The reason we have so many chests

They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

Well I have two to explain why we have an abundance of chests:



The only thing I’d disagree with is that your hashtag is too polite …

#MoneyGrab would have been my choice :gwenrainbowbarf:

This is really a different company from back when I first started playing … nowadays, it’s all about the benjamins …


I have only spend google play credit which I earn via polls etc.

I have 68 skins all heroes and a ton of talents.

I have probably 40-50 euros spend on Ice which didn’t cost me a dime myself…

So they are still f2p friendly

I don’t disagree, but the push toward monetization continues apace … I won’t be surprised to see rewards chests at some point develop expiration dates, pushing people even harder toward buying keys.

I don’t want to come across as hating on them for wanting to make money – any business needs to do that in order to remain viable. However, the general sleaziness of how SEMC are attempting to do that (RNG chests with ridiculous odds, free rewards that really aren’t (buy a key to open them!), etc.) is what I find distasteful.


I doing the same as well. It’s was a blessing in disguise when they started Google opinion rewards in my country. I have spent 5$ up till now and it hasn’t cost me a single penny. I feel this is the way every f2p player should support SEMC.

I just opened 2 tabby skarf chest and got this in my second try.

Super satisfied and now I will start learning Skye

Those keys are waaaay more expensive that they should, the chest aren’t that good.


30 ice for some glory that is utterly useless…

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I don’t either have chests or keys

Then you don’t play the game lol.
I have like 20+ chests…

I don’t play a lot (maybe 2 5v5 matches a day and a lot of br) but now i’m trying to get the summer party skins and i will definitely play a lot more than the usual



This is literally the only thing I’ve actually had trouble understanding on the side of SEMC. They could have easily made the keys a glory dump but no instead they require us to use ICE. Literally the only people to fall for this are people who haven’t gotten keys at all and I’m sure there are some individuals like that somewhere. If they really wanted to sell keys for ICE they should have made them special keys which give you an increased chance at getting the best drop. Then the key situation would be debatable. I don’t see how this is gonna make people money but maybe SEMC is just testing stuff out. After all this isn’t a permanent release its just the weekend. I hope they’re just testing it out.


i bet it will be permament. people may not buy the key for the bronze chest, but the gold one may be worth the money. i just wanted to say it is and looked at the odds again. you have a 20% chance to get a skin from the new update, so its still a huge gamble.
the keys wont work as a glory dumb, as they dont contain that many good things. they arent even worth your glory, if you could keep it for events like the idris one.
i know that my one gold chest will sit there till the end of days, but i can live with that.

Dude to open all my chests I need to use 1000+ ICE (27 bronze, 3 silver). I think 30 chests is the cap because I haven’t gotten a chest in a while.

I’d use it as a glory dump to be honest and I might cap it at like 10,000 so if I have more than 10,000 I’ll spend it.

but all you get is basically glory. at least from the bronze chests.
if i want to turn my glory into less glory and get nothing, i would buy talent coins.

put the keys in quests (or add a new quest that you only see when you have a chest to open. one every 1-2 days. high chance for a bronze key of course.)

for glory, i would like to see other stuff, like permanent taunts, extra voice lines, different teleport effects, boosts to sunlight, level and guilds (high cost, low time, but at least you get a chance to turn your glory into some ice), or event buy ins.


The just this weekend is to add false urgency.

This is a standard marketing trick which is trying to exploit the sunk cost bias - “well I already have the chest which I earned I might as well buy the keys to open it”.

Its grimey and I would be embarrassed to use it myself.


I’ve gotten 6 bronze chests and a silver chest drop since this whole “buy keys” thing started, and 0 keys. I could only open the silver chest because of a key I got earlier this week. (I got something like 45 ICE though so I’m not complaining there :vgcheersx1:)

There was no shortage of keys before, and there shouldn’t be especially since I’ve been playing nonstop when my phone isn’t charging. Sounds suspicious, doesn’t it?


edit: just got a bronze key from a blitz match (trying to get those free challenges) and it gave me… 2 opals. THANKS SEMC good rewards

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I remember when SEMC gave actual great events such as Killer Bunny Rona, NightShadow Taka and the first Summer Party Skins.

Actual good events that didnt require you to buy the skin but play matches daily to gain a card, and after u gain x amount of cards, u get the skin.

I just realized how much SEMC changed ;-;


I’ve never really cared about the chests since even before you were able to buy keys with ICE, getting keys as rewards weren’t even that common.

u have gold key
the gold chest is good
i got bp and opals