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T5 the impossible climb


I also have trouble with Baptiste’s. :minions_sad_t2:


Me. Just cannot manage it.


Honestly, the same logic as you gave me. I know when I would want to use his ult and I have my finger kind of hovering over the cruc around that time.

On another note, I have mild red-green color blindness ( which makes some things difficult, such as when the WP buff would drop on the ground ) but it helps with Churn’s ult - his green copies that “blend in with the environment” actually stick out like a sore thumb to me. I guess their shade is easier to see against the ground.


Maybe consider tilting your head while you play? Koshka might just be in the blind spot in front of your snout.


That might be it !! Thank you so much, I’ll try that !! :joy:


Sadly, I can only press the heart button one time for this message.


If you look at my stats the only carry i been playing since i restarted has been celeste and she awesome but her early game is horrible though


Same here, I am having trouble blocking CW’s ult. Never have I successfully blocked so far. Poor me. :frowning: Koshka’s -easy :slight_smile:


Well that’s true… blocking churn is hard but I often realise that… when playing malene this patch… as captain.

Not how hard churn tries to hooks and yank me or use ult…
I can sink into the shadow and activate crucible… my team is fine with no health reduced


My best piece of the advice is to use a captain that can do both if you really feel like you must play roam. On the days that I used to be more active the best support I found for low-mid tiers and even early high tiers was catherine. This was all before yates so I do know that captain meta did change a bit but I guess you guys can figure out the best supports that could go double path. My builds on catherine used to be a rushed fountain and moving into aftershock-cp powers. I didn’t need much defense because catherine is tanky herself and crucible didn’t feel too needed as I had a stun every 8 seconds or so that did very harsh damage (A). As I climbed higher ranks, both sides usually did better and as my team was actually better at the game, I didn’t need to build many offensive items until I would end up going full support on most games. Yes, those were all soloQ.


I would argue Cath is pretty rough in lower tiers - most comps don’t know when to take advantage of her ult or even her A often times. I would suggest if you insist on roaming, give Lyra and Yates a try. Both synergize well with many comps and can take matters into their own hands, if need be.

Also, good to see you back


Well, like I said cath was that go-by support to me at the time and I have seen that we have heroes that came out that are definitely better and other supps that usually get the buffs that make some of the old ones not so good. The part of the team knowing (or not) when to give best use of catherine’s stuns and silence is something that didn’t bother me much as usually they don’t know how to team work regardless so I always had that assumption. With that in mind, I tried to utilize those powers as I thought it would personally benefit me the most and let the team mates go for it too rather than waiting for them to realize it is time for them to jump on.

I’m always lurking :slight_smile:


Out of curiosity, how long has it been since you were in mid tiers ? You said you haven’t played all too much so resets and decay may have dropped you there, but I’m curious about when you were last a “true” mid tier.

And good to know


Last time I climbed solo on mid tiers was around November-December 2017, a few months before 5v5 came out. So it has definitely been a while. I heard 3v3 took some tweaks recently so who knows if I don’t give it a go on some other new account however I won’t be promising anything at this point as my connection has been quite faulty on the last few months :stuck_out_tongue:

The resets and decays have a decay barrier so my accounts will definitely not drop onto mid tiers and even when I hadn’t played for months on my main, going into a tier 8 gold as max decay, mmr was still matching me with/against t10 silver every so often on 5v5… that was a not so good experience lol.


That’s around the last time I was there too. I was curious because I also played a lot of Cath then.

I was aware of the decay barrier but guessing your tier. Was thinking 8 to be conservative


My mmr on my main was around high vg bronze/low silver on both 3v3 and 5v5. I never really played much 5v5 ranked now that I think of it, I reached vg bronze quite fast and lost motivation because of the mmr at some point (especially after hiatus).

My other accounts reached poa silver and vg accordingly. One even got some glitch that always gives me poa trophies… even if I didn’t play a single ranked match that season and elo shows up at tier 8.


I don’t really have that much difficulty with his ult - you see the kind of yellow murkiness things before he moves and that’s when you hit Crucible. The one ult I really have trouble blocking is Catherine’s. I can do it about 50% of the time if I’m paying full attention to her movement, but that means watching her for the entire teamfight and I miss out on other things that are more important like when to pop fountain.


I am having trouble blocking Cath’s ult myself. Unless she is out in the open, you’ll barely notice the animation as she is just standing there about to hit the ground (luv et btw). But if she is in/within a group, most probably I won’t know that her ult is coming. :slight_smile: But as for me, her ult isn’t that punishing unless my hero is very dependent on skills and active items (mages and captains?) :wink:

Way back my lower tier days, I spent my time playing mostly as carries and sometimes junglers, but never captains. On higher tiers, one must be flexible so I learned roaming. Of all captains, I have high success using Catherine. I dunno, she maybe just fit my style -the tankiness as roam, the frequent stuns, the threat when using B, the AoE silence, or shall I say, the overall presence in the battlefield, no enemy should ignore a Cath. :slight_smile:


Well, I was the opposite. I always loved support and it is something I had to learn to adapt in order to climb. Originally I had a team on the lower tiers but they didn’t play as often and I really had the urge to move through so I began to soloQ only all the way from tier 5-6 and quickly rised to tier 9 silver in one go. This was back when the full tier would go back to 0 but there was no decay. I learned how to play carries and jungles but they weren’t my favourite roles.


The trick is to hit crucible the second she stops moving. As she can cast all her other abilities while moving, so it’s the only time she needs to stop. The problem is that you have to pay very close attention to her to even notice her stop moving.