Things I think need a rework/nerf/buff/change

Just remember these are just my opinions, no hate pls ;-;

Saw- too many counters, most he can do is split push. Poor pick in meta

  • Petal- Overall very clunky. Seeds take way too long to make munions, AoE champs like vox and samuel COMPLETELY counters Petal. I really liked the old petal. Her passive should be moved as her a ability and give her a new passive…idk maybe every 4 sec when her munions attack an enemy gain 10-40% as for 3-5 sec? Idk

  • Rona needs a little buff, in games she tends not to make late game which is frustrating.
    So you can have so many Skaarf skins but have 1 lorelai skin? Not everybody appreciates the rare skins and want a more valuable skin.

  • Reza in my opinion does a little bit too much burst dmg, especially in 5v5.
    Grumpjaw- Lower the base dmg for his A ability PLS! Does like 500 dmg even he goes full wp

Lyra- needs to be nerfed, especially the a ability. You can abuse spellfire cp lyra and burst someone easily or go tank and still do dmg while healing at an abnormous rate. B move is fine but assasins basically screw you once they are in the bulwark

BLitz problems-
Kestrel- They need to do something about the strategy where Kestrels with the lvl 5 legendary talent stays in base and just ults. Kinda fustrating.
Ardan- For me used at least 1 out of 3 games. A talent make the target almost impossible to kill. B ability litterally 1 shots you which is fustrating, and Legendary talent is fine.

180 seconds not long enough? if you break down a typical counter attack, it is over within 60 seconds, either you spot them in time to stop them, or you don’t. if you do, there’s no escape for them. they die, repsawn 55 seconds later (late game) and still can’t use the teleport boots for another 65 seconds.

how is increasing the CD going to help you spotting them out? it’s really an ALL IN Die trying item or FAIL miserably.

Just FYI your title is “Think I think”

Ehem that’s 210s. It’s even worse LMAO :joy::joy::joy:.

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you want petal’s minions hard to spot?? for what purpose?

'Cause he uses that when he has full Living Armor stack. Best solution? Spellfire and continuous tick damage

Well, AoE is supposed to counter her so… no. The worst thing you can do is deleting a hero’s counter.
Please, make Krul not to be affected by AP or mortal wounds, also nerf ranged carries as they are too dangerous for him, this way he can be balance, no? Every hero should have its counters, and petal is not a hero designed to be picked normally, she is like Reim, a counter that only gets picked in certain situations, the last time a counter could be picked as a normal hero we had broken Reim.

Don’t put them in front of a ranged carry?

They are already quite an useless item (very situational for it to be at least mediocre as it’s still “all or nothing”) and you want them to be nerfed? Lol.

I think what he means by the post it that they need tiny buffs with their ratios ect. Most of the heros he said are low on the hero leaderboards


Rona? Buff? She is still good…

Buffing the ratios of the munions would break her in 3v3.

i said ect, that could mean other things besides her ratios such as basic stats

Which would still make her broken due to buffing her already strong early game.

Etc. Not ect.

Well, problem is seeds do deal damage if someone steps on it so we must find a way for other people to consistently deal damage with that.

Seeds are not meant to be a damage source for petal, sure, they deal damage, but they are more for kitting.

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Kiting? How man? She puts a seed at her current location right in front of her so you can’t like do damage with them on the move and her seeds will get obliterated before they can transform into munions and kill people

They knock back the enemy when exploding.

Think about it… to kite is to attack while maintaining a safe distance between you and the enemy, typically while retreating or avoiding the attack range of a melee/lesser-ranged hero who’s trying to get closer to you… Like pulling a kite. If you put seeds down while you’re doing this, the enemy has to either eat the damage from the exploding seed, or alter their path to avoid it, which slows their advance, helping you maintain distance.


They also knock back, making reaching petal even harder.

I ask him how the seeds benefit Petal’s kiting ability. I know what kiting is. I edited the Kiting part in the Vainglory Terminology thread.
Next is of course about the seeds. The deploy range is like 1.5m ahead of Petal. How in the world are enemies gonna step in that while her minimum attack range is already 6.2m and she’s kiting forward?