The current state of 3v3 and Ranked matchmaking post 2.12

What on Earth is happening to 3v3 right now?

Solo queue, I’m no pro player, but I’m not hopeless at this game. I’m facing consistent loss streaks, AFKs, inting, griefing, rudeness, garbage builds. I can’t wrap my head around it. I’m questioning my own skill at this point, because I’m suffering so many losses that my ability to carry my team has been reduced to nil.

Is anyone else having similar experiences, or, is anyone else seeing a pattern like this in their own matches? Can anyone offer some insight? I can’t often play with friends or guildmates, and not as often as I’d like to. I’m losing a bit of hope. I have an innate desire to be as good as I can be at this game. Lately it’s been rough.


oh man, you deserve respect for still having hope. My (questionable) advice: wait it out until they balance next. Maybe after 5v5 settles, they’ll have the time to address 3v3 and ranked.

Haha, thanks. Honestly it’s a mix of stubbornness and blind determination / tunnel vision, which may in turn be part of the issue. I’ve played many games in my time, both challenging and competitive, and I’ve always been what I would consider myself as highly skilled, for the most part (not a humblebrag). But lately with VG I’m just losing my mind. It can only be so broken, right? There must be a way to outskill this.

I have been having the same issues… It’s killing me.

I’ve found the same thing lately. I don’t consider myself a “great” player, having spent my career in the mid tiers, but I’ve always had fun playing the game and felt like I was doing the right thing most of the time. Like you, I’ve had to solo queue most of the time lately, and it’s been … toxic. I’ve run into everything you mentioned and more. And a decent experience in a match is now a rare thing.

I am horribly afraid that SEMC’s eagerness to “grow the player base” without addressing the numerous pleas to do something about player toxicity is coming home to roost.


It’s crazy, right? Like our match last night with that Reim that just went AFK for like 10 minutes to just casually return to the game like it was nothing.

Edit: not that they’d be able to communicate issues well, it could have been anything.

You’ve given me a great deal of comfort with this reply. I thought I was losing it, or that my skill was completely deteriorating. I used to be able to enter matches with complete confidence, and even in the face of imminent loss, still find ways to ease a victory through the worst. Now when I fire up a match I am convinced from the get-go it’s a lost cause, and I know that’s not a healthy mindset to approach a game with - but I haven’t been wrong yet. My last two victories have been because the opposing team had an AFK. That doesn’t make me feel any better about the situation either, it makes me feel worse.

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I’m actually surprised we won that match with how much he was going AFK and disconnecting.

I’ve had surprisingly good matches this patch so far. Usually the first day or two I see an uptick in ‘sloppy’ players but I chalk that up to people who start playing again after a break and are checking out the new update.

I’m glad to hear not everyone is having an awful time, there’s hope yet. :ok_hand:

You are lucky this happened to you only this update… after 6 months I’m still waiting for a match of at least 4 stars (lets not even think 5). Idk why do I still play, I guess I’m masoquist.

A lot of “serious” players are mostly just playing 5v5 so that leaves the more likely to be trouble players to play in 3v3 with you.

Thats then compounded by balance being fairly off in 3v3 (its been worse but its not great) which makes people more likely to behave toxically because they are frustrated.


That’s a fair point. The time I have spent in 5v5 is worlds better in terms of teamwork and positive reinforcement.

Im having fun this update :grin:

Nice! Good job on the win streak. Seeing people having successful runs gives me inspiration.

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If you haven’t unlocked draft yet, try picking wp saw and hard carrying your allies with him.
With the emergence of 5v5, new players are joining therefore increasing toxicity and unskilled players. As well as that, the more diehard players are in the 5v5 beta, leaving lesser quality players in 3v3.

I’m enjoying 3v3, I understand the meta and am playing the heroes that I like that are strong.


Well I played only one 3v3 match where I roamed as Lance and won comfortably with a kDa of 3/2/11 I think.
The enemy was decent, proper builds, our vox was trash early game and I was going to give up but suddenly started playing like a god late game so that’s good I guess.
Overall not a bad experience, but I’ll play more 3v3 and then leave a proper comment.

I had a similar experience. losing streak and stuff after update… But then Krul happened.

Although I’ve become toxic due to the losses. And often go YOLO in teamfights…


For me, this is the right time to chilled out and playing casual instead. If you want to Ranked, I have some suggestion for you: finding a good teammate to play alongside with! You can join a guild with discord and ask for someone. If you want to go SoloQ, there are something you must to know: first, OP heroes now are Vox CP, Saw WP, Krul WP, Alpha CP/WP, Ardan, Adagio and Grace.

Good luck!

this patch is okay

i usually play with guildies and get matched with another team so afk and toxic behaviour is very very very rare (in opposing team)

i found monocle is a bit too strong. don’t you think so?