Taka after nerf is so powerless

Taka is powerless after nerf I wanna buy NS Taka but thats a big 1k opal gamble. can anybody tell me does it worth to spend 1k opals for skin of a nerfed hero ?

He is not powerless, you just need to adapt to the changes. Also, I’ve heard that a rework is coming in update 3.4.


Just play Kensei like all the Taka mains.

Seriously though - he’s not that bad. He’s just suffering from a lot of ill changes. Crystal Taka still works alright, but it seems Taka is way more of a passive hero than he used to be.

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Taka now needs more Crystal and no stormcrown.
A good CP Taka will still be good and WP Taka is pretty good too.

AS SG CW BM Aegis JB is a viable build.


heroes go in and out of the meta all the time.
and basically all heroes in the game aside from the newest have seen there share of nerfs and buffs.


The question still remains:-

is the Special Edition Night Shadow Taka Skin worth One - Thousand hard earned shiny opals.

  • yes
  • no

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The skin is good but I’d wait for those opal discounts that eventually come. You’ll probably be able to save a lot of opals then.


This also depends on which skin you currently own. For example I own T3 Taka so the SE is worth less to me…

Well that’s the issue with a hero so simple like taka you buff his stats he’s broken, you nerf them he’s useless. He’s like fortress he’s either been cancer or shit those 2 heroes have never been balanced.

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I’m glad he’s been nerfed, not because he is hard to counter, but because its annoying when a team mate chooses him in draft and even worse when a team mate (lol) bans him.

I’ve never liked Taka, he has a selfish playstyle which one I find a little boring.

Sadly even nerfed he takes up a ban in lower teirs

Taka needs a lot of gold and he isn’t the best hero in lane. Before his builds were cheap but still would work now his builds are expensive and if you get shut down you are dead weight. I am a Taka main and sometimes I highlight Taka in my ranked matches and people say “you choose that I will dodge.” #FeelsBadMan

Thats the issue with a hero whose play style is toxic. He is just C + A + B and deals incredible amounts of damage with a combo that requires 0 skill, being one of the most damaging and brain dead combo available in the game, which is toxic. That combo also has near 0 counterplay and as it is right now its either you kill the enemy instantly (1-2 combos) or you are useless.

Even Grumpjaw and Alpha are like this to a lesser degree

I have school days taka but I dont know is it necessary to but SE taka :confused:

Thats good news <3 I hope taka gets in meta with a rework

so after 24 votes, it’s a dead even tie at 50% yes and 50% no… lol.

Sorry dude. I thought the poll would bring some clarity to the decision. It’s your choice. lol.

No counterplay? Taka Xretsus and is stunned before he can Kaiten=dead Fox…

Reflex block.


That would require skill on the taka side…