The gift Ardan skin

Has anyone else seen the new Ardan skin that’s suppose to be given to us if we are t6 or above?It’s posted on BrokenMyth’s Twitter page.

It’s kinda disappointing…


Could you please link it?
I am not on Twitter so :frowning:

I already knew it was gonna be a recolor SEMC don’t care.


Yeah it’s basically an ugly recolour. I mean free is free but was just hoping for something a bit flashier.


i was hoping for something flashier :frowning: guess i’ll stick to daddy boxer ardan

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Well it’s not ugly,I personally like the colour
(it’s basically a golden Ardan,much like the golden Lance).I’m just disappointed that it’s just a golden recolour.
If the change all his abilities colours(golden vanguard/gauntlet)I will already be satisfied,but they didn’t…

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Oof I’m really disappointed. They hyped it up quite a bit and it’s just a simple recolor of his default. It’s free at least. I’ll just be using my usual T1 Bladan over this


It’s a free skin to making it to t6. If you’re expecting a great skin you were just setting yourself up for disappointment. Now if it was for t9+ then I would understand the disappoinemt. However…it’s tier 6…getting to t1 is harder than t6 lmao


if u want golden effects, just say with gladiator arden. Tbh this skin shouldn’t be a LE skin

It’s only LE cause there is no other way to get it lol

Nah,I rule with this or redemption,gladiator’s barbed wire cage looks odd to me

The vid won’t play for me. Anyone have screenshots?

It’s pretty hard to screenshot this since the model in the video is small and unclear.But someone in the comments made this that is pretty accurate colour wise. So use a bit of imagination.Image



completely agree with u.

Will probably stick to redemption ardan…


I will tick with my tier 2 ardan skin( I don’t know the name)

Tbh, I wouldn’t be surprised if they release another recolour skin for higher tier. you are getting it for free and that’s the best thing about it.
Same goes for higher tiers .
T6 might be a joke to some players but for many players it’s also an achievement that is not easy to reach.
I don’t even remember how many times I was few elo’s away from reaching T9 but got lazy and let it decay me back to 7.

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I was expecting at least a rare skin, not a recolour of a default skin. Also, it’s not golden, it’s more like brown (no?).

Beggars can’t be choosers man. It’s free that’s why it sucks.


C’mon, it’s free! Be grateful at least. #peace :v:

Well, uhm, thanks SEMC for another addition to my collection. :smiley: