Talents should be part of hero mastery

I have better idea with talents make all people play again

1- first when you unlock new hero you got his rare talent Max level (20).
2- when you reach 3 stars with hero you get Epic his epic talent Max lvl 10.
3 - when reach 5 stars you get legendary talent for that hero level 5(max)

No longer upgrade talents
No longer buy talents
No longer complain about p2w

and they should make new things buy with glory like keys? I hope So


I would still hate talents. For some reason: talents are not balanced, each talent has no the same strength.

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Then they should balance talents

I can already see the complains from those who payed for them and spent glory (and ice) on them, and for good reason. Giving for free something they’ve spent thousands of glory and ice on would make anyone angry. If I was one of them I would leave lol.

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It’s not easy though, it would require a lot of time that would impact of worse 5v5 balance, which is even worse than having unbalanced talents.

I don’t want talents in 5 vs5 only brawl modes

They should work hard then they made talents it’s VG problem

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I never said talents in 5v5


That’s why they no longer care about talents, it’s another currency that it’s in the game but whose develop has stop (as with opals)

Sudden burst of interest in talents here, odd.

Giving more to mastery is good idea but at the same time it being talents really doesn’t make it any better. I play a hero enough and I’m rewarded with a talent I don’t care for in brawl modes(talents should never be out of brawls), and as said there would be many complaints from those who’ve spent cash on talents, doubt they’d get rid of a way to spend cash in vg

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Sad to see this VG like that (my fav game dying)
I start playing mobile legends but vainglory always in my heart

I miss old VG

I didn’t open VG like 1 game every patch after remove battle pass.

They should sell the game to better developers

GG Vainglory

ML lol… if you had say AoV ok but… ML… really?..

No need of doing so, just get rid of the marketing department and make CEO start listening their own developers and community, that’s all.

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I like it don’t hate ,they make really great events this year

Ugh… is P2W, even more than talents. It’s balance is more than questionable.

You should accept runes in AOV and ML both of them p2w but wait earn runes;/emblem in ML so EZ no need pay

I won’t start discussing about if ML is P2W or not, this thread is not for that and I’m not likely to do so.

I just like ML if you don’t like it’s up to you

I hate ML like u in 2016-2018 but they start doing great this year

Listen, folks, as @Guest_78 alluded to in this topic (as have many others in other topics) - TALENTS AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE. They’re here to stay.

What we can and should hope for is that they are contained to the two games modes they’re in. That they have no prescence in any other mode.

It’s a simply business decision. Talents likely generate a solid source of income. While not the case for competitive MOBA players, most mobile gamers like fast pace, short duration games. Think of the ever popular Clash Royale from Supercell… It’s a 3 minute match. I would not be surprised if a decent portion of VG players just play blitz/ARAL. I have several friends that are over level 50 profiles, that aren’t even ranked in 3v3 or 5v5 or are around t3, but are 2400+ in blitz and have max talents.

For some, that’s the game they want to play. VG decided to cater to it at some point.

If SEMC removes talents, they lose players and income. It’s that simple.

My thought is that the audience that likes this style of muddled MOBA has what they need. They don’t need more, nor should they get it if SEMC is serious about having VG viewed as a respected MOBA.

Keep talents to blitz and ARAL. Keep them away from everything else.


Yep, that’s the thing, there is no way talents are going anywhere, so we can just hope for that: to not move them to other modes. Though a little bit balancing would be good.

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