The Pinklords Hero Concept Extravaganza

So basically, these are most of my heroes I created during my time on the forums. I’ve neatened up the formatting and given my insight on them as reterospect. I hope you enjoy these… interesting heroes.


Name: AI-Controlled Lightning Experiment, or ACLE for short.
Appearance: A small male child covered in a black hood. One side of his body is completely robotic, with a slightly more ‘horror’ feel than Alpha. Where the robotic and human sides of him meet is stitched together. With slight gore, of course. The hood covers the robotic side, although the parts that begin to merge ontop of the skin are barely visible. Following him around is a floating mirror-like object, somewhat like Lyra’s book. It basically follows him around and reacts to stuff that happens. So, basically, Lyra’s book. The face reacts to things like taking damage (Sarcastic smile), dying (Angry face, which fades away throughout the short death animation), dealing large amounts of damage/getting a kill (Mocking laugh), allies taking large amounts of damage/dying (Facepalm) and casting certain abilities, plus more.
Personality: The child is small, young and unwilling to fight, and generally wants to instantly surrender. However, the AI takes over for combat, basically taking him over fully until anything dangerous is gone. So you’re pretty much playing as the AI. The AI is basically a massive jerk (as pictured above), and its ultimate mission is to basically murderlol anyone who is the enemy of his inventor, alongside protecting itself, and the host body. The AI is located within the host body, not the flying saucer thing; that’s mainly there so the AI can communicate to what’s left of the boy. The boy is ashamed in what he has become, but doesn’t really get a choice in the matter, and has mostly given in to the AI, other than the occasional mass funerals and praying he holds, to attempt to still feel human.

Difficulty: High
Position: Lane
Playstyle: Mage

HP: 650-2100
Energy: 230-750
Armour/Shield: 20-50
Weapon: 75-105
Attackspeed: 80% - 110%
Range: 6.5
Movespeed: 3.2

Heroic Perk - Channelling:
ACLE charges his next attack while not attacking, increasing the damage over time. Charging speed scales off attackspeed. Initially, fully charging takes 3 seconds. ACLE will not being charging until 1 second has passed since his last AA
Bonus damage: 10~30 Base + 30% CP Ratio + 0% WP Ratio with no charge.
50~150 Base + 100% CP Ratio + 40% WP Ratio with full charge.
The charge is displayed underneath his mana bar.

A - Adrenaline:
ACLE launches a bolt in a direction, which deals damage and INCREASES the TARGET’S movespeed. Bonus movespeed decays over 1 second. Both damage and movespeed given are increased by CP. Halves the CP Ratio of the movespeed on overdrive. This travels through lane minions.
Range: 6.5/6.6/6.7/6.8/7
Damage = 50/80/110/140/200 + 150% CP Ratio + 120% WP Ratio
Cooldown = 5/4.5/4/3.5/2.5
Speed boost = 0.2 + 2% CP Ratio (1% upon overdrive)

B - Fortify:
ACLE creates a small zone which erupts in a pillar of lightning after a short delay, dealing execute damage and INCREASES the TARGET’S Armour and Shield. Both Damage and resistances given scale with CP. Resistances are applied AFTER damage. The resistances last for 3 seconds. The AOE size is increased upon overdrive.
Damage = 70/140/210/280/350 + 220% CP Ratio + 15/20/25/30/35% Missing Health Damage
Cooldown = 15/14/13/12/10
Resistances = 10/20/30/40/40 + 2% CP Ratio

C - Nullify:
ACLE fires a deadly bolt of lightning, that deals DOT damage. While the DOT lasts, the enemy has all helpful effects from abilities negated (such as the speed boost from Feint of Heart, the heal over time from Gift of Fire, the fortified health from Polite Company, ect.). When the DOT expires, it stuns the target. Landing abilities as ACLE against the target increases the speed that the DOT decays, making it do the damage and stun faster. Without speeding it up, the DOT is 15 Seconds. Every time you land an ability, it doubles the speed of the DOT (and also doubles the DPS to keep it even).

For example, if the DOT had 14 seconds left, and ACLE landed an ability, it would decay faster, resulting in 7 seconds left, and would do double damage. If you let it run out to 6 seconds and landed an ability again, it would be 3 seconds of DOT, and quadriple damage on the DOT. The DOT progression is displayed under the targets mana bar (or under their other secondary bar).

Damage (All of the DOT) = 300/400/500 + 40% CP Ratio
Cooldown = 60/45/30
Stun = 1.2/1.4/1.6

Thoughts: Firstly, I would like to say I HAVEN’T DEEPLY BALANCED THIS CHARACTER. So don’t assume he’s balanced, and just look at the numbers that I threw in as decoration. Secondly, there’s no way they would pass this design, mainly for SoloQ and Aethetic reasons. He would be THE WORST in SoloQ, due to the lack of communication, which basically means the player who is in control of ACLE is going to screw over his team at some point. Secondly, the AI thing. Alpha. I made this boi before she came out, so RIP. I want my royalties (in ICE). I would love to see some sort of smily face thing like this character in the game though, since everyone LOVES sarcastic emojis.

Back to the point. Basically, the whole point of this characters kit is to be backwards. His A, his main DPS, makes his A harder to land, alongside letting enemies get onto you. It also makes his B harder to land. You also have to use his B as an execute, since it increases defences after the damage is applied. If you fail to kill, they’ll suddenly get a defence boost, making them harder to kill than before. Basically, the point of these two abilities is to create an interesting dynamic. Maybe it would be better for a character to get hit for the speed and defence increased. Maybe your team could make up for the speed with hard CC and peel. This makes the player think about ever shot they fire, and whether it could get his team killed or not. His abilities are meant to sting, but it’s risk vs reward stuff. The stuff we don’t see as much these days. Seriously, what’s the risk in Baptiste literally just sticking a mini guantlet on you? Real risks are like Skaarfs massive wind up for his ult, or Lance and the self sudo stun when he misses his impale.
His passive and ult are meant to be more reliable. His passive lets him actually fight in times where he wouldn’t want to use his abilities, and his ult lets him use his abilities with NO REGRETS. Except… no it doesn’t. It’s another PvP interaction! Basically, his ult is the opposite of an item silence. It takes away all buffs from abilities (RIP Adagio B). Of course, this is VERY powerful, but if you want to do damage, you have to sacrifice time on the buff silence. So, take your pick! The stun at the end is also as predictable as a Ringo ult, but it makes some interesting interactions occur. Maybe it’s better to get hit, so you can RB in the middle of a fight, and possibly block some damage too. Maybe, you could hit them at the very end of the DOT, and make the enemy mess up their timing. It’s these PvP master tactician choices that I crave in character design, to the point where I care about these interactions more than balance sometimes.

I guess that makes me an idiot.


Name: Koria
Appearance: Koria’s hair is a mixture of Pink and Purple, and she wears bright white robes for clothing. She weilds a Katana, which she keeps down at her hip, in her sheath, when not in combat. She has large, white, feathered wings sprouting her back, and flies when sprining or out of combat. A tattoo crawls down the right side of her face, mainly around the eye. For every kill Kokoro gets, the tattoo on her face grows, capping at 20, where it crawls along all the way down to her left arm, along her neck.
Personality: Koria is a seraphim. But unlike Adagio, she is extremely humble, because she doesn’t fully understand what being a seraphim is. She knows it’s of some significance, but she never truly understood why it was such a big deal. This is mainly because, for a seraphim, she’s extraordinary weak. Like, a one armed drunk dude can kill her with his puny pistol. She acts polite, humble, and apologetic at all times, every saying things like ‘Sorry’ or ‘I need to send them an apology note later’ on kills.

Position: Top Lane/Jungle
Difficulty: Medium
Playstyle: Assassin

Health: 750-2200
Energy: 300 - 550
Armour/Shield: 20-50
Weapon: 80-140
Attackspeed: 100%-130%
Range: 2.2
Movespeed: 3.5

Heroic Perk - Sharp Blade, Sharp Mind:
Kokoro gains Bonus Crit Chance from Bonus WP and Bonus WP from Bonus Crit Chance
10 WP = 1% Crit
1% Crit = 1 WP
Kokoro gains Bonus CP Pen from Bonus CP and Bonus CP from Bonus CP Pen
20 CP = 1% CP Pen
1% CP Pen = 1 CP

A - Wings of the Blessed:
Passively, Kokoro gains movespeed (0.5) when out of combat. When entering combat, Kokoro’s first AA will deal bonus damage.
When activated, Kokoro channels for half a second second, then dashes instantly in a targeted direction, ignoring collision. Once the dash is complete, she applies one AA to each character hit After this, Kokoro will instantly leave combat. Deals 50% damage to lane minions. This ability resets upon kill or assist.
Entering combat bonus = 10/30/50/70/120 Damage + 5%/10%/15%/20%/30% Weapon Ratio + 50% Crystal Ratio.
Dash damage = 40/80/120160/240 + 90% CP Ratio
Energy = 60/70/80/90/100

B - Protection from Above:
Kokoro creates a barrier around herself, which blocks all CC till broken. Once broken, the barrier will shatter, damaging and slowing all nearby enemies. After 5 seconds, this barrier will automaticaly shatter. If it automatically shatters, 30% of the cooldown is refunded, alongside 50% of the energy used. You can also reuse this ability to make it shatter instantly.
Barrier = 50/75/100/125/200 + 20% CP Ratio
Damage = 50/75/100/125/200 + 80% CP Ratio
Energy = 120/140/160/180/200

C - The Heaven’s Blade:
Kokoro ammasses her energy into her Katana, and allows it to temporarily return to its previous form, gaining on-hit CP Damage, bonus attackspeed after she crits that lasts for four seconds, and a 10% Speed Boost. This buff lasts for a total of 6/8/10 seconds. The attackspeed stacks up to five times. Gaining attackspeed through crits refreshes existing stacks.
Bonus CP Damage = 20/40/60 + 60% CP Ratio
Attackspeed Bonus = 10%/15%/20%
Energy = 50/75/100

Thoughts: This is basically my attempt at a crit assassin. Taka USED to be a crit assassin, but they potatoed WP Taka, so I wanted to make something like this. An assassin who builds 4 damage items, two or three of them being crit, is my dream. I used to play BF SB SM TM TM TT JB when he came out, and it was my favourite thing ever, but after the nerfs, and me getting to a decent tier, that dream is gone. The passive exists to persuade people to build more into damage, as damage items are more gold efficient than defence items due to her free stats. The A is mainly for mobility and burst. Attack -> A -> Attack is the burst combo which would be the most powerful, but would be dodgable due to the delay on A. Her B is there to keep her alive and attacking during her megabuff of an ultimate, and also to be an interesting mechanic for CP. You could use the barrier to block stuff, or you could combo it with her A to do a large AOE burst, but in turn, you would make yourself vulnerable. Her ult is just there to kill people, what can I say. In case you’re wondering why the Cooldowns are missing from this character, but the mana isn’t, that’s because I found it unnecessary. Her abilities are only meant to be used once a fight (unless they get reset), and highlighting her mana costs was more important to me, to solidify the reality of a terrible early game. She doesn’t even really have a passive with only two weapon blades, so this would definitely be an invade target. Note that she does not have Bonus HP ratios. I’m trying to actively dissuade building a lifesteal tank build on her, and this is definitely a necessary step.


Name: Ishi
Appearance: Kylo Ren but with a better hairstyle. Or something generic like a reaper. Or something original. Originality exists in VG, right?
Personality: I didn’t think of this too much either. Just someone CRAZY. THEY LIKE DEATHHHHHHHH.

Position: Jungle
Difficulty: Medium
Playstyle: Warrior

Health: 650-2600
Energy: 300-600
Armour/Shield: 20-60
Weapon: 50-140
Attackspeed: 100-130%
Range: 2
Movespeed: 3.2

Heroic Perk - Death Mark:
Passivly, Ishi shreds off enemy armour with every autoattack, which lasts for 3 seconds. Re-applying stacks refreshes existing stacks. Every stacks shreds off 2-8 Flat Armour and an additional 5% of the enemies armour. If an enemy has zero armour, Ishi’s next autoattack will apply Death’s Mark. When Death’s Mark is applied, the enemy is hit with a DOT that will slowly chip them down till they die. Death’s Mark also automatically refreshes all armour pen stacks. When an opponent with Death’s mark dies, Ishi gains health based on passive stacks that were remaining on that target, healing 1% of his Maximum HP for each stack. The DOT does not interrupt recall. The DOT can only be removed by a fountain of renewal, a flask or by recalling to base.
DOT = 10-50 + 3% Max HP/Second in true damage

A - Reaping:
Passivly, when an nearby enemy or ally dies, Ishi gains 0.1 Movespeed and 5%-7%-9%-11%-15% Attackspeed until out of PVP combat. When activated, Ishi dashes towards an direction, doing damage to enemies that are at the end of the dash and knocking them away from the end of the dash, alongside applying 2 stacks of Ishi’s passive.
Damage = 20-40-60-80-150 + 140% CP Ratio
Cooldown= 20-19-18-17-15
Energy = 60-70-80-90-100

B - Death Comes:
Passivly, gain 0.1-0.15-0.2-0.25-0.4 Movespeed when running towards enemies with Death’s Mark. When activated, you send out three ghouls that chase after targets, which prioritises enemies that are not affected by another summon, then enemies with Ishi’s passive stacks. These ghouls slow by 60% and deal a small amount of CP damage, alongside applying one stack of Ishi’s passive. Even though this ability has a channel, you can still move around during it, although it prevents autoattacking.
Example of targetting (5 ghasts, 2 enemies): 4 target the enemy with the most stacks, the final targets the other enemy
Damage = 20-25-30-35-50 + 40% CP Ratio
Ghast Count = 3-3-3-4-5
Cooldown = 20
Energy = 100

C - Null Zone:
When activated, you create an AOE zone (Ardan Gauntlet sized) that allows Ishi to be stealthed inside it. While stealthed, Ishi gains 0.5 movespeed. Vision will not reveal Ishi. AA and using his A reveal Ishi. When leaving the zone, the stealth lingers for 1.5 seconds. Using his B doesn’t reveal him. If stealth is lost, it will be reapplied by the zone in 0.25 seconds. If you build 200 CP, you can also give your allies the effects of this ultimate.
Duration = 5-7-9
Cooldown = 110-70-50
Energy = 100-125-150

Thoughts: God, I’m edgy.
I love the concept of massive DOTs. I also love armour shred. I also love restricted stealth mechanics.
Firstly, it’s important to realise this is a character where Bonesaw would be core. Weird, right? Bonesaw would essentially double his passives armour shred, so that he could apply his Death Mark on them sooner. He would likely also build PS to stop enemies from outhealing the DOT, and Tornado Trigger because, ya know, attackspeed. The Reaping allows him some sort of CP Path, alongside acting as a disruptor. This would allow for Ishi to seperate the enemy tank from the rest of the team, which would be the ideal shredding target, as the tank would die about as quickly as the squishies. The B gives him another disruptive part of his kit, and would allow him to chase effectively. His ult would let him weave in and out of combat, finding ideal locations to stab people from, and start the shredding, or to find good positions to knock people around with the Reaping. You could also potentially run Ishi as a REALLY weird support, with a Bonesaw and Shatterglass, who would peel with the Reaping and Death Approaches. That would mean targetting the divers with normal attacks for the B to target them effectively. The fountain removing Death Mark would make Fountain core against him, but fountain is already core. You would also have to be careful about fountaining to cleanse the mark, as another Normal Attack would apply the mark again instantly. Anyway, this guy is interesting, but likely impractical. That seems to be a theme here.


Note: People who read the Vainglory Lore might have realised the character name and abilities are from a character in the newest Alpha/Grumpjaw(?) lore. This is intentional. She had a decent amount of ‘screen time’ and we are never told she dies, so I kinda got inspired to make a character around her, just because why not.

Name: Amie
Appearance: Stormguard outfit, with tubes up her arms and to her hands, and down to her waist. The tubes connect to 2 large vials of blue-ish liquid that are fastened by a belt. Is liquid halcyon a thing? I hope it is.
Personality: Not my job, and she’s probably dead anyway.

Playstyle: Mage
Position: Lane
Difficulty: Medium

HP: 700-2100
Armour: 20-50
Shield: 20-50
Weapon: 80-140
Attackspeed: 100%-120%
Movespeed: 3.1

Perk - Halcyon Tangle:
Whenever Amie hits an enemy with an ability, she reduces that targets shield by 2%. This stacks up to 10 times. Once the target reaches 10 stacks, the target receives another bonus 10% CP damage.

A - Stiches:
Amie weaves a bird, sending it in a straight line. This can only hit enemy players. Once it hits, it roots the target for 1-1.2-1.4-1.6-1.8-2 Seconds, and deals initial CP damage (50-110-170-230-300 + 100% CP Ratio). This ability also does damage over time, while the enemy is rooted. (10-15-20-25-30 + 30% CP Ratio per second).
While the root is active, it can be extended by landing her other abilities on the target. Landing her B extends it by 0.1 seconds, while landing her ultimate extends it by 0.2.
Overdrive: Her ultimate extends the duration of the root by 0.5 seconds, instead of 0.2.
Cooldown: 20-19-18-17-15

B - Cats Cradle:
Passively, Amie gains charges over time, up to a maximum of 5. When she activates this ability, she fires bolts of magical energy in a direction, with a curved trajectory. Thre curve direction alternates between right and left for every shot fires. The number of shots fired is based on the number of charges. These shots collide and stop at minions. Using this ability consumes one charge, and using it interrupts any charges that were in the process of being gained, resetting the timer. Each shot deals CP damage (30-50-70-90-110 + 30% CP Ratio).
Charge recovery speed: 2-1.9-1.8-1.7-1.5
Cooldown: 0.2

C - The Queen’s Web:
Amie weaves a slowing field, doing CP damage to enemies inside it on the first tick. While Amie is inside this zone, her B charge time is halved. At the end of the ultimate duration, it erupts, dealing the initial damage once more. This ability can be reactivated to end it early.
Damage = 50-100-150 + 100% CP Ratio
Slow = 50/60/70% slow
Duration = 5-7-9
Cooldown = 70-60-50

Thoughts: I love the concept of weaving things into reality, but unfortunately Symmetra is toxic so basically there hasn’t been a game that’s scratched this itch for me yet. This is my attempt.
Her passive may seem strange, but originally I made her for 3v3, where double CP comps didn’t exist yet and I felt like picking characters for synergy over damage typing would be more interesting. As Amie is a lockdown sniper, playing her with something like Celeste sounds super dirty, and I wanted to support it. It might be broken in 5v5, but Amie can only lock down one person, so meh.
The extending CC is what most interests me as it creates some interesting decision making. Is it better to deal a ton of burst damage and extend the root ASAP, or is it better to hold onto those stacks so you can deal more DPS in long fights.
Your ultimate is mostly there to help you against the rest of the team. The slow zone isn’t particularly difficult to avoid (unless you’re rooted), but the main bonus is the recharge time. Using this you can have a one free recharge card, where you can stay safe and quickly get back into the fight. Or use it for burst. It’s your choice.


Name: Lili
Appearance: A small female child weilds a crossbow, holding it in one hand but needing both hands to fire. Chains wrap around her ankles. She wears a tattered dirty cloak and even dirtier rags underneath. There is an uncharacteristically expensive ring on her left hand.
Personality: A cheeky brat who loves anything shiny. She plays pranks on people almost daily, and is the definition of a troublemaker. However, when her vampire instincts kick in, she becomes a killing machine, her normal self being nothing more than a shadow of the beast within.

Position: Lane
Playstyle: Sniper/Warrior
Difficulty: Medium

HP: 590-2400
Energy: 200-500
Armour/Shield: 10-40
Weapon: 75-140
Attackspeed: 100% - 120%
Range: 6.5
Movespeed: 3.3

Perk - Pureblood:
As one of pure vampire blood, Lili has immense power… As long as she is not in the light. While in the light, Lili loses most of her powers, unlike lesser vampires, who simply fade to dust. While in the light, Lili loses all health regeneration. While in the darkness, Lili gains movespeed, armour, shield, attackspeed and doubled health regeneration.
Brush counts as darkness.
Armour/Shield = 15-40
Movespeed = 0.2
Attackspeed = 5-20%

A - Secret Vampire Magic: Enhance!:
Lili loads her next bolt with magic, causing it to deal bonus amounts of CP and WP damage, alongside knock back targets slightly. Autoattacking reduces the cooldown by 1 second. This applies on hit effects and can crit. Additionally, deals 10% more damage for each stack of curse on the target.
Bonus damage = 50/80/110/140/170 + 10/15/20/25/30% Bonus WP damage + 140% CP Ratio
Cooldown = 16/15/14/13/12
Bonus Range = 0/0/0/0/0.5

B - Hi! / Bye!:
Lili fires her grappling hook, dealing CP damage and dragging her towards terrain or dragging heroes/jungle minions towards her. This pull prevents AAing during its duration. After the pull is complete, she had a few moments to choose a direction to jump in. This jump cannot cross walls. If the target was a jungle minion or a player, it will knock them away from your jump direction. While jumping, Lili is untargetable.
Damage (Grapple) = 50/100/150/200/250 + 130% CP Ratio
Damage (Jump) = 50/100/150/200/250 (Weapon) + 100% WP Ratio
Cooldown = 20/18/16/14/10

C - Nightmare: Lili uses her magic to cover the sun, creating darkness over the whole map. This requires 1.5 seconds of uninterrupted channeling. For 15 seconds, Lili gains an attackspeed, defence and lifesteal bonus, alongside becoming a Melee character and having new basic abilities. Re-activating this cancels the shround earlier. When this ability’s de-activates, Lili becomes vulnerable, not being able to move or attack for 2.5 seconds. This is essentially a self stun which cannot be blocked. Additionally, after coming out of her initial channel, Lili gains a quickly fading 200% movespeed bonus.
Range = 2/2.2/2.4
Attackspeed = 30/40/50%
Lifesteal = 10/15/20%
Cooldown = 120/110/100 second

A - Relentless: Lili leaps towards an enemy, slowing them and dealing damage. Everytime you autoattack, you reduce this abilities cooldown by 1 second. Additionally, deal 10% more damage for each stack of curse on the target. Apply 1 stack of curse after damage is calculated. Additional stacks refresh past ones, and they last until the target has been out of combat for 10 seconds.
Damage = 70/140/210/280/400 (Weapon) + 150% Weapon Ratio + 90% Crystal Ratio.
Cooldown = 14/13/12/11/10

B -Futile: Lili claws at an opponent, instantly resetting and empowering her next AA. This AA deals bonus damage, applies on hit effects and creates a blood trail that follows Lilis target until that target has been out of combat for 10 seconds.
Damage: 100/200/300/400/500 + 150% CP Ratio
Cooldown = 10/9/8/7/5

Thoughts: This isn’t my most interesting concept for a stance switcher, but what I wanted to convey with Lili was the most drastic change possible, from playstyle to personality to even appearance of the map. When Lili is in human form, she is a trickster and a kiter who tries to avoid danger, while using the brush to her advantage. When she ults, she becomes a kill hungry monster who focuses a single target relentlessly. You don’t have to use either form in a teamfight, but the best type of player will be able to effectively use both to chip enemies down and chase them down for the kill. At least, that’s what I hope. You could use her ult just to block out the sun and not to teamfight, you do you boo boo.
Note that her abilities can crit to make her more effective with both sniper builds and bruiser builds. Because flexibility!


Name: Malene

Position: Lane
Playstyle: Mage
Difficulty: Hard

Perk - Protect the Princess!
Blackfeather automatically links with the highest health ally within 10 units around him. 20% of the damage Blackfeather takes is converted to his ally (resistances calculated separately).

A - Princess Power!
Fire a small projectile that deals bonus damage based on distance traveled. If this ability hits, instantly refund its cooldown.

CD: 10/9/8/7/5
Range: 6/6.5/7/7.5/8

B - Magic Mirror!
Malene places down a magic mirror for five seconds. This reflects enemy projectiles (while simultaneously converting them to your control) and speeds up allied projectiles that pass through it. Additionally, if Malene fires an A through the mirror, it gains bonus range.

Reflect damage: 50/60/70/80/100%
Speed boost: 10/20/30/40/50%
Bonus range: 2/2.2/2.4/2.6/3
Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10

C - Royalty coming through!
Malene stands still and fires a continuous (forward) barrage of energy that deals damage massive damage. This barrage deals bonus damage to enemies based on distance and the speed of the projectile. The projectiles also knock back based on how close you are to Malene. After this, Malene self inflicts sleep (not blockable) for 2.5 seconds.

Malene is my favourite character in the lore, and I really wanted to do her justice with this kit. Essentially, I wanted it to be interesting, for it to have clear counterplay and for her to have synergy with other characters from her lore, particularly Phinn.

Firstly, as a Princess, she’s going to want to do BIG DAMAGE (or at least, I imagine so). Her A which is her main and only non ultimate damage ability is made to be an end all be all ability. It can snipe from big ranges and can rapid fire at close range, but the point is that it’s flexible. Of course, it’s better at sniping enemies at range; her theme is to counter other ranged carries after all.

This is shown much more in her magic mirror, which counters projectiles. This can reflect ranged AAs, line skill shots, boomerang skill shots, ranged snipes and more. I argued with putting in that it would block non projectile but still projectile-y things like Skaarf ult or Cath ult, but I decided not to include it because the ability description was already really long. Stab moves such as Bf B and Joule B will still go through, and actual characters could get through it with no problem. Overhead projectiles such as Helio and Baron A would also ignore the mirror. It allows interesting synergy with her other damage abilities, plus the idea of reflecting a Full DE Celeste ult makes me happy.

Her C and passive work together, where her C is a brief period of BIG DAMAGE that works similarly to her A, while also giving her a defensive part which pushes divers away while she’s vulnerable. It’s like BRB but better kinda! The sleep afterwards leaving her vulnerable is partially thematic, and partially to give divers a chance to burst her down. Her only form of protection is her passive. If her ult is misfired, her allies can either choose to stand by her or to leave her to die. Remember that although she does leave herself vulnerable, sleep is cancelled upon even the smallest instance of damage, so it is possible to save her.

Now let’s talk synergy. BF and Phinn have almost no synergy at all, which is both thematically appealing and also hilarious. Keeping with the gag, the Malene I’ve designed is meant to work well with Phinn, while she would be a terrible combo with BF. Phinn is not only the perfect target for her passive, but counters melees, who she is weak against. Malene is fantastic for protecting Phinn against nasty poke while dishing some out herself. Phinn can make the mirror more like a wall by standing right behind it and slamming anyone who tries to get through, and Phinn can hook enemies into Malenes ult which will quickly shove them backwards and deal the most damage.

Seriously SEMC give us Malene.

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Which is the least toxic?

  • ACLE
  • Koria
  • Ishi
  • Amie
  • Lili

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The Pinklords New Hero Pool

Update List:
Added Malene and retitled this thread.

I can’t edit the poll, and I don’t want to remake it.

These heroes all seem complex. Maybe next time try making someone like koshka?

Anyway. Thoughts.

ACLE: his perk is nice although it would be bad wp because it is double the charge time of Gwen’s perk for the same wp ratio? (Or less?) i seems nice for cp though.
Hold up.

His A buffs the enemy? Gives them movespeed in return for a normal amount of damage? Mages usually rely on their range to keep themselves alive you know. Giving enmies a buff to come close to you is not a good idea…

Now his b is fine. The a sort of synergises with this? They come close so you can execute them? Your notes talk about the problem with his b pretty well.

Now his ult is pretty nice and i like it. I don’t think that the buff silence would be much of a problem as long as it didn’t stop fountain of renewal or gave them more move speed. If he targets someone then they will die. No one would be dumb enough to not focus a guy when they can’t get healed.

Overall: a slightly stupid idea or ridiculously hard to pull off.

Korea: what is cp pen? But niceperk overall means you can go tt sb sb and have 90% crit I believe? But any way :clap:

The a is good helps her beat up a target quickly. I think of it as a cross of idris’ a and the basic attacking thing of bf’s ult. not sure what leaving the battle filed means is it when you go back to where you started? Resetting on kill or assist is a good mechanic maybe vg can make it into a perk or smth

Her b is a bit op. A 5 second reflex block? Maybe make it have a certain number of cc’s blocked limit as well…

The ult is a nice idea. I can’t really see any problem with it apart from the bonus attackspeed on crit. She already gets bonus attack speed doesn’t she? (I can’t be bothered to reload again this not being able to view posts as you write reply part of the forum is annoy D:<)

Overall: would suck as cp but excel as wp it is a nice idea for wp assassin though unsure why a seraphim would resort to such methods. You did say that she can be killed easily so thats what would put her into balance.

as i said i can’t be bothered to reload again right now (am in hospital/pain) so i will do the rest later. Also i think i will do a hero compilation as well so get excited :upside_down_face::upside_down_face: (it will be a much longer list than yours…)

Leaving combat means you get your travel boots and A passive movespeed again until you attack again.

Her B CC immunity would drop off once you melt it with damage. It’s an RB that gets countered by damage.

Note: Looking forward to your hero collection :v

About the leaving combat thing i think you misunderstand me. It says that she teleports in and does aa to everyone and then she leaves combat

Oh sorry. I didn’t see the barrier bit :sweat:
My hero collection already up o: excited for your feedback