Tired of Losing Because of Teamates

I’ve decided on quitting VG. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but real soon. Simple reason: I’m tired of losing because of my teamates. No cameras, all grouping up in one lane, not clearing minions. And I’m tired of being matched up with people that play like that. Tired of losing not from being outplayed, but by teamates not playing on any relevant skill level & having to spend all match covering their mistakes. I don’t want to play against people like that any more either.

Literally the only time I can ever enjoy this game is on the off hours because I guess less people but more who know how to play are on then. It’s just frustrating to have spent so much money on something I can’t enjoy but hey, you live and you learn.

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Dude don’t wanna be rude but you really gotta step up your game, you’re in beginners elo you’re gonna get clueless players every game that’s how it works not the game’s fault

That’s a singularly unhelpful comment, to be honest.

I agree with @TheInterpreter – it’s very difficult to get a reasonable team via the matchmaker any more, no matter what tier you’re in. For a while, I stuck with the game because playing bot matches with my kids was a way to make some small progress, earn some small rewards, and still enjoy the game without dealing with toxicity and poor matchmaking. Since SEMC removed all rewards from bot matches, that’s gone too.

The fun has gone out of the game, tbqh. SEMC seem to have no idea how to get it back.


I am not saying that to make him feel bad, i could be nice and lie telling him “yeah its the game’s fault” or be honnest and actually help him out. Most players in tier 5 are usually beginners so its only natural that they lack skill and game knowledge you can’t expect them to play as a team because they don’t. Plus the match maker only screws up high tier players because the algorithm thinks compensating a high mmr with a lower mmr makes for a balanced game. When you’re still in the lower echellons of ranked you won’t feel the effects of it and you can check out his vgpro, in his last 10 games all players where in his elo range. @TheInterpreter if you wanna get out of this elo i would recommend you working on your mechanics by watching skilled players and practicing what you’ve watched in your games, i also recommend you a different hero pool and builds. You also need to change your mentality when approaching a game, in this rank you shouldn’t aim to play as a team because its not gonna happen instead just focus on yourself and how to get as fed as possible.

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Ive noticed that the best hours (for me anyway) are between 6-10 am and 9pm-3am EST. Not sure if its just me, but thats about when people that actually know how to play the game play. Mainly because I’ve noticed that when i play between around 12pm and 8pm, the games are normally pretty toxic with insta-locks in 3v3 and people who say will go roam but instead build like a laner would in 5v5. As compared to the times i said above, people communicate, the first 1-2 people will get heros for other people further in the hero select. Etc. Maybe try playing during the hours i said and maybe you could find the same difference as i do. Worth a shot, id say

I’ve finally deleted Vg to add Aov to my phone and im not disappointed. Quick Qs, matches, and less toxicity from what Ive seen.

If you decide to play AoV , dont forget to add me! :tipping_hand_man:


@Sandiha I don’t take anything personally. You wouldn’t know unless you played with me, but my skill level is closer to around T9-10. If you’ve ever seen my vgpro you can see how often I get mvp, how low my k/d is (cuz I don’t usually die or rush kills), and how often I get streaks of loses even if my score is ok. I started this game on the recommendation of a friend who was T10 and in a pretty competitive guild at the time. I played with him and learned a lot early. I also played way more blitz in the past than I do now.

I say all that to say that my experience both mechanical and in terms of game knowledge is much more advanced than my rank. It’s really not me so I don’t know why I keep getting matched with players like that, and it only happens in the day. At night my matches are almost always more even. I’m beginning to think I have to find someone to smurf and play with all the time to boost me because that’s the only way it seems I’m gonna get out of my elo.

And on my last 10 games that’s the problem: if I’m usually playing better than everyone I get matched with, why do I keep getting matched with them?

If it was true you would be able to hard carry yourself in those tiers. KDA isn’t everything.

That’s just not true i am sorry dude, not trying to brag but i am tier 10 (or was since i quit) and when i created a smurf i got trough the lower ranks without any trouble i literally didn’t lose a game till i was tier 7 and even then i got to poa with ease. If you have poa/tier 10 skill then tier 5 should be childs play

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I do hard carry but there’s only so much carrying you can do. For example: I play a lot of cp lorelai this update because I find her to be excellent at holding her lane and getting kills on anyone who is too aggressive. I go into a game and go mid like I usually do and this fool of a Yates decides ‘it’s a cp captain! I MUST stay in her lane no matter how much anyone else is struggling!’

Long story short, not only does he decide to go mid, 2 other teamates decide they must stay in mid as well. Now lorelai doesn’t do as well in the side lanes due to needing to read enemies to attack, but the other lanes are EMPTY. Minions or heroes ganking turrets left and right. Does anyone go to the side lanes? No, they all rush mid and try to kill the enemy. Did I mention they all died. Over. And over. And over. And they ping me to come join them. He didn’t put any cams on dragon so i ran over and used mine up. Like what am I supposed to do? Mid lane was being won up until I left it to take care of someone elses minions and putting cameras everywhere. Every game is like that for me. Nowadays I just hope the good person on the enemy team goes to my lane because that’s usually the only time I win, otherwise they just go around mopping up everyone else and snowballing. I’m stuck using like 2 heroes, and can’t play any role but carry because I can’t rely on my teamates in 7-10 games. It’s not fun.

@Sandiha I’m telling you, I don’t personally struggle until I’m stuck in a 1v5 situation because ppl wanna trickle in to the dragons den when no enemies are visible on the map. Stupid stuff like that. In every game, my lane almost never loses a turret until last, whatever lane I play. It’s not me. I can do a lot but I’m not winning 1v5 against competent enemies who have already snowballed.

@RiseChu I definitely might have to check AoV or something else out. I can’t deal anymore. I really like this game when you get an actual good game. That’s so few and far between it’s not even worth the frustration anymore.

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Lorelai is not a hero that can hard carry. If you are as good as you say pick a hero you can carry with. If everyone is going mid, then why not pick a hero that isn’t mid? Maybe Lorelai is not the solution to everything.

I hard carry with lorelai even though she isn’t a hard carry (empowered barriers and DE work wonders) and I carry even harder with other heroes I play with. I’ve gotten almost 15 kills and 20 assists with her and still lost because it’s late game and the enemy swings the tide. I rack up above 20 kills consistently with Reza in a good game and still lose to the captain meta by late game. What can I do. Yes if the enemy captain sucks I can do fine in a 1v3 at least, but there’s not much you can do at this tier unless you push to close the game early which is what I’ve taken to doing by psyching enemies out with lorelai’s barrier and slows. It’s not fun for me, for my teamates, and definitely not the enemy.

Kills don’t win games, KDA means nothing, having a high KDA isn’t hard carrying.


I think the issue with you is the standards you’re setting they could work once you reach tier 9 or 10 but they’re way too low to get out of low ranks. You shouldn’t be aiming to play decently, not dying or not losing your lane’s turret should be given to you what you should be aiming for instead is having a tower down and 3 tier 3 items by the 10 minutes mark.

It shouldn’t be long before another company decides to create touch controls and fixed cam. Then, we can max exodus to a better place.

VG will never be the same, and that’s okay. No point drowning in nostalgia if it will only hurt.

I’m slowly playing less and less. Once a week … Once in 2 weeks… until, eventually, I accept that I need to let go.

A part of me wishes you were here earlier, when vainglory was something amazing.


I know that. I also am usually the only person who takes the enemy turret solo first. I’m usually the only person dropping cams near dragon immediately. I’m usually cleaning up other people’s lanes while they run under someones turret trying to get a kill. I had a game the other day where an enemy Ringo had a sliver of health left. One teamate chases him into lane trying to get the kill, dies, another follows him under turret, dies, another does the same. This is almost 18 minutes into the match so they sat there getting shot and no one thought to just back off. I said screw it and chased him from the 2nd middle turret all the way into his base out of frustration, and died too. It really isn’t me.

@Sandiha I usually have a T3 and maybe 2 t1’s by around 4 mins if I’m doing well. By 7-9 minutes I usually have a tower down if my teamates are playing well. If not the enemy is usually crowding my lane. I usually don’t lose a turret until 15+ minutes in, and I’m usually the only one who gets a full t3 set in all my games. It’s really not me. If you think I’m lying check my vgpro. I build the same almost all the time so you can see it.

I looked up your vgpro and in your last 10 games you’ve always completed your first t3 item at 5 minutes (eve is a terrible first item btw) and your 2nd at the 12 minute mark and your 3rd at 17 minute mark which is way off the mark (you also only build husk once in those 10 games). The conversation is just dragging out with me proving the same points so this will be my last reply: You got your fate in your own hands, in low ranks you get unskilled allies but also unskilled enemies so you’re the deciding factor. If you’re struggling at this elo then you need to step up your game whether you wanna admit or not


Yes but I have enough for it by 4:30. Whether I can get away to buy it is another story. I usually get eve first because I like to play my lanes by myself so my teamates can cover each other, and it helps me stall out my lane if the enemy decides to team up in it. I also usually don’t complete items in order to give me boosts in weak areas first before I go for my heroes strengths, another reason I often get eve first. As I said you can see by my k/d and mvp consistency even in some losses that it really isn’t me. Unskilled enemies can still do a lot when fed. It’s not like if they take dragon and my teamates all decide to just stand there fighting like they aren’t healing and die instead of chase the dragon, I can somehow magically beat a dragon and maybe 3 other enemies on a good day by myself before we’ve lost even more ground, not to mention if someone on the enemy team knows enough to push a side lane. What am I supposed to do? Do you really know the aggravation of pinging danger to a dragon and watching every single teamate just ignore it until like 15 seconds later then trickle in 1 by 1 just to die instead of wait in midlane to get the jump on attacking it, then getting pinged as you single handedly rush bot and top to quickly manipulate the wave back before running back to base and holding off the enemy long enough for your team to respawn, just for them to run around jungling instead of getting ghostwing before the enemy? The frustration of being pinged because you won’t run under an enemy turret to chase a kill at freaking 6 minutes into the match? The annoyance of baiting the enemy team to the other side of the map and pinging like hell for the other teamates to go get dragon and they just run around jungle and trying to get kills and the enemy team kills me has time to teleport back home AND take the dragon while they all just roam around? Cmon man. Did you look at my scores? I’m not even dying and I usually have the highest cs out of everyone. What else can I do but party and get boosted out?

By the way, I built husk once, I’ve been using squishy heroes, and I have almost never died. With mvp, the highest cs, and usually the most kills, or assists. That should tell you something.

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Whats with expecting helpful comments and “discussion” (My post got deleted cos no “discussion”) in the salt mine? Like seriously. Salt mine was never the place for discussions even on the main forums. We just come to let off some steam and even saying things like “T6s are low tier and need to git gud” or something like that on the salt mine doesnt deserve to get pointed out everytime cos its the truth and sometimes people need to realize that to actually even get better. When I was a t5/t6, I’ve gotten those git guds a lot and although it did hurt a little, i realized soon enough that its the truth and I actually need to step up my game to climb ranks and I stopped focussing on all the “teammates suck” facts cos yeah they always do. I used to play jungle/roam back at t6. I started playing carry and in the matter of a few months, I realized I can carry half the games and here I am in t10 on both modes.
Being nice to low tiers isnt the solution lol. And tbh there are no “helpful” things to tell a t5/t6 who hardly know the mechanics which only come with time. Even if you give all the knowledge, and they dont have the mechanics, they cant win atleast 90% of the games. Its the same old things that a low tier should learn.

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There are like three stages to this game:

  1. You learn a lot when you lose.
  2. You learn something when you lose.
  3. You learn absolutely nothing besides the fact that your teammates are doodoo.

I would say you are between 1-2 based on your tier. But if you really do think that you will be able to make it to a higher tier I suggest you play stuff like CP Vox or practice him. Even Varya. Lorelai I don’t really consider a hypercarry because she ends up being a support carry if the enemy has one fed person. If you play Varya or CP Vox it doesn’t matter who’s carrying on the enemy side because you will pop off and deal the most damage EVENTUALLY.

As someone who is kind of going through a similar phase as well as MM not giving me my t10 bronze snipes and instead keeping me in queue I feel like I need to learn how to play mid. I’ve been playing more casual games than ranked recently just to get that practice because I already know my top, bot, and jungle plays are nutty.

I’m glad you seem to be like a mid player but perhaps consider playing top hypercarry (if you’re good) because you will be in a 2v1 situation which you can win. Start playing mid again when you reach POA. It won’t take long with a string of wins.

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