The Autumn Map is Back~!

For me, it’s my first time seeing it~! woohoo~!


yay :smile_cat:


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No 5v5 love :’(. I didn’t expect any I know the women who designed maps was laid off.

The 5vs5 map is all seasons in it, actually. A lot can be done, but as you said - they just recycle content they already got and laid off the people that can do the work on the 5vs5 map. :slight_smile:

That’s cool, happy about that.
Hope that means all other seasonal maps will be back too. Love the Halloween one so much.

Me too!!! (Here are the old seasonal maps, in case anyone doesn’t remember/doesn’t know them: Halcyon Fold seasonal maps )

Sadly, as @Saint7502 and @cha0z mentioned, the artist responsible for the game maps, Tracey King (aka EvilOnTheInside), was let go in the purge of artistic talent reduction in force earlier this year.


Ed the shred said that 5v5 maps is still on tweaking on gameplay…je said “not yet”

Got a link to that comment?

I hope it’s true, but I’m skeptical… (of Kristian, not of you!)

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Ty! (I want to poke him in the eye periodically about this until they actually DO produce a new 5v5 map skin.)


Yeah but I think it’s more balanced related. I think they’re gonna change a few numbers around for the map then leave it physically the same. But I don’t think the map needs number changes I think it needs to be physically changed to get rid of this boring meta.


Agree. Revamp the jungle but i think they dont have time for that now :minions_sad_t1:

So have they confirmed that there’s no 5v5 skin or is it just speculation?

they gave up on the gold toad.

suffice to say, creating a skin for a whole map is not very high on the agenda.

read kristian’s twitter reply … second comment down… (link above)

if you can’t trust the CEO of SEMC to give out credible news… who can you trust?

This mystifies me, because a model and textures for Goldtoad are included in the current app bundle. Rigging and animating the model can’t possibly take several months …

Hell, I’ll fire up Maya and do it for them if it would help …


I must say that i feel like that they will include it once they finalize the jungle.

As one of the devs said, they’re still tweaking the map.

Probably will do an event along with the release of the gold toad

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I know this is late but are you telling me they are gonna change the map for the jungle in the future?

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No, he meant that, once they get 5v5 jungle stuff sorted (such as giving us Goldtoad and maybe some new stuff); they’ll start making skins for the 5v5 map like how they’ve already done for 3v3.


And when you think they “tuned” and tested the layout for a year. :smile:

Not only the layout is unoriginal, but it also is leading to this boring meta and no laning. Also because of this the viable heroes pool is smaller than ever. In the last real good 3vs3 patch before the HP changes, every hero was playable… now if you don’t play exact heroes for early jungle invade and scaling from there - gg wp no re.