The dumb people in draft!

Okay so before I begin let me give you my ign:Nocturnal1401
Please check the last ranked match for 5v5 if you want to have a look at it.

Now I now the low tier ranked matches are pretty much crap. Not that people don’t know how to play, but the real issue is they don’t know how to draft.

So I was on a break for 3 months from vg as I had my college entrance exams but since now they are dealt with I said to myself “Hi 5v5 ranked came last update and I should give it a go”. But the naive me didn’t not know that not everyone watches VPL or vg youtubers like excoundrel and ttigers.
What I expected was that now that it has been 4 months since 5v5 came out, people might get what a specific role needs to do.

So the first two matches were literally the best matches in my VG history I ever has played. Can you imagine a whole team of unranked players co ordinating as if we were using voicechat and destroying the absolute hell out of the other team.

But this was all an illusion, the next match was a reminder to me that soloq rank is impossible. So the draft starts and the we get a go to ban a hero. I indicate that I will play WP joule top lane as a side pusher. The draft is about to end and we last pick baron. He indicates that he will go WP and tells me to go CP as we only had 1 mid lane CP damage dealer. I’m like alright, I will try to make it work.

The game starts and I’m up against a Celeste in top lane which was really weird and unexpected. I indicate baron to swap lanes with me but he ignores my pings. Meanwhile, I get my ass kicked by celeste.

I ping “I need help” but alas no one even visits my lane the entire game ( and no this not a exaggeration). I die and that when I look up the leader board to try counter build celeste and then I notice that baron went CP path. This is when I started tilting a lit bit.

Now the snowball kicks in, I was level 7 while celeste was level 11. I mean can you believe, a side laner having a higher level than his own jungler. This is when I started cursing myself to going along with the noob. I knew I should have cgossen the WP path but now I could not sell my items as my team was already behind and I could see a comeback.


Never listen to your team I you feel confident in your knowledge of the game.

Note: I have been regular to the game updates and know what the meta is.


Draft sucks, though I guess lobby chat would improve it. I haven’t drafted in a while. I’m terrified of being this dumbass in draft.

Lol at this thread. Your moaning because tier 4s don’t draft well? Go figure they’re tier 4…

Baron actually put out the most DMG in the game (he is bad clearly); if your salty at anyone it should be the roam who hasn’t rotated upto help you.


Hows your ping by the way? I would’ve sold and went WP. then go bot lane and let top lane die.

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Tips how to beat Celeste in side lane: Use melee laner. Ur welcome

One counter to Celeste: Taka. Y’all are welcome.

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that’d work if taka wasnt horrible

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Yeah. Talking of Taka, Gattorex just made a rework idea of him and I just joined in. You may take a look.

I think you expected too much, people still can’t draft at T9 and above lmao

And yes it is better to go with what you want than what is logical or something, it tends to produce more success

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my pings are in 100-200

did you know I need 30 characters?

Reasonable, but still annoying enough to screw up stutter stepping and reflex block.

I wrote a whole thread in the OG forums about how lag effects gameplay.

certain heroes are easier to play with lag. CP baron is the no.1 hero that can be played with lag.

if you was playing in any other region, i wouldn’t suspect lag… but since it’s SEA, it is entirely possible that the baron encountered LAG and decided to go CP instead.


i don’t think anyone has this level of understanding in tier 4

it’s SEA. people have been stuck in Tier 4 for YEARS. players naturally gravitate towards heroes that are easier to use.

I just wrote about it so when they encounter problems that could possibly be lag related, there would be less toxicity towards it.

the more i wrote about it, there more i realized just how many problems are lag related.
The list of lag related problems just became longer and longer and i realized it was endless. which is why i keep advocating to fix the lag.

Until the lag is gone, it’s just not possible to draw a conclusion that a player is being toxic just for fun / dumb / newbie / or whatever conclusion you come to.

fix the lag = fix everything.


Or at least fix lag tilting and tilting because someone on your team is lagging and appears to be trolling

If someone has played with lag for years, you’d think they’d get used to it. If they’re still stuck there, wouldn’t it mean they’re just bad? (Not directed at OP.)

Yes and no lag as anyone knows is never a full constant and pings can spike at upredictable time

Correction: The people in soloq are 90 percent of the time dumb. And the likeliness of losing due to that is increased with 4 other people on your team. You can get two good people and still lose in 5v5


again, another statement to a question that has a subjective answer. You would assume that they would be used to the lag, but again… it is an assumption, and until the lag is gone, we will never know whether it is the lag causing bad play, or the player is just unskilled.

I wrote about this as well, and how it is so difficult to tell the difference. So I don’t blame players assuming bad play / skills / etc. it’s natural to assume. I just want the lag gone.

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Yup, this. If this happens to me I just bail out of the lane that I’m in, then my teammates get the picture.

No, it’s a fact that the more you are exposed to something to more adaptive to it you become. Unless you never made a conscious effort to, and decided to just complain about the lag.

And you can tell a laggy player from a completely unskilled one just from their mannerisms. Diving in 1v5 while your team is halfway across the map is unskilled, not responding properly in a team fight is lag. It’s quite a fact that all regions have unskilled players, not just SEA, even up until the higher tiers. It’s always like that in any MOBA.

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