Surrender option is availible too early in 5v5

Lol i’ve had so many cases already. 2-3 guys wanna give up and suddenly tables turn.

Also one time, i was SAW TOP, all turrets wrecked on the enemy TOP. Enemy has blackclaw and is pushing mid last turret, approaching armory. I had a cam planted in the top and teleported to it, broke the armory, had crystal on 3/4 HP when suddenly game ends and i realize we surrendered.
I was kind of insulted, because i had like a BIG chance of winning the unwinnable ( enemies decided to rather push together and not port home, ignoring me ).

Exactly the reason why I hate surrender.

People lack vision. 10% of the surrendered matches are truely unwinnable. The rest is lack of willpower to continue trying.

geez what about democracy, guys?

Democracy is overrated. The intelligent rule not the stupid. Democracy would appoint the best player in that game to call the shots and tie the knot.