T6 rspring season reward

Recently anounced anyone T6 and above in 3v3 or 5v5 will recieve a special Ardan skin. How do you guys feel about this


Initially, it seems like a step in the right direction. The cheap bribe to get people to progress had its place. However, I am hoping they can develope a substantive reward system, and that this is only a first step. As for settling for that cheap bribe, I’ll be working for it. Hahaha


I’ve been kind of against ranked rewards for a long time, primarily because I always felt that the reward of playing the game should be the enjoyment you get out of it, or the rank you earn, instead of a skin or some glory or something unrelated to gameplay.

But if this gets more people playing ranked, that’s not a bad thing at all. More people equals lower queue times and better matches.

I don’t know, we’ll see. I’m still interested to see what other sorts of progression systems SEMC can come up with.


Problem with more people some just aren’t ready for ranked. When I started rank I started way too early thinking if i can get to it i’ll be fin to play it

Yeah, maybe a little frustrating at first, like when you get a lot of rusty players coming back for a new update or off their school term, but it’s good in the long run. The chance of getting a bad player on your team is even for you and your enemy (a little less for your team, considering you’re on it), so it averages out. New players bring new ranky points to steal too, so you can rank up easier. :haha:


I intensely dislike this approach. I agree with Satanicsoldier that this is likely to reduce the overall skill level in ranked, not increase it. And after all these new people get the skin, many (?most) will likely go right back to brawls, casuals, or whatever they were playing before they were bribed into playing a few ranked matches.

SEMC certainly goes for the low-effort promotions, don’t they?

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Too me it seems like a lot of higher tier players with friends will smurf and boost up people who shouldn’t be tier 6 to it while making it harder for those generally trying to get there on their own.

Very much agree …

Even if you have 1 op player they can get heavily held back if their team overall does not know what they’re doing. I know this all too well.

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this is not very suprising for semc. even with their recent events they went for the most frustrating way possible, leaving some players with a bad feeling instead of making them happy.

any kind of ranked rewards needs to be based on the amount of ranked games played (basically the only way to ensure players are always close to the tier they belong in), not the skill tier reached, to achieve a positive result.

also, why an ardan skin? why even use a specific skin in the first place? exclusive content is always a bad thing in the long run.

i want see sth like this:

play 5 games: 100 glory
10: 10 opal
20: rare bp
30: bp for a certain skin
40: get a skin
50: get a special colour for your name on the loading screen (rainbow or gold)

and an extra one with:
WIN 5 games: rare key
10: 500 glory
20: bp for a SE Skin
30: epic key


It’s because they constantly choose “easy” and “good enough” over “difficult, but the best way” …


in this case they probably came up with the idea to do those rewards now, after 5v5 is done.
this now is the easiest way to make a reward without updating the app with anything major

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To be honest, I actually didn’t think about that… you’re right, we might see a good amount of boosting for this…

It’s too late now, but I’d love if they’d split the queues into party and true solo, and limited the rewards to true solo ranked.


I agree now people will do bad stuff like afk so they get their mains or smurfs to T6 this is not what we want


No one needs to rank down to get the skin, no worries. If you’re above the cut-off, you’re good.

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No but a Smurf trying to boost a friend could ask when game is past saving to allow afk forgiveness

You do not recieve AFK forgiveness if a party member AFKs though.

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Is about time they implemented a season reward. Even i dont play this stale game and i get a free skin for my last progress , i was TH since 2016.

Oh ok I didn’t know that I have only played teams 3 times

Like Hipster I am not a huge fan of the whole idea of ranked rewards but I get that lots of people like the idea.

I think as a first pass this isn’t bad however what I would have liked to see was reach either t6 or your highest trophy tier which ever was higher.

That would make this feel more like progression and a challenge.