Joystick impressions + feedback thread (3.3 thread?)

Tried the joystick controls out. They feel a bit messy. For some reason the response doesn’t feel as smooth, but, it is a preview and so I don’t expect them to be perfect.

I find that, much like AoV, the holding/tapping of attacking does not register in my head quite well. I feel as if part of the effort is lost, it doesn’t satisfy my ‘button press’ desire though I know it’s still only tapping. Holding the button also works, and this’ll bode well for heroes with fast auto-attacks as there’s now no real need to stress targeting, just keep your finger held down and fire away.

Collision with objects is weird. Trying to walk in any one direction with something in the way makes for strange maneuvering. Again, the registration in my head here is odd - I expect to move to a certain place to have my hero kind of mosey about to their own accord, and it doesn’t feel right. Example is a turret, where walking straight into the turret caused my hero to stop in place, wait a brief moment, before finding a comfy direction to inch to and then back into the same line of sight I was walking in prior.

Using the joystick is actually fairly cumbersome. Using a physical joystick obviously comes with physical limitations- such as the full-push before an analog stick meets the edge of its housing. I’ve found with some games with digital analog sticks (what a combo of words), there are about three ways to replicate them:

  • The circumference in which the stick is housed is in a fixated position - dragging your finger too far outside of this will either a) reset the position of the stick, or b) continue to track the direction of your finger placement.

  • The circumference in which the stick is housed is within another area of which it can also move, but also to a certain limitation - dragging the stick to the edge of the first circumference moves it, too. When lifting your finger, its position is reset.

Vainglory follows the third, which is (in my opinion) the most irritating of them all:

  • The circumference in which the stick is housed moves wherever you drag your finger to, has no set parameters it is restrained to - the housing and the stick move across the screen with your finger all willy-nilly and you end up dragging your finger all over the place.

There is a delay in stick movement to character response. It’s very frustrating. Also, the stick does not seem to track infinitely, it seems as if there are like, 16 vertices that it understands or wants to move to. If you rotate the stick fast enough, your character will not rotate accordingly. I suppose that is to be expected, but it makes for (again) strange expectations in my head, as my finger is moving in one direction and my hero is deciding it’ll go another.

Funnily enough, finding there was a settings button in-game now took me a second - I’m used to traversing my iPad’s settings to get to Vainglory’s. Turning on joystick controls moves the shop menu to the top right, and that threw me off quite a bit.

Abilities are easy enough to press, they’re snug, they look nice in their rounded icons.

Joystick is weird.


Did you notice each ability and the aa is a joystick too i found them a little wonky and at times oversensitve and others under to really target well with it

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Yes, this was covered in the video.

You are right, though, they do perform much like eachother and they are a bit strange to use.

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I have literally no idea what’s going on but my camera isn’t locked to my hero. Instead it’s following my hero. It is especially visible when I’m playing with a dash hero and it isn’t only when using joystick. It is so weird. When I use dash I completely lose focus because I have no idea what’s going on. The camera also feels weird when using joystick.

The Dpad delay is making the hero literally move as slow as a snail.

I think it relies on a constant input (packet upload) to the server to make the hero move forward. So me having high lag = slow ass hero.

seriously slow. changed back to tap touch after 30 seconds. lol. huge difference. no more snail and back to slightly faster sloth.

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The movements are clunky. But im surprised that the abilities works decent.

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Ozo is pretty garbage with joystick controls. It makes it MUCH harder to land 2+ Acrobounce bounces with and the general unreliability of the auto-targeting for his AAs and abilities hurts him a lot.
Also, they’ve removed his ability to Acrobounce off of Scout Cams :pouting_cat: Why would they remove it? It was FAR from gamebreaking or anything and you pretty much had to waste a cam if you wanted to bounce on a stealthed hero.

Tried a match with Celeste, Skye, Taka and Vox using joystick; I played like a blind toddler. Had an out of body experience where I watched myself playing going like

Much of it will be down to the fact that the touch controls are instinctual by now, but eh. Neither care, nor see the reason to spent time and energy in relearning controls.


Am I crazy or does Joystick stutterstep for you?!
(Move continuously while you keep basic-attacking)


It doesn’t stutterstepping is increasing attack speed moving while attacking is orb walking orb walking still makes you wait the full time between in vg stutterstepping gives you a few tenths of a second less between attacks

I’m aware of the difference, but I mean if you continuously move and mash the attack button, it stuttersteps so easily. “It stuttersteps for you?!” was just a clickbait statement :grimacing:


This as well:

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So you played like the majority of Vainglory users?

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I found kestrel’s a auto aims and her ult misfires for me trying to aim

Frankly, I’m not surprised about Movement cancelling the AA animation, because if you think about it… Tap Touch is basically the same thing, you move to cancel the animation, but you need to do it not too early as to cancel your AA completely, and re-AA to continue attacking.

So in order to keep stutterstep using Joystick, they would need to let the Dpad cancel the animation, leading to mashing of the AA and moving = easy Stutter Stepping.

So, If they fix the AA to not get canceled by moving, it would also effect tap touch, because it is the animation that is the root cause, not the controls.

Basically, in order to fix it properly, they would need to create a whole new Animation separate to tap touch. (In other words, 2 data files for each hero).

SO… umm… yeh… easy stutter stepping is going to stay… and yeh… i think it’s intended.

My feedback after playing 3 ranked games: Thanks for the Rona nerf but pls nerf Reza

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I played Rona and got the best score I’ve ever gotten xD


shhhhhhhhhhh… delete your comment … We need Reza to be OP.

just like we need Celeste to be always UP


i tried using it on ringo and switched back :heart_eyes_cat: when i tried to walk the little joyestick boye woukld move to the side of his cirlce asnd then the entire joystick started moving in the same direction

the end result was me walking like i was lagging, s t r e t c h finger and 1 kill and a turret for my enemies :smile_cat:


Let me say this:

These joystick controls are the best controls for a moba I have seen so far.

Will they take a while to get used to? Hell yes.

Are they vastly superior when playing on a phone? Hell yes!!!


coming from the guy with 20ms ping, of course it’s better. lol.

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