This forum software

This software is the antichrist. What even is usability. Is it purposely made hostile or was it just a cruel coincidence be honest

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Help me help you. Specific question?

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Or if you spurn Hipster help you could try the bot - it sent you a pm when you signed up and I am told answers most of the basic forum using questions.

Finally if you want to chip in on design aspects etc - we are all ears (a flaw in design right there) - can’t promise short term we can change stuff but any good feedback we will listen to and try to do something about.

Transparency of posts gotta go. Background too invasive. Logo needs to be bigger. Side pane with timeline is overkill, not needed. I made better emoji, feel free to use it (can expand the set I think it’s got like 20 in modeled after vg game emotes). Sub forum navigation a hot mess. Suggested topics just polute the UI.

Anything that can be disabled in way of “advanced” forum features should be. Keeping it clean rather than polluting it with feature creep would help.


The transperancy will decrease - the theme we are using is still in active development - not final featured so we are waiting until it is finished so we can tweak it then.

The time line is pretty much baked in - but several people have commented positively on it - and it does avoid the irritating multiple page layout of most threads in forums.

Ooh emojis - hit me up with a link and I will pass them over.

Suggested topics I have noted thus far don’t seem very accurate - but once it has more content if its more accurate then I can’t see the harm in it myself - so we are testing it out and seeing.

In terms of subcategories - I do think this needs a bit of work - but more specific suggestions would be helpful.


Can we get ratings other than like? Those could be very useful. A useful or agree for example could indicate a quality post much better than a like could.


This was stated in a previous thread before you signed up.

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Which brings me to another point. Posts die to soon in this current system which makes reading back difficult. It also means that high quality content can never be brought back to life. I know this is an anti Necro measure but still I don’t necessarily agree.

It works no different then xenforo newer threads became on top of the older threads and older threads you just have to look further down. The only difference is the old forums you had to continue on to page 2 and so forth while this forum software you can load all of the topics on the same page.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean here. Old posts aren’t locked by default, so if someone searches for a topic, or browses far down the list, they can revive a thread by commenting.

The comment that Phrosts linked is a normal post, working the same as it would in the old forum. It’s just a few days old, so if you didn’t read the thread it was in you would have missed it.

Keep in mind that we’re all still new to this space and how this software works, so there are a lot of questions. :slight_smile: We’re planning a few introductory posts that will help orient people.

For instance, we have a general FAQ ( that is about the tone and spirit of this place, but we’re working on adding more specific info that handles questions about ratings, badges, groups, etc.

I actually found the old thread just by searching ratings and it was the first one to pop up. Similar to xenforo.

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@HipsterSkaarf ‘s point is important: this software isn’t XenForo, and it’s not going to be. That’s by design. @idmonfish has posted elsewhere a good summary of the differences in the developers’ vision for and in the design philosophy behind Discourse.

I’d advise trying to learn the ins and outs of the software, asking for help if you aren’t sure how to do something, and adapting old habits to this new environment.

I’ve been running forums for longer than many people here have been alive. I’ve never used forum software like this before, and I can honestly say I’ve never loved any forum package in all that time.

Till now. I love Discourse.

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The reply button itself states that it will lock threads that are not responded to for a day…

You’re misunderstanding what it’s saying. The reply will be locked for editing after a day. The topic itself will not be locked.

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Lol thats how u begin the end of legitimate rating and start the cancer rate farm.
This system isnt perfect but its much better off then old vgs system

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There’s a lot of issues for sure, but it’s either this or high quality platforms for vg content like reddit and facebook…

So yeah, when I think about that this place is great.


I’ll be completely honest, the only thing about this forum software that’s thrown me off is that I’m used to hitting the back button after reading a topic, and all that does is throw my browser into a tiff. Navigating otherwise is an absolute charm, and it looks great. I see some qualms with the transparency but it’s not that bad. I think the transparency is tasteful.

I, for one, am glad the heart is the only thing available. And as for posts dying too soon, that is only because there is a large influx of information (considering this forum is only a few days old) and not enough people to keep “quality content” near the top of Latest. However, that will get better with time and frankly, there is such a small sample of topics in this forum that it’s currently a non-issue. I have yet to lose any quality content as I just scroll down for less than 20 seconds

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:thinking: 30 character limit met.

Also shouldn’t the badges take you to how to get them. For e.g., say I want the Certified badge which is award for completing the beginner tutorial. Shouldn’t there be a link to go to this tutorial??? I don’t even know where I need to go to take the thing. And if I was new, that would be doubly true. Bad software makes me feelbad.

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