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T5 the impossible climb


Thats the total opposite for Churn, most of his abilities stop his movement to channel which leads to the need to pay more attention to him.


I think there are three typical times that Caths will ult:

  1. Defensively, in an “oh god why, just leave us alone” kind of way.
  2. To try and grab kills on retreating enemies.
  3. In the middle of a fight to disrupt. Blocking this one takes a little anticipation, I think, but you can spot Cath’s windup if you’re looking for it in your peripheral vision. Also, if you notice Cath moving to a space where she can silence multiple people, it’s a good clue she’ll be trying it soon.

I saw all three cases in a blitz match a long time ago, so I saved it for a tutorial I never ended up making. Seems fitting to show it here though:


Do you wanna team up? i climbed from no rank to tier 7 in 2 days with lance.
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Blocking comes down to prediction more than fast reaction, in other words you should try to anticipate the oppenent’s usage of their abilities, if you were them how you would use it. If the enemy Churn has multiple targets chained then you should be excpecting an ult any second, same if he has one chained and they’re way out of position. If a phinn is hugging his tower than you should be expecting a hook, same of he’s hovering the edges of a wall. If you’re playing against a Baptiste and you pull the trigger and decide to engage then you should be expecting his fear.


Those are all really good tips. I already do that with Phinn, and it helps a lot. And that’s really good advice for Baptiste! I’ll be ready next time I initiate against him.

I think for Churn, it’s mental for me. I already watch for it when he has a lot of people chained, but I still don’t react in time. It was the same with Cath for a long time, until I managed to do it a couple times and something clicked that it was now a “blockable” ability. If I get Churn a few times too, then I think it’ll feel blockable to me and make it easier.


I think playing captain in the NA server made me a better captain , because my ping is higher which means I have to predict , I fail a lot but at the end it makes me better when I play again in the EU server .

I won a game with reim the other day with 1600 ping , it was like the bird box challenge .


These are all very good tips! Thanks @MacAulay @RiseChu and @Sandiha . @HipsterSkaarf for the detailed comment! :slight_smile:

I need more practice with blocking Cath’s and Churn’s ults. Phinn’s and Baptiste’s are kinda easy even when not paying attention to them much. Bap’s ult animation as for me is very noticeable.

Thanks guys! :heart:


Wow vainglory background music has really gone to a whole new level ever since I left!

Also I sometimes prefer to use crucible as last effort to save a team mate or to make sure they have enough protection as fountain activates. Very often my glass cannon carries would be just a hit away from dying and would still near dangerous enemies, obviously popping the fountain is a first instinct to me since I’m sure they’re going to keep engaging the enemies but sometimes the fountain alone is not always enough and they die while they slowly regenerate their health.


What’s the decent Cs for 5v5 nowadays my average is about 85 with 9-11k total gold by the end as average


Perfect cs for mid is 10 cs/minute, for bot and top lane its about 8 cs/ minute.


It’s really hard with Celeste her early game is horrendous I got highest 110 in 25 min


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If you talking about 5v5 , my accounts are low mid tier 5v5 , and high tier 3v3 , and I match a lot with people got t10 5v5 and t9 3v3 and they trying to get tier 10 in 3v3 but they actually play bad , I can carry a game in 3v3 but I can’t do that in 5v5 , even with my t5 5v5 account I got high chance of losing , I think the problem is based on luck , like my last game I was mid and getting pushed by 3 enemy heroes constantly , I have no idea why the mid lane getting pushed and why my team not helping me , and I was holding the lane against the 3 enemy heroes while our other lanes getting destroyed , it’s so hard to do anything in that tier , every time I play 5v5 I get pushed hard , while when I watch players in twitch 5v5 they always chilling and farming .

And what made me hate 5v5 and playing it just for a change from time to time , was one game with wp joule , I managed to push the top lane alone until I destroyed armory , and I bought teleport boots and backdoored the enemy , and made the crystal vain probably 1 hit from getting destroyed before enemy killed me , my team did nothing , notice that in that match we had kestrel , Celeste and baron , all of them have global ults and none of them used it to last hit the vain crystal and win us the game , we lost the game .


A bit late to the discussion but as others have said (and I’ve been chewed out for a couple times on this forum) it really doesn’t help you rank up to play this game as intended at lower ranks. If you’re skilled just abuse a good carry every single game. This is coming from someone who despite their skill has been stuck in low tiers precisely because I like trying to actually work as a team or pick off meta heroes and it doesn’t work unless you have teamates that understand principles like when to rotate & stuff. I still don’t do it because I’d rather play a rumble than force myself to one trick a hero I don’t like, but one tricking a carry is the way to go.

Worst part is though that jeez is t9-t10 still hyper inflated. I’ve played with soo many that still don’t have a clue.


I have blocked churn ults and koshka ults b4 even though i play one handed and most of my actions are delay so i end up being a conservative with my roam activables and have a bad habit of eating every single debuff xd. Churns ult feels hard to block since his whole kit is just annoyance and disruptions. Koshkas is self explanatory to block but i end up blocking it sometimes when playing carries in brawls xd. But churn kit is what makes his ult so hard to block.


Problem with that is I’m always 9-10th in every game so I have no choice but choose roam and try to build some damage items but it’s still annoying

There nobody who as competent as me as a roam


Lol. Idk about all that lol. But that’s the best advice I can give: Ignore the draft and just pick a carry anyway.


That’s the beauty of low tier play … positions are more of a guideline than an actual role. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


From playing 5v5 in low tiers I think the big problem how to pick the perfect role , in most of my games people pick top and bottom and leave mid , it’s like mid is a roam in 3v3 , so I end up most of the time playing mid , but I can tell you that , jungle and top are the strongest in low tiers because of the low pressure , I won a lot of games as top or jungler , roam is weak in 5v5 in low tiers , mid is too much pressure , bottom is annoying because it’s the main gank lane .

There is some heroes apply a very good pressure and gives you advantage early game , like saw for example , playing him cp and just camp the lane with another player going to make the game not fun for enemy , just pick a strong early pressure laner and camp the weakest laner from enemy and just keep pushing.