Surrender option is availible too early in 5v5

I’ve now had multiple comebacks where you’re substantially down at the 20 minute marks and I think teams surrendering as soon as the surrender comes up not only hurts the game experience, it paints the game as less balanced than it actually is.


The surrender actually comes up at the 12 minute mark when blackclaw spawns…


Really? I didn’t know that…in 3v3 it’s 15 minutes right?


It is when the major turret wacking monster pops up. In 3v3 it is later than 5v5

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That is so weird and seemingly dumb. 3v3 has historically always been snowbally, which makes sense with how little choice there is at any given moment. Lose an objective or substantial farm, you were pretty much screwed. IMO 5v5 thus far feels less snowbally which should mean it needs a later surrender than an earlier one.

Anyone have a guess why SEMC thought this was a good choice at the release?

I’d rather have surrender option becoming available late.

But it gets reduction:

  1. 2-4 mins for first afk.

  2. Instantly available on 2 or more afks in a team.

  3. When a team is losing in all fronts(KDA, Gold, Objectives)… This one is kinda grey coz Comebacks are a thing, but it can prevent some tilt from seeing your team wrecked over and over coz the enemy team snowballed to hell and back real quick.


It is easier to turtle in 3v3.
3v3 is more snowbally because defeating a kraken gives you zero gold. It is a waste of time farm wise to beat a kraken.

Enemy team sending in a kraken will increase their gold lead guaranteed…

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Comebacks are ridiculously hard in the late game especially if your opponents have a really fed hero.

Yesterday I had a match where I was koshka and I completely trashed 3 T7+ opponents and they pretty much do anything.

Here’s the thing: you need four people. I will never surrender unless its a clear loss. So in my games I just need one other smart person. So it usually works out for me, but 5v5 needs some serious balancing.

Disagree I had an afk from the get go yesterday yet I couldn’t surrender. That’s so frustrating, we were being owned by the opposition…

WHY GODDAMMIT do noobies surrender in a winnable situation. make 5v5 a 5 vote surrender~!!! OMFG I was working up a freaking sweat defending the base and killing everything in sight…


i swear ranked better be a 5 vote surrender or i’ll just quit VG.


Semc policy is that is 4ppl want to surrender and you want to keep playing you are the troll!

They seriously consider a die hard a troll!!!


it’s 4v1. you can’t be serious…

not a troll, but 4 out of 5 is a clear majority decision.
allthough a 5 out of 5 the first time and a 4 out of 5 the second time, 2 min later could be a better option.

Problem is people surrender because they don’t want to fight for a win.

We’re not snowballing?
Nvm just surrender… This is the case in 90% of the matches.

They don’t care that one or two people are still doing great and can win the match…

well, this is not a new problem.
i you can recall all the discussions about the 3v3 surrender time and vote as well as i do.
playing out a 80% win is just way easier than fighting for a 20% chance.

i would have suggested a higher chance to get a card trop after the game, if you played it out or got to a “hard fought”, but the cards are no more, glory and talent coins are useless and bp are way too much.

I fear 5v5 rank surrender throws… people are cattle. They follow an idiot who wants to surrender at the first ace or blackclaw incoming…

deadly serious.

Never give up. never give in… fight to the very end~!!!

it’s so satisfying to play with people with the same mindset.
Pulling off an epic come back is what every player should strive for.


but with 4 people surrender clearly that your teammate don’t share your vision…
forcing 4 people to continue when they no longer have motivation… the result is pretty obvious…

Just like the sheep following the guy who hit that surrender button… if I show my tenacity and determination to win, they’ll follow me and hit that :negative_squared_cross_mark: button instead of the :white_check_mark:

WELL, that’s the plan… doesn’t always happen that way.

Ideally there’s no surrender screen pop up at all… because everyone should want to win, no matter what.

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