Teleport Boots need to be a core feature like the Flask, not an item, Contraption in 5v5 and SuperScout2000 in 3v3

With so few people actually buying Teleport Boots lately, it has become far too useless than its anticipated usage rate so I think: Why not turn these things into core game feature? Everyone will be able to use it and also lore-wise, it’s just a pair of teleportation chips put in a pair of boots.
Then we come to the Contraption and the SuperScout2000. It has been removed in 5v5 to replace it we have the SS2k and the SCs but in 3v3 recently, we also have the SCs so I think that we should put the Contraption in 5v5 and SuperScout2000 in 3v3.

It isn’t useless, its situational. It’s already toxic af when someone tanky teleports back to their base when you are just about to get the ace so all of you can regen and take blackclaw or something. I use it to close off matches which is its intended purpose.

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But it’s too situational that no one uses it that much. Also, if we are copying league in having their Wards, I think the TeleBoots should be a core feature. Same CD but no boost to your HP, defense and other things. Those things will be passed to other boots.

Have been thinking about traps and cams as they’re now both in 3v3, don’t think superscout is needed 3v3 but with cams being there I just wonder about scout traps/contraption in 5v5

Horrible idea. Games would become frustrating split push comps all day.


situational means deeper strategy

situational items are great - strategy wise…

The CD is the same old man. It’s 210s. You have to wait for 3 and a half minutes for it to come off cooldown even when you splitpush that hard into the armory, you can’t get away and get back in time. Also because of this, there will be no more with the 1-time-use issue when buying the TeleBoots (I know the pros buy the boots, tele to backdoor and if failed, tele back to sell and buy another one).

Check my reply to Bayou. Thanks.

JUST A WILD IDEA inspired by this thread! :thinking:
What if the Super Scout 2000 gave you, the itemholder, the ability to teleport from one scout cam to another?

When you step on a scout cam (or at 0.5m radius around one), your scout cam button will change into a teleport button. Tap it, then pan around the map and click on a scout cam.


  • Teleporting drains 50% of your max energy (90% ____ for Lance, 75% rage for Ardan).
  • Teleporting drains 30% of your max HP.
  • Teleporting grants a 30% base-HP barrier for 4 seconds.
  • The scout cam you teleport to will have its duration reduced to 5 seconds.
  • 45-second cooldown

I find this feature to be useful for captains whose teammates need immediate help. And the conditions add a little bit of risk in using the item. You could potentially suicide if you use it wrongly.

Dude that’s overkill. Btw you can already teleport to your Scout Cams with the TeleBoots

arcane passage myself with teleport bootz hehe

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So what you are saying is give every player the ability to teleport with 0 need to invest any gold?


No, no.


Teleport boots are situational for a reason. Just because they are not always purchased means nothing. One doesnt always build atlas, should we make it so all heroes have it built in?

Teleport boots serve a purpose, which is not present in every game and shouldnt be.

As for contraption in 5v5 and scout traps.

Thats a hard no.

Vision is already plentiful, that’s serious overkill.

But without the bonus stats that comes with it. Or maybe let this unlockable upon purchasing the T2 Boots.

I said bringing them in but I haven’t said anything about the alterations to those things. You folks need to calm down and think first.

No doing that just make VG like EVERY OTHER GAME the fact that the item is part of a items makes it extremely unique other game just a spell and just used as a clutch item

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I was thinking about TP boots the other day, and one thing that would make it (or do I say them) a meta item is a 0.1 (maybe 0.2) movement speed buff. Because of its lack of a bonus move speed on activation perk, it’s rarely useful in teamfights or regular gameplay. If it was just that little bit faster than other boots, it would be a lot better for chasing down, or running away from enemies and could keep up with a speed increase every 50s (or in some cases every 12s)

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That’s why now I suggest that it is unlocked after purchasing T2 boots

Vision items in MOBAs have been around for ages. DOTA has wards, and that’s probably because that’s how the vision system in an RTS like Warcraft3 works. Vainglory isn’t copying LOL with wards, they’re either copying DOTA or the very first RTS with a proper vision system.
Also that is a terrible attitude.

im pretty sure it does have one? when you arrive you get a burst of movespeed

anyways, teleporting does not have to be a core feature. in league there was a meta where you would be able to have 3 summoner spells basically, nd support mid and top would take that so they can tp easily and that meta was DUM. tp boots are fine as is as a niche item, if it was available to everyone think of how games would play out: push a turret, tp to another lane, push. vision would be stupidly prioritized bc you can tp to them, you could get maybe war treads if backdooring for extra bulk along with the tp to be quick

selling and buying doesnt refresh cooldown

Yeah but my point is you cant use it to catch up to an enemy, even less so to run away from one.