T5 the impossible climb

I started at T4 silver the climb to T5 bronze and into T5 silver was Super easy but now at T5 silver I am completely stuck I can definitely say this is harder than getting from T9 to T10 it so hard to get any good players over in this part of the game and it’s so fustrating when you can’t do anything as a roam


it is said that roam didn’t really exist below tier 8. why bother roaming inthat tier?

I agree. Tiers around 7 and below are best run full damage and agressuve carries.

A lot of players don’t build defense until it’s too late in those tiers, so even if there’s a Captain; there’s no guaranteed that they’ll do much.

When i climbed through those tiers i one tricked grace. She is really great. With single shattergls you get enough damage on both a and b plus strong heals in ult.

I dont recommend heroes like cath, people dont utilize aoe ult very good. I went all the way up to rank 9 without learning to block her ult. We would eat 5 to 6 her ulta per a match and it woulnt matter since people have trouble how to take advantage of 4s silence.

I used ironguard protector it is really good. People arent efficient killers in lower tiers so that 125 barrier can swing battles. And its spammable.

Edit: i had fun captaining in early days. Tier 5-7 sweetspot vainglory experience. You can play all kind heroes, no pressure and less toxicity.

Cause a team with a roamer will win over a team without one. I go up and down between t5 and t6, and being mostly a soloQ player, I generally end up being the roamer. My Yates winrate is over 70% from 35+ games.


I think this is true, when all things are equal, but things aren’t always equal, so it’s maybe not the most important thing for someone looking to climb tiers. For instance, I’m not a fantastic player by any means, but I can block Koshka/Phinn/Cath ults ~85% of the time (Churnwalker though, like ~5% :bacon_tears: ), and on my best days, with good teammate synergy, I can hold my own roaming in T10 matches. But I can’t reliably win a T5/6 match as a pure utility captain, so I’d hesitate to imply that just having a captain (even a good one) on the team is the key to ranking up.

Having a captain in the team is necessary, but only when other preconditions are met. Things like, is the team making good rotations? Are they doing their best to avoid being outnumbered in teamfights? Are they keeping up with the enemy CS rate? Good captains will multiply the advantage these things give, making a good rotation more impactful and making properly initiated teamfights more winnable. Not sure they can help a teammate CS better… but maybe they’ll make them more confident? :cheers_minioncandy_t2: But a team without a captain who’s doing that stuff will beat one that’s not doing it, even if they have a captain.

If I were giving advice for getting out of T5 reliably, for any role, it would be to understand just how important coordinated map pressure is, whether it’s for taking down a turret or grabbing a dragon. Always look to help the team, so if it’s possible, farm fast and rotate - either to help another lane, or steal enemy jungle camps. I see a lot of low/mid-tier players farm their lanes slowly, never getting a chance to pressure the enemy jungle or other areas of the map (even if they would want to), and letting faster opponents get number advantages against them in their own lane. Eventually, they push the wave back in, get chip damage on the turret, and take down an objective, all because of fast farming and rotation pressure. A good captain will see this happening (scanning the mini-map like a hawk), and rotate to help, but if two teammates - or three, Julia help you - are slow farmers, then you’re in for a slow loss.

@MacAulay I think you probably have a lot of success with Yates because you’re good at using his early level ganking abilities :cheers_boba_t2:, which alleviates lane pressure and solves the issue of low/mid-tiers rotating improperly. His effectiveness drops a bit as players know to use minions to block his A ability, or enemy roams know how to position to eat the pull themselves, instead of letting their carry get ganked.

Conversely, the other thing I see low/mid-tier players do a lot is over-rotate, neglecting their lanes entirely, and letting turrets fall to split pushers. Sometimes you have to lose a turret while you’re off somewhere else, taking down another objective or series of objectives, but if you’re not actively accomplishing something, make sure your primary location is safe.

Anyway, T5’s a weird spot… it’s not impossible to get out of it, but you’re right to think you’ll need a little luck here and there.


Play other roles mate 30303030

I one tricked lorelai to tier 9… :slight_smile: in 5v5 and 3v3

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I was hesitating to create an account to give you an advice (my own experience), and TadashiN comment convinced me, because I did exactly the same : Solo queued Lorelai until T8, and then climbed to T9 with some heroes (still solo queue, but less Lorelai because she was often banned) with no trouble.

So what’s the advice in here ? Main a hero which is broken the current patch. Abuse the fact that T5 don’t know to ban properly. This patch, it’s probably Joule or Reim.

If you want to become a captain once you get out of low tiers, build Aegis/Crucible in your carry builds so you can still practice your defensive reflexes :wink: which in the higher tier is the main support skill required in my opinion.

Joule, reim, Baron, Magnus, Malene, Gwen… mostly Magnus, baron and joule.

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I think the issue is that you’re relying on your teammates to play coordinated and as a team in a tier filled mostly with beginners, it just doesn’t work. You should play a lane and focus on the basics, last hitting is key, aim to maintain 8 to 9 cs/ minute till the mid game, have good map awareness you should always keep in mind where the enemy jungler and support are or might be, your hero pool should consist of 3 to 4 heroes which are dominent in the meta (most op right now are Joule Gwen Baron Magnus) you should play those until you become pretty good at them. If you meet all those conditions you should win 6 games out of 10 till poa.

I got stuck on these tiers too myself. I remember I’ve been in T6 for 2-3 seasons. Haha! :rofl:

While I agree that players on these tiers don’t roam much, I disagree with regards to building defense. More often on hi-tiers that players don’t build defense. When I started hitting T9, there I saw super aggresive carries with no defense but with a good roamer. Now that I’ve reached T10, I don’t build defense on certain occasions too. Sometimes, a reflex block is all I need. :smiley: Back in my lower-tier days, I even build double defense, one armor and another for shield. :rofl:

There is part in my post saying that you shouldn’t build defence

Not building defense is a terrible idea

Yes i agree ? 3030303030303303

I think it’s interesting that you can block Koshka’s ult but not Churn - I roam a decent 60 - 70% of the time and I’m able to block most ults, Churn being one of the easier ones for me personally (probably because of my familiarity with playing him), but for some reason I always mistime Koshka. I’m not sure if I just never see her or what but it’s almost humorous the extent in which I miss it.

Before I get roasted, I have blocked it consistently in practice - I just can’t seem to do it in real time. Pointers for not losing sight of her, especially in 5v5 ?

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Pick ringo and if you know to stutterstep you can 1v5. ez win.

Koshka has a colorful ult along with her face appearing in a text bubble while she activates her ult. Churn is just him phasing into multiple green copies that blend in with the enviroment.

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lol I don’t know why, Churn ult is just hell for me. :kraken_sad_t3: For Koshka, I think it’s partly knowing what target she’ll want to hit, staying close to that teammate, predicting when it will come “a Koshka ult would be really bad for us right now”, and then scanning hard to find her. Sometimes Koshkas will pull up and freeze right before they activate their ult, so I watch for that too, although really awesome Koshkas can bait your crucible by moving erratically.

Can you give me tips for blocking Churn’s ult??? I just can’t do it! I think you’re right though, part of it’s because I don’t play Churn much at all, so I just don’t have a sense of when the ult would be coming.

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You are not alone. CW’s ult seems the only ult i can’t block, even krul’s is easier.