Surrender change

Please oh please send don’t punish those of us who won’t surrender’s elo when the others want to quit, and please double the elo loss of those who have been the surrender. Better yet remove surrender from rank matches all together


Surrendering will most likely not be changed and doubling elo loss for surrenders is a terrible idea tbh. Sometimes the players just want to end the game early if they are confident they cannot come back at all and wanna start the next game. Only time when surrenders would piss me off is if you are not losing too badly and have a good shot at coming back

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That does sound kinda ridiculous but he’s right about not losing if you didn’t surrender. If I want to play and some people surrender for me I shouldn’t lose elo on top of that. If I can’t stop the surrender at least don’t punish me for a decision that’s not mine.


The thing is that would be heavily abused

How? 2 solutions. Either make it so every single person is required in ranked or let the ones who don’t surrender not lose as they didn’t actually have a say. If it is implemented I don’t see how it would be abused. If you don’t want to lose don’t give up.

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If your team’s morale is already low enough to have 4 of them want to surrender I am pretty sure the game is lost then and there


Yet I don’t want to. I’m enjoying the game or even if I’m not I believe it is winnable. How is it okay for others to judge if it’s over for me? Almost any game is winnable in my opinion.

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Same reason you still lose elo despite playing very well, but have team mates who cannot pull their weight. SEMC cannot develop an AI that can determine whether or not YOU should or not lose elo. All that matters is a win or loss

Yes playing very well and losing can not be fixed. But it’s not that case with surrendering. If someone wants to finish and believes it’s winnable who are other people to decide for them? Who are they to waste other’s time? Now I’m not saying people who surrender are at fault. They have different opinion. But let everybody agree or don’t punish those who don’t.


They should make it five votes to surrender in ranked, and it can be like the system in 3v3 where if the other teammates vote to surrender twice it passes because trolls exist and playing with them sucks.

I never surrender though. Even if the enemy is up to my vain Crystal. You only lose the game when the vain shatters. Comebacks are real and have happened to me many times.


I dont understand why people against surrendering !
Man i honestly surrendered winnable games , i dont care about the win sometimes if iam too tilted from my teammates plays !

And i click surrender a lot in 5v5 , like every game , maybe some of them i dont surrender and enjoy the game .

Clicking surrender is not a real surrender most of the time , and i think most people who surrender they dont mean surrendering , they want their team to stop playing bad and do something , its like a stick together ping with a threat of surrendering , and it works a lot of times , bad players when they see surrender they stick together and try to win , if you let them feel safe in the game you going to lose , the surrender card is the best , to prevent it you can just play as a duo or trio.

But honestly probably 90% of the 5v5 games worth surrendering
And even if you win you dont deserve the win , probably one of the winning team trolling last minutes or throwing hich made the team lose the game and they deserve the win 100% , i won some of the games while i wanted to surrender , but i feel bad for the enemies , like we shouldnt won those games , enemies should win them easy because of their lead and teamwork , we did nothing that game m we just stole the win from them , zero learning , your team going to next game doing same mistakes and lose.

5v5 is dumb game mode .

That’s your opinion. Shouldn’t force it on others. I never surrender. Don’t like it. Even if they’re at the crystal I don’t. If they’re finishing my team can take the L. Other than that I want to play. I didn’t queue to voluntarily quit. And you seriously should reconsider spamming surrender. You can not believe how tilting it is to have a quarter of your screen cut out because someone got caught and raged so 4 others need to suffer from his tilt. If that happens and I lose a fight because of it it’s more likely to troll than surrender to that for me.


Which is like 90% of all surrenders…

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4 people wanna surrender, 1 doesn’t that’s basically how democracy works.

Who said Vainglory is democratic? That’s not the only political system out there, btw.


Vainglory is ww2 Japan never surrender even when captured

This isn’t an election or something. Let them surrender, don’t punish me for it. Others can’t decide for me as I can’t for them. If they don’t wanna play they shouldn’t queue. With 30+ min queues especially (due to dodges) I don’t wanna surrender and cut gameplay additionally. Also it’s really fun when you get matched with low tiers who are just starting out (though I gotta day the match maker is much better now, good job) and enemy gets Blackclaw with all your turrets up and they surrender.

Implementing that would make people less likely to surrender tho. Which is a good thing imo. Or just make surrender have to be unanimous

you lost the game you’re gonna lose elo… no offense but what you’re suggesting is delusional its never gonna happen

Bottom line in a competitive RANKED match surrenders should not exist. Why you may ask do you just quit the game when playing competitive sports, no you push hard and try to comeback. The way I see ranked matches are like highschool and college sports if you can’t just give up there why should a vainglory rank match be any different. Now I see casual matches but not a ranked

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