are Battlefield, Titanfall 2, COD Zombies, R6S, Overwatch, HOTS (just the hero spotlights), PUBG, MC5, COC, Boom Beach (this one I played before Vainglory), Star/Warcraft.


PC: Overwatch, Destiny 2, LoL, EVE.

Console: Overwatch, Little Big Planet series, LEGO anything (I have kids, obviously) :grinning:

Mobile: VG, AoV, numerous casual games (currently addicted to Alto’s Adventure)

Watch: OWL (London Spitfire!), anything PistachiBow is playing on stream


Used to watch a lot of fps but haven’t much since the old bo2 and then bf4 days. Now it’s mostly OW, R6S, VG and a little fortnite since my brother has been trying to get me into the game.
As to play, it’s mostly vg with some of the aforementioned games getting random play, medical school doesn’t give you much free time unfortunately.


Welp at least you are still rich (somewhat) and still have some time and freedom to play these games. I haven’t even played these games. Can only watch them though.

Nah man, I take translation and tutoring jobs on the side to pay for my gaming and daily needs. Normal middle class family here.

What’s your country’s currency and how much do you earn? My parents only earn in total ~10mil VND (=~500 USD) per month.

Jordanian dinars, it depends on the nature of the papers and the grades of the students tbh. For official documents I can charge anything between 50-150 a page(most translators charge 70-100). For 11th and 12th grade students it’s usually around 20-50 an hour depending on what they want explained and how close to the exam dates we are. There are also plenty of job openings to help the Syrian refugees, those go for 200-700 a month depending on which organization you’re working with and your position.
Life here is pretty expensive in comparison with the rest of the ME.

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Holy hell your currency is more valuable than USD. 1 dinar = ~1.4 USD. For my country, ~23000 VND =1 USD and well we only make like 5mil VND on average and I don’t have a job so a PS4 is luxurious.

Try to find one in the summer, retail or washing dishes or anything, and save up from there. You’d be surprised to see how much you can save up by saving every little bit you can.

One: I don’t have a bike and car.
Two: Places near me don’t hire children. If there are children they are mostly the owners’ children.

Well currently none, but before my laptop broke Tremulous, and Dota2, and modded minecraft

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Ps4 - Lego JW, Until Dawn
Mobile - Pocket Legends, Arcane Legends
I quite enjoy the LCS


Ps4: mh world, overwatch, warframe, transistor, other games but these are the recent or most played stuff
Switch: splatoons 2, Kirby, botw
Mobile: vainglory, Nova wars, card crawl


I’ve played an absurd amount of games in my time and have spent a pretty disgusting amount of time playing said games, so I’m going to try to keep this list to the point and mention only fairly recent games, otherwise, it would go on indefinitely.

Used to play religiously: L4D2, FFXIV (I miss this game like a friend. I still wish I did play it, but, I kind of have some odd stories regarding this game), L2R

Currently playing: Vainglory, R6S, LoL, Dark Souls franchise (again), Bloodborne (again), Battlerite, P5. Unmentioned are a large list of games I’m replaying to refresh on, or, backlog material.

Watch: Overwatch, DotA2, Fortnite (I think it can be pretty fun to watch), CS:GO (Tried to play but I’m more invested in other games).

Honorable mentions: Shadow of the Colossus and Bloodborne are my two all-time favorite games, hands down, can’t begin to explain how much those games have affected me and how close I hold them to my heart.

Wishlist is on Steam, backlog is written down in a book.



PC: Danganronpa, SW BF2 The good one, Battlerite, Total War Shogun 2

Console: For Honor, Overwatch Have not played in forever tho, Injustice 2, Minecraft-ish

Mobile: VG Surprise, casual games


StarCraft 2
Fighting Games in general

P.S: I plan on maybe streaming Mario RPGs on my 3ds when I get around to ordering them. Bowser’s Inside Story is my favorite RPG and I wanna play the other Mario RPGs since BIS is being remade in 2019


U better do Legend of the Seven Stars, it’s objectively the best Mario RPG :pouting_cat:


Alright looks like Imma have to find a ROM for it then lol

Better find one for TTYD too :pouting_cat:

Is your 3ds hombrew capable?


Well the only games I can play are free mobile games. I’m too poor to buy games.