TIL that tencent's AoV partnered with Nintendo

and it was reported that the game had over 80 million daily active players and 200 million monthly active players. It is the world’s most profitable (top grossing) game and most popular free-download app…

sigh, vainglory is just like a speck of dust within the galaxy

actually gonna post this on off topic but cant find the section


That’s just…sad.


hahah, they barely even hit 1 or 2 million downloads dont they? and now have to compete with other mobile MOBAs such as this and ML, also mobile FPS will soon flood the market, RoS, Fortnite, PUBG

the most popular is ml
aov is nowhere near. at least that’s what revealed from appstore…

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did you just write China off? it’s AoV biggest market there, coz tencent. they name it wang zhe rong yao there. kings of glory. same game, different name

I am curious why this was even posted in the first place.

What kind of discussion were you hoping would sprout up?

don’t compete with them. instead target the niche market. so no joystick or even ML AoV like UI. told ya this supposed to be off topic

Well I think that is the reason for a lack of off topic discussions.

This is a VG forum where most probably dont care about the state of AoV or ML or whatever game comes along. If they do care, they probably go to those games forums or subreddits and post there.

This just seems like something that would have a lot of salt attached to it, with no real reason to have ever been posted.

Like, so what if AoV makes more money or has more people? That doesnt have any impact on playing VG. They can have fun in their game, and I will enjoy mine.

It’s all cause of the Tencent brand. The game feels way less polished than VG and I have played 3 games of it. VERY unpolished and joystick controls honestly succ. I do not know why VG does not have as big of a playerbase, but ig they should just sponsor more MOBA streamers to get their name out there. Even the appstore showing the game off does not do what AoV is able to achieve with the Tencent name

i have vg and ml in my pad

not long after it’s release, i installed aov, and it’s exactly like ml. so what’s the point? uninstall it after try about 10 match…

watched friends play kings of glory, asia server. they have pretty good integration with wechat(tencent’s whatsapp), facebook and so on. you can even analyse player statistics there. unlike VG which rely on third party apps. game itself is meh, but the whole community and gaming environment is well polished

IDK, guess numbers matter. you can just compare numbers of AoV and ML players

Does this mean VG needs to make those cringey ads like ML since ML has a ton of players? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:??? Then again, ML literally has LEGENDS in the name, which would get everyone’s interest over VG and AoV has Tencent backing it with massive tournaments…

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frankly my dear, i don’t give a d*mn about aov

lol, maybe you will care once you got your friendlist empty and longer queue time because no one left to play.

my point is we can try copy their strategy in creating nice gaming environment/ player profile page/ better API pull in game apps/ even integrating it with social media platform(optional). sharing their match reply link and stats, etc

yeah, even if the game is unpolished they give very in depth details in terms of statistics of every match. Not to mention in game voice chat and text chat as well. If those few features are brought into vg, nothing can stop it. let’s see.

Vg is superior to any mobile Moba in Everyday except ranking and rewards

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Aov has several names and publishers. If you mix aov and garena and honor of kings you will see the true numbers.

China doesn’t use the app store like we do so its not on google play…

Also dungeon hunter champions is coming.
So is Paladin Strike.

The first one will be really good because of the rpg progression.

AoV has a good interface style with gold black theme. However the heroes, the map, the ability animation and everything inside the match are very bad, an unrecommended moba to play. Yes i agree that Tencent is the thing makes this game seems bigger. Obviously, underrated. Tbh, MLBB is a lil bit better than AoV lol

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