Hero Concept - Keri

Keri is a young child who weilds an experimental oversized pistol. This pistol utilises a large halcyon crystal as a source of power and can form a variety of different types of ammunition. Keri himself is not only a thief but a somewhat deranged destruction fanatic. Although he can’t use the weapon properly, he sure can try to destroy as much as he can. Scars line his hands and burns crawl along his body as the price he has paid for his insane lifestyle.

Keri CANNOT autoattack. Instead of Mana, he uses stability as a resource. Stability increases after not using abilities for a 1.5 seconds. Keri suffers reduced movement speed based on his stability, with a 50% decrease at 0. Once he reaches 0 stability, he stuns himself for 1.5 seconds. Bonus energy is converted into maximum Stability. Bonus energy regen is converted into Bonus Crystal. Bonus attackspeed is converted into Bonus Weapon.
Maximum Stability: 100+ 10% Bonus energy
Bonus Crystal: 50% Bonus energy regen
Bonus Weapon: 100% Bonus attackspeed

Notes: Here it is! My gimmick this time around is a hero that has no AA. This basically means that stats such as base weapon and attackspeed are negligible, so you could theoretically have them at 0 and it wouldn’t matter. Weird, isn’t it.
To compensate for this, I had to give Keri incredibly spammable abilities, which needed to be monitored carefully. So I made is so that if he overused them (while missing), he falls over on his ass and has to scramble around for his gun. This gives Keri a massive sense of risk that is determined entirely by two factors, the player and his opponents. So obviously this gave me an excuse to give him tons of damage, but we can see that later. Point is, no AAs, WP/CP caster, hit your abilities or get destroyed.

Keri chooses a direction and fires a line of damage in said direction 0.5 seconds later. During this time, Keri can move freely. Keri gains stability based on what was hit by his A. (10 stability for heroes, 2 stability for minions). This ability only consumes stability upon the instance of damage occurring. This ability can crit.
CD: 1
Range: 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8
Cost: 20 Stability
Damage: 100/120/140/160/200 + 150% CP Ratio + 170% WP Ratio

Notes: This is your replacement AA. It’s just a line skillshot that does damage. If you can land this ability on enough people, you can spam it forever, but the tricky part is landing it, especially when they have time to see where you’re aiming and they can jump out of it.

Keri drops an explosive charge slightly in front of him which arms in 0.5 seconds. Upon reactivation OR an opponent coming into contact with it, the charge explodes. The charge deals damage and knocks back all enemies. Keri can also be knocked up by this charge, allowing him to jump over walls. Being knocked up by this charge costs Stability. If this were to cause you to reach 0 stability, the negative effects occur upon landing.
CD: 14/13/12/11/10
Cost: 30/30/30/30/10
Damage: 150/200/250/300/350 + 120% CP Ratio + 70% WP Ratio

Notes: Your escape! It’s meant to be both chaotic and strategic, as both players can pop it through different methods whenever they need to.

After a 1 second channel, Keri takes position and roots himself in place. While rooted, Keri gains a new ability to replace his C. His new C allows him to shoot a projectile in a direction which deals execute damage and consumes a large amount of stability. Hitting an enemy hero allows Keri to gain some stability. His B knock up automatically removes the root. By attempting to walk, Keri cancels his C root and his C reverts back to its original form, alongside going on CD. Being CCed during this state will cancel it and revert Keri back to his original state. This ability can crit.
CD: 30
Range: 30
Cost: 70/65/60
Recovery: 30/40/50
Damage: 200/250/300 + 120% CP Ratio + 100% WP Ratio
Missing HP damage: 15%/20%/25% + 7.5% CP Ratio + 5% WP Ratio

Notes: The ultimate! The grand finale! By looking at the damage numbers, you might say this is OP, but the main point of this ability is that it leaves Keri vulnerable. The most he can do to protect himself is to predictively our down a B, but that requires not only being predictive about where the enemy will come from but also stability management. If you miss with this ability, it’s going to cripple your stability for a short while, and you’ll be stuck sitting there trying to recover it. And if an opponent shows up, and you accidentally stun yourself from the knock up on your A…
You’re probably dead.
If you’re not interrupted, you can theoretically fire infinite shots. However, you can’t spam them. I imagine that there’s a specific rythmn to firing these shots, like how there’s a specific firing pattern on CP Baron which perma slows your opponent. I think it would be best if the ability had some sort of range indicator that both teams could see, just to reduce frustration.

Am I an idiot? Do you like the concept in some sort of mad scientist like way? Do you have any improvements to make? Well, tell me, I guess.

BIG DISCLAIMER: I don’t balance with these numbers, I just them in as a general idea. Ok? Ok.

My Hero Thread: The Pinklords Hero Concept Extravaganza


How squishy is he?

The damage does seem too op early game(Especially if spamable), even if it leaves him a little vurnerable.
The move speed thing seems like it would be way too much of a downside…

Interesting idea though.

I was thinking slightly tankier than the average backline mage to make up for his vulnerability.

I considered making his base defences scale with Stability actually. So at maximum he would have 80 Armour/Shield or so, but at minimum he would have 0. I thought it was overkill and scrapped it though.

This kinda defeats part of his perk that penalizes you for missing. Should make it take away half if it misses. Or change it to be more like kestrel’s A

Well, maybe it was bad wording on my part, but that isn’t what I meant. You still lose stability when you miss, but the idea is when you get CCed out of the ability before the damage can come out, it doesn’t consume stability.