This place can be a lot more than what the forums were

Beyond the fact our community controls and funds it, beyond the shiny new tools and options at our fearless leaders (mods) disposal, beyond the fact it’s new and different, it is a fresh start.

It’s an opportunity to hit the reset button on the game at the same time the DEVS have. It’s an opporunity to look back at the OG forums and really be honest with all the reasons it has been shut down. For whatever percent or margin you believe the users played in that roll, or you personally, what about it can we do differently? What can you do differently?

I wrote a post about coming to terms with how SEMC is operating the business side of their company and received a lot of interesting and mostly positive feedback. I think among many things we can all have control of, is the lense we look through when discussing things we care about. Let’s not push back in anger and disgust as we often have. Lets just be a united force of reason, ESPECIALLY when they are taking advantage.

Hearing that a couple devs have already joined this forums REALLY shocked me. Like we just opened these, they JUST closed down our other one, at the end of the day, they either NEED or WANT to be here. Does it really matter either way? The Dev team WILL be listening to us, as they always have. Lets make sure our message is always heard.

When you do circle back to the fact that this is a COMMUNITY run and funded forum, the responsibility of this being a fun, inviting and interesting place, really falls on us. Nobody put up a new forum for commentary and creativity from this community, this community did for itself, (obviously our MODS are amazing for doing this) We can take a level of pride, especially if you’re donating as I will be as soon as I get this post up, that we couldn’t have had at the old forums. They were ours until they werent. We were always in SEMC’s house there.

If you can’t tell I’m really excited for this place, and now seeing the initial 5v5 feedback I’m even more excited for the game. I for one am not going to be apart of a reason this place goes away like our last forum did. I’m hoping everyone migrates over, and those who still play the game but may have left the forums long ago hear about it as well. If you read this whole thing, thanks.


Agreed. This is a restart for all of us. Whether or not we make the most of it is up to us

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“be polite” is the key. people like polite person after all

New forum use emojis
It’s super effective

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I utterly agree. And I am very hopefully because the software here does as Hipster said after I squee’d at him about another feature I had discovered “Julia’s work”.

And more than that there are a lot of features that are about giving forumers (as they go up trust levels) more control of and responsibility for the forums.


As one of the old veterans, if I can dare use that title on myself, I’m honestly curious as to see where this will lead. Honestly the old forums became a toxic cesspool of trolls and crybabies, and as long as the majority of the haters stay on there then I’ll see no issue of this place going down the drain.

Not really about who comes here though. It’s about what they do here. And I think the features in this space give people a lot more opportunity and reason to do better things than they’ve done before.

For instance, I’m super excited for us to get some 5v5 wikis going, and there’s already been cool ideas for contests that weren’t even on my radar!


I guess that’s ultimately what I meant honestly. The old forums got so dulled and repetitive it was hard to look at, I can’t wait to see the new innovative things on here.
Speaking of I may start doing a series soon.

Psst Skipster can you check ur Discord message from me? Lol.

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How much does the creators need to run this forums monthly?

We’ll have to stop all bad rebalancing threads and keep Minions and Meekos away from the forums D:<

We’re hoping everyone puts in real effort to not only start threads, but also in replying to them! :slight_smile:

This is the kind of place where you can post your thoughtful ideas, and not get shouted down by others. And we really have zero interest in discouraging new people from posting, so unless you’re talking about lane monsters and adorable/awful Vainglory heroes, leave that anti-Minions/Meekos talk back in the old forum, please!


Have to echo what Hipster has said here @Zazukai

Balancing threads are among the best for discussion and learning. Often people will express the need to nerf something, and then others can help them understand that perhaps they need to draft harder counters to deal with it, or strats they’re totally unfamiliar with. They try that out and if it still seems OP, come back to the thread and share the experience.

I can think of no topic more important to a PVP game than it’s balance and anyone should be able to voice their opinions about it.

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Glad to hear there are devs here already!

I actually would like to know this too. Mods?

@justmikewilldo Discourse pricing options are $100 or $300 a month, depending on if the pay for the Standard or Business option, respectively.

Hosting is only one piece of the expense puzzle …

There’s also domain registration, cloud storage costs, and content delivery network fees, to mention some others.

It’s difficult to answer the question at the moment, because I don’t yet know what those other costs are going to add up to each month. It’s also impossible to forecast right now, because we have so little on which to base any predictions.

Its basically estimate, hit and hope.

It will depend a bit on our numbers of users and their types of activities as well - although some of it is simply a flat constant cost.

I think the reason I’m most excited is because coming over here is a choice. If someone was sticking around the other one for salty or bad reasons, most likely they aren’t coming over here just to make a scene. It’s a lot of trouble to go through the authorization process just for some angry posts. I imagine that’ll put a lot of the bad ones off. Also, the super old unused profiles are no more. (plus I get the chance to say I was here at the beginning when THIS forum is 4 years old.)


Let’s not forget the many anti-spam measures and trust levels system introduced here to sway out some toxicity. It’s all still a work in progress but it shows the staff is interested in the safe enjoyment of the community.

Of course we’re going to have flaws and organization issues but that’s what the forum stuff category is for… Remember to make your suggestions no matter how silly it seems because in this community the staff does listen!


I know I’m totally late to this party, but I think it’s important to reiterate and expand on an earlier point. Many of us (myself included) became focused on arguing and shouting down people we disagreed with. To a large extent, the forum’s integrity was comprised by people’s general unwillingness to speak to eachother and remain open minded, much more so than any hostility to the developers.


Because we were supposed to be at the forums to discuss things. Not rant and then walk away. Its one (bad) thing if we are doing that to developers. Its far worse and less productive when we do it to eachother as well.

To put it bluntly, why should someone’s opinion be trusted, if they won’t back down when they are clearly wrong? What if multiple experiences can be equally valid under different circumstances. My hope is that this incarnation of the forums remains relatively open minded - that people don’t just spew rants and salt everywhere then expect to be heard without hearing disagreeing opinions. You don’t have to be particularly mean to be close minded.

We cannot become an artificial echo chamber, if this forum is going to have success in the long run. We get that stuff in real life too much, let this be a productive haven. These issues can be endemic to our community whether we are here, SEMC operated territory, or somewhere else entirely.

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