The 3.1 balance changes are out

The balance changes are really good imo. Heroes, specifically Krul, Gwen, and Sam, were given some well deserved nerfs.
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A couple things.

  • Alpha, Koshka, and Krul were some nice names to see with some nerfs
  • My poor Vox doesn’t deserve a nerf! shut up - I know he does
  • Glad to see Lyra get a buff - now just need to put her Bulwark back to normal. Used to be such a great counter to Taka and BF, but popping Bulwark after their already inside the area now is useless.
  • I will be the first to say it, thereby making history with 37 others - TONY OP PLS NRF

I think Kestrel will be pretty meta in 3.1. She’s already quite strong atm and those buffs could really help her out.
also, @NinjaBryden your two waifu mains, Fort and Grace, got nerfed kek




seems nice.
but are there really only two skins this time? seems kinda strange.

Koshka got some very deserved nerfs thankfully. My boi Tako finna stay op, so my Tako is still a massive threat, SAW nerfs were great, Krul nerfs were expected, Y u have to mess with my boi Fort? Grace nerfs were very expected WP was insane and now it is kinda balanced lol. Nice nerf on some WP items, but Monocle still maintains it’s overall power, so that’s nice for my waifu Grace I will always keep using WP Grace till she dies. Ardan early game finna be op now with that big damage buff, Cath damage buff so that’s nice, Lyra buffs which I honestly expected, Vox got some nice nerfs, but he’ll probably still stay in the meta since he’s Vox, CW finna become meta now with his buffs and I have already seen his current power, so I am eating my words about him rn. Pretty interested to see how the meta shapes up, especially for draft. I wonder what the priority heroes will be. CP Baron will probably be one of them paired with CW as well as Tako maybe. O and Aegis and Metal Jacket better have gotten cheaper smh

What was the other skin? I never heard of another skin yet .-.

Yeah, but 1 second cooldown increase for 5 points of damage? That’s actually a nerf.
Don’t think +50 damage on Blast Tremor is going to off-set the reduced survivability.

Fortress was arguably hit the hardest (along with Grace), while Gwen loses 10 points of base damage? Really? 10 whole points?
She’s going to be in tears… from laughter once she finishes Tension Bow. (Since when was WP the issue there?)

Kestrel was already an oppressive PITA, so definitely had to be buffed.

It’s like… yeah. This will reduce some off the current issues, while creating new ones.

WP Grace was hit kinda hard. She is still good tho and Imma still use her u better believe it, and Fort may still be relevant, but I hope his nerfs do not make him bad .-. Grace’s other builds were actually buffed tho with the base damage buffs :^) and Ardan is gonna be an early game monster along with Grace

Not as many changes as I’d have thought. Think Fortress was a well deserved nerf he was becoming a monster in game and his track of the pack was incredible strong in team fights. Krul and Gwen make sense as does the Grace nerf.

Not much I can argue with really. That’s a shame :wink:

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Very nice! The gameplay changes are small, but it will make a few things more interesting.

Gwen had a small nerf with the boom stick, and her WP items, but I can still see her being useful… maybe more equal to the other heroes haha.

I’m kinda excited to try out Ardan with his buff, it looks OP to me, but I’ll only know as soon as I try it out :slight_smile:

All I know is CP Baron might reign as king of the lane this patch with his buddy CW

baptiste epic and tony rare. aside from that, we got nothing else. but the season may still be a week, as indicated in game (but it wouldnt be the first time they threw that timer out a week early)

She was crazy strong, started seeing people abuse it even in 3v3 by laying her in lane with a Cathrine support. Was oppressive, so much DMG and CC ability.

So many good changes to how the Rise operates!!

I called the turret timer needing to be changed in several posts. This is going to help early game laners snowball better.

The experience changes to Big Bears and Gold Oak will aid the jungler. So too will the minion wave spawn timer and experience/gold nerf.

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Yeah I agree she deserved nerfs I main her kek and I am happy with what SEMC did to her. They specifically focused on WP while not rendering it useless I hope and buffing her other builds which is something I am VERY happy about as a Grace main I just hope my boi Fort is also still gud ;-;

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I’m surprised Skaarf received zero changes.


CP Grace buff!!!
Krul got his speed nerfed yay!!!
Kestrel was already great now will be top pick!
Lance got a powerbuff :slightly_smiling_face:
Lyra buffed. Adagio untouched.

Looks absolutely great

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Hahaha! Tiiiime for rolling (and impaling)!


Tbh these changes are smaller than I expected