Support Malene?


Malene has a suggested support path. She has a lot of utility for herself and some for others. She can peel and bait very well and hollow out enemies for her carry.

She has a ranged root skillshot on low CD to save allies.

Her best perk is that Malene doesn’t need many items to be effective. All she needs is an aftershock to stay alive and deal damage.

Here are two ranked 3v3 games where I was support Malene. One match I still had a CW too it was my first try lol.

Two of my deaths were from grace suiciding herself to kill me…


Since Malene’s shielding and invulnerabilty are only for herself,along with her heavy burst from her shadow tendrils and shadow empowered attack,I never really thought about her being support to be honest.Might try it myself someday.


When I first read of Malene’s kit, I automatically assumed she would be support. Naturally, when I first got Malane for myself, I saw her categorized as a carry, which threw me off. I’ve never not played her as support. I can’t shake the feeling of her being a captain. She reminds me of Baptiste in this way.


Baptiste captain is way better than Malene imo. Baptiste has a slow, a stun and a fear, Malene has a slow and a root, on top of that if Baptiste captain with two damage items is pretty much undefeatable in a team fight due to the heroic perk. On the other hand we have Malene, which feels awkward with few damage items, she’s also not very tanky and her root is hard to hit, she will stay a carry.


I can 1v1 a wp carry with just an Aftershock… Malene needs the least items of all “carries” to successfully deal damage.

Baptiste has no speedboosts. If his fear is blocked he becomes easy pickings…

I love Baptiste a lot actually but Malene is simply a better hero… Baptistes basic attack range single target makes him weaker… More item reliant…

How is her root hard to hit? It is like a Skaarf Fireball…


Baptiste can use A, B and C to flee, not only his C. You said yourself Malenes A is a skillshot, and I agreed. Slow and short-ranged. I don’t see Malene beating Baptiste either :man_shrugging:


Malene can and will stomp Baptiste any day…
Baptistes B does nothing when the enemy doesn’t make a mistake.
His A is very short ranged and doesn’t deal that much damage…

Malene is faster and can evade most of Baptistes skills while pummeling him from a far…

Baptiste is a strong anti dive hero but performs poorly against most mages…


Lol you are acting as if someone with a small speed boost is a godspeed taka that bursts away one third of the enemies health even with aegis… No, I disagree, B is op for kite and chase, even if blocked ya still have A to slow and Malene really isn’t such a great captain, sorry


BTW, when we are talking about fights, then we can just compare WB baptiste with CP Malene, but saying someone is better in a 1v1 is very difficult, cause I never fought Malene with my Baptiste, she’s too rare of an encounter


That is because she is so strong that she gets banned almost always…

Still you make wild claims about how you would beat her while you haven’t even faced her?

In the 11 ranked matches I played her both 5v5 and 3v3 I have lost a single match… You could argue against my number of games but she is banned a whole lot…

And though rank doesn’t mean as much as it used to I read you were struggling in tier 4/5? So the chance of you seeing a good malene are non existent…

I’m no pro and there are many players better than me but I can and have fought Vainglorious players on a steady basis with a good shot at winning those matches.


Yeah i’ve tried it it works but if you get malene id draft you might as well abuse her cp path


True, but if no one wants to play captain (often the case) i’d rather have malene on our side…


Well, did you face off against a good Baptiste? And did you have to shame me about struggling to get out of Bad matchmaking?


Blaming the matchmaker won’t help you improve. I just had to face 3 Vainglorious players two at silver twice in a row. With my team arround poa…

I am not shaming you I am stating that you probably never faced a good Malene because normally decent players rise out of the slums easily so they won’t stay in t4-6… T8 is considered mediocre by most…

Out of your last 6 matches with Baptiste you got destroyed in 4 of them… At T4… So no I would not consider you a good Baptise with 0/10…

You do better with CP than WP…


Fine, I am not good with baptiste at all and my last match made me realise it. I’ll just stick with my Glaive main again


Mind you I am not stating that you are a bad player. I saw several decent games and okay builds.
Aim for decent performance in any situation to move up in ranks and improve. For me in most cases that means playing captain or CP heroes.

Find your mojo

@Aducard I made some guides in the past about Baptiste maybe they can help you improve :slight_smile:


I’ll try other heroes first. I’ll keep baptiste as a situational maybe, but I’ll read the guide though


I had to claw my way up from hotness Bronze to Poa too. Took me ages to get there so I know thr struggle