The fountainless captain

Coming next patch (soon)
We will have three new items for captains mostly which you are all well aware of.

Its about these three:

Now I believe that there will be several captains with defensive/hp scaling that will benefit from not building fountain at all.

There is pulseweave that let’s you move phaster (pun intended) and it also offers a reactive speedboost when taking damage while damaging an opponent.
This one sounds great for frontline captains like Ardan Grace Lance and most of all Phinneas.

Rooks decree offers a team wide barrier when attacking an enemy after using a skill. While being a general item I believe our ranged captains especially those with healing capabilities will benefit the most from this item.

Capacitor plate is a defensive monster with stats that will blow you away. The perk of having a mini wartreads for allies upon receiving a barrier/heal is immensely powerful.

Capacitor plate seems to be made for Phinn. Lyra already has a speedboost and doesn’t require much defense same as Ardan who might still benefit from the other effects though.

Adagio can now be single target Lyra through Capacitor plates speedboosting.

When you look at the new hp stats and other perks on these items you can imagine a world without fountain.

CP PW and RD all have a lot more bonus hp than a fountain does. The new items outshine it in many aspects.

Ages ago we were promised captain build diversity. We will make captain fun again they said.

Today is that day, they have fulfilled their promise.

I am greatly looking forward to playing captain.

I predict Phinn and Adagio to be top Meta followed by Ardan Cath and Lorelai.

Here is an indepth explanation by BM:


i think pulseweave is not gonna used that often. you cant really control when its effect occours and your opponents will try their best to play around it. poke you, make you waste its effect and then force a fight.
pw is best used for ganking the enemy, when they dont see you coming and have no choice other than to trigger it when you want it to be triggered.
phinn is a bad choice for it. he wants to bring the fights to him and he has already enough damage. poking him with long ranged skillshots is just too easy.

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I’ll wait till the patch drops to make my judgment on the usefulness of Phinn - because he’s entirely countered by one hero, Kensei. If kensei isn’t very strong next patch then yeah I see Phinn becoming top pick. If he is though…

Kensei can simply use every fourth basic attack on Phinn. Phinn’s kit revolves around him standing near his allies to apply fortified health, so it’s very simple for a kensei to ult into enemies, basic attack squishy thrice, attack Phinn for the huge barrier, continue attacking squishy.

Kensei has been buffed more than nerfed so I’ll ban him anyday…

He is a non issue.

Phinn benefits from the added defensive items the most due to his perk.

Ok here’s some thoughts I had:

I think Rook’s Decree will be great on heroes like Ardan, Grace and Lance, who all have abilities that simultaneously work as basic attacks or chain into them (Grace A, Ardan B, Lance ult) but you’re probably right on ranged heroes taking advantage of it. Also it’ll combine well with Capacitor plate.

As for Pulsewave, I think it’ll be a nice defensive item on Junglers (and maybe even carries) rather than captains. Imagine that thing on Krul, Glaive or Reim (not to mention how well it works together with Ozo’s perk). It’ll make enemies think twice about attacking you.

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I agree with you after reading the Broken Myth analysis which I now added to the OP.

Pulse weave adds damage a while after you first get attacked.

And gives you a movement speed buff. If that isn’t perfect for ganking, then I don’t know what is. And as I mentioned, the lifespring passive will work with Ozo’s perk nicely.

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Can you imagine a pulseweave Catherine? Stun+bubble+weave damage.

She can pull that off…

i wonder, will rook decree’s barrier trigger capacitor plate’s speed boost?

You still need Fountain for Lyra and adagio and all the non healer Roams.

Grace could get away without it IF she builds full Cp and Capitator Plate

It will and that is what makes it interesting.
Top of the page there is a BM link explaining just that.

Why? Adagio and Lyra would add an extra barrier and speedboost to get their allies home safely. Throw in a crucible and they are safe.

Fountain offers too little to justify the slot.

Allies can now build SH and have a ton of defense in one item plus the old perk now improved as anti burst measure…

I am ridiculously excited to see FoR get filtered out of the top necessary meta. Can’t wait to see what comes out of these three items, because there’s so much each of them can bring to the game.


that’s a post by idmonfish. . . Nice find~! i wonder why he didn’t post it himself. must be busy.

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I agree so much. It is why I made this thread. We needed options and boy did we get them.

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Kensei got a base weapon buff but his late game barriers etc have been nerfed.

He’ll still be relevant but not as broken as his is right now.

Who needs a fountain when the new items currently have the highest health stats and some with cdr OWO Cant wait to play Lyra without any fountain

Depends… If he can now snowball early on to reach midgame earlier he will have better items than Kensei does now. He might have the same power spikes just a lessened ultra late game

I still think he’ll be strong I just get the impression thelategame nerfs to his barrier might be very strong.

Think this is going to be one of the best updates for years. Lots of new items, major nerfs to existing items and big changes to 5v5 format. Kinda excited by it, going to be fun playing roam this for sure.

Yeah I just got trolled into LPQ. Done with this patch…
My first two allies banned alpha over Kensei and didn’t pick Kensei nor Lyra but Celeste and gwen…

Then they complain that I feed vs a Vainglorious smurf and a vainglorious kensei while top.

Draft needs changing. Your life can’t depend on the whims of a noob who doesn’t understand draft…