Talents are better?

Since cards are gone the talent epic and legendary drop rate has increased a lot.

I have gotten 2 epics and 1 legendary talent in 2.12 so far.

Glory can only be spend in 2 ways now, buying heroes and upgrading talents.

Now that glory does not affect skin progression I am finally free to spend it on talents and not feel like its a waste of glory.

Better droprates and easier upgrading make talents more grindable. More grindable means less pay to win.

This is making brawl modes more fun as a game mode for me.

How are your experiences with 2.12 and talents?


Talents are fun until you get one hit by a lvl 9 ardan epic talent with him building full defence.


But now it is easier to become a one hit wonder yourself. :rofl:


Nah you just lucky I have only gotten 2 legendary talent coins from chest drops and one was a special event after an update where the first 5 hero box had a guaranteed leg talent. I haven’t felt the drop rates if they have at all improved.

Also my experience with talents is crap as it has been since forever. The grind part sucks and means you need to keep upgrading your talents or you will fall behind. In a few months people will be reaching lvl 15 talents and you will be seeing that crap on a regular basis. Not really fun to play against, and to stand a chance, you need to level up your own talents.

well, you will have a better chance at getting epic and legendary talents now, as they are in the quest chests replacing the higher tiered cards.
aside from that, nothing changed. you still need way too much glory to make it worthwhile to update them.
you also always have to fear a nerf to them, making all your previous grinding useless.

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You forgot that glory can be spent on heroes

but if you own them all, you will have a lot left over that you wont know what to do with now. aside from upgrading the talents.

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Yes I was thinking this was an unexpected side effect of the new skin system - a reduction of the difficulty of getting talents which tbh is quite welcome. Though I would prefer talents to be nerfed in their potency having access to them is nice.


Not true…

Show me where I can spnd glory on heroes?
37/37 heroes.

New hero releases and still can’t use glory. There isn’t even a new hero teaser…

So no you can’t spend glory on heroes…

@Xaldarian you can though…

Go to Heroes, click on unowned hero, hold glory button under Get Hero.
Congrats, wait on the next one?

Yea, you could just wait a week after release. It’s possible they were busy with some other game-changing project, although I may be wrong…

So yes you can…

I’m holding out until 2020 when they finally make charms permanently unlockable with glory.


Who are you again? I never saw you in the original forums.

I said I have heroes 37/37… Read before posting…
So no buying heroes is impossible. You can buy a hero once every 6 weeks at best…

Also if you read my OP I have it listed…
I was stating that most players have every hero unlocked so they can’t spend glory on that…

@Xaldarian You may think you haven’t but I was equally as active there as I am here. I realize you have all the heroes - I even commented on it - so perhaps you should read before posting. The person you were replying to, in the rude manner you post most things in, was simply stating people can still use glory on heroes, albeit he mistakenly said that you forgot. However, despite what you believe, I honestly doubt most players have every hero. If you can show any kind of proof, I’d love to see it. With the introduction of 5v5, it would be easy to see SEMC release heroes faster than releases previous, as they have both the resources not focused on 5v5 and the need to have more, with 10 heroes on the Rise at a time. Now, my issue with you is that you are not only generalizing with little to back it up, but you jumped on a post you did not agree with, were rude about it, and you do it on most comments - both previous forums and these.

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You mean the guy who stated you can buy heroes with glory which was in my OP which he did not read…

I am opnionated true.
But since we only have a like button they force us to reply and I hate stupidity with a passion.

@Xaldarian I guess I find it odd that your OP says glory can only be spent two ways (including buying heroes) and nowhere in your OP did you say that you were talking about yourself, nor that you had all the heroes. Then, when you jumped on someone for mentioning heroes (that you gave two words of your OP to cover - “buying heroes”), you were rude saying that you had them all. Now, he’s stupid because you barely mentioned heroes and didn’t at all mention that you had them all? Opinionated is one thing, impolite is another.

Okay chaps can we just agree to disagree here and take a chill pill?

@Xaldarian I agree with @Moose that you were a bit unclear regarding the subject and then fairly aggressive with your response.

@Moose You did get a bit snarky in response, and this might have been better dealt with via flagging.


Still, for me talent is broken
Yes you got it right mate, it’s make my relationship to this game broken

I would prefer to think that Talents were a bad dream and that we’re all about to wake up …

I can’t understand how a “feature” which utterly breaks a game mode by destroying its balance could be considered a good idea.

The options in my opinion for fixing the brawl game modes:

  1. remove Talents and pretend they never happened
  2. add the option to play each brawl mode talent-free
  3. nerf Talents so that they are far less impactful
  4. allow players to see what talents are being selected by both sides before “locking in” at the start of the match

Ugh. I just hate them.


I geniunely like the idea of them - I just really want 3.

I wouldn’t mind a side of 2 as well but I think thats unlikely - 3 is the most realistic option.

just remove the levels on them and actually do some balancing.
the talents will get worse, the longer they are in the game. just wait until the first f2p players get a few rare talents to max (as there is nothing else for them to spend their glory on now) and you will see them frequently.