"Teddy Bear" & "Panda" Joule


Need a link to verify, otherwise it goes in Broken Pipe …

[EDIT: Can’t find any official announcement anywhere, so I’ve moved the thread to the Broken Pipe.]

Thats honestly a $ worthy skin… Might have to open up the wallet :celestelove:

I’m a simple man. I see animu, I like it, so this is a 10/10 skin for me even without the SA or effects

too bad I’ll probably not be able to get either version in a long time

Looks cool but doesn’t look legit

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Not gonna buy them, I don’t use joule, and IMO, SM is the best one for her.
Still waiting for Samuel, reza and ringo…

Oh great, get ready for another shady, unclear and poorly executed selling of a recolored skin set that is going to be behind some scammy rng paywall.
I sleep.

Did someone say D.VA rip off?


my bad @hazeleyes

I believe they abandon the English page, it’s been very poorly postings on that page. idk about other languages but the Vietnamese one is very active.

Interesting … is that an official SEMC account? It’s hard to tell from the Facebook page – not least because I can’t read Vietnamese :wink:

It looks like a leak to me, as there’s nothing on any of SEMC’s social media about it …

lol well, the English main page just now posted it. Should I change the title to just Valentine Joule skin?

Yep, it’s now official …

It was leaked a while ago along with some other things, if you don’t mind spoilers go check r/vaingloryleaks

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Meanwhile still waiting for that leaked Loralai skinstrong text

Crazy that hasn’t been released yet, I agree.

I wonder if the lack of a Lorelai skin is because she’s arguably naked with that skin? She’s naked like Bugs Bunny is naked, but that still might be an issue in some countries.

Hmmm. I wonder — there’s clearly some sort of issue. Lorelei is both popular and in the meta AND is the only hero without a skin, so you’d think they’d want to get it out there.

what I am thinking is SEMC is playing with us when it comes to skins of creatures or creature heroes

Us: more creatures!
SEMC: ok fine here one creature - Ozo, but don’t expect skin for it anytime soon.
Us (a few months later): more creatures!
SEMC: no, here one more cute hero.
Us (weakly crawling on floor): Just at least give us something that look fun…
SEMC: here, GJ but here is some ugly dog skin that comes with it
Us: … why too many humans?
SEMC: like we said, no creatures, but you been crying too much here Lorelai, but you have not learned your lesson, so this is gonna break Ozo’s record.

Wanna make a bet? the next one will be that Inara girl.

I think its more like of the T3 Taka situation

It’s not “Valentine Joule” anymore boys and girls!

RIP people’s wallet if the skin is good.

is it because she is underage ? , is she in love with her mech or someone gift her a teddy/panda mech ?! Sugar venom you need to explain !