Talking about joysticks

So as everybody knows, joystick has arrived in Vainglory and many people aren’t happy with that since they consider it 'ruins the name “The MOBA perfected for touch” '. But for me, I see it differently. Once I saw how SEMC did the joystick, I was amazed that how they perfected it. Now we can not only say that this game is perfect for touch but also for joystick as well since maybe you all have heard this saying before: “History is written by the victors”. We perfected it so we can say it.

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They did not come close to perfecting it I’m sorry to say this play a couple practice with them you will see

But at least they did it better that our competitors.

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Tried joystick on practice and it’s auto aim (maybe this is bug or feature? )

It’s a feature. You can drag the joystick to a target to change target however.

They really didn’t the looks maybe in usability not even close the lag between joy and character is troll levels

Well shit I guess…

Not to mention each joystick; movement, attack, each ability; has a different sensitivity setting. Now this would not be bad if you could adjust it and get it where you like it but currently it just makes a mess

Joysticks aren’t just a 5v5 thing, so this thread is in the wrong place. Also, there’s already a discussion about our thoughts here:

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