Papi Baptiste

Baptiste is becoming my favorite hero.
His build in healing is insane and his CC and poke damage are maddening.

3 core items: DE SF CW

I removed Cath name because she refused to buy vision vs taka her two offensive items were more important… Gwens deaths were caused by her. Gwen had more vision than cath…


Baptise is so good cause he has a little bit of everything in his kit. But sadly he’s balance.
I like to abuse OP heroes.

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I have 81k damage with only 3 offensive items… He is very strong.

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1 thing about CP Baptise is his wave clear sucks late game, especially in 5v5 :frowning:

It actually doesn’t and the trick is to stop your enemy from farming at all with your A B chain while lasthitting minions.

You get healing per hit even without boe/eve so trading hits is always in your favour.

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He is very versatile and can heal as much as a krul in drawn out battles. He has cc, sustain, poke and aoe damage and he is like a melee version of Samuel. Unfortunately I have had zero success with in 5v5 and am waiting for ranked to start using him again as he can’t control games like an alpha or koshka can atm


Exactly, he’s perfectly balance and good but being just good isnt enough. Koshka and Gwen can make nasty highlights when they can single handedly snowball and turn fights to their favors much easier than Baptise. He needs patience, timing, managing skills on his perk, cooldown…

Koshkas mobility works against her. She stuns herself very easily through your B.

Gwen has one skedaddle you have 2 CC skills and she is squishy you can actually trade hits with her.

Baptiste might not be overpowered but he can handle those meta heroes easily.

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Bap has honestly been my favorite hero in the game since 2.12. Before, I only used him occasionally in draft matches or in blitz sometimes, but 5v5 really changed my mind about him. After a couple 5v5 matches with him in various positions, I really began to like him. He’s really fun to use with his CC-heavy kit and lifesteal and damage boosts off of his perk. Plus, it’s really awesome that he never struggles nor falls off at any point in a match.

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See the success you have with your builds makes me wonder if broken myth just isn’t necessary anymore with the nerfs to Aegis/Metal Jacket. Spellfire is particularly good on him because the cooldown on his Bad Mojo is approximately 2-3 seconds late game.

I smash through aegis like its a joke… With just 3 CP items…

Enemy saw lost 30-40% health from a single vial while having an aegis. I step out of range to wait for a new vial. If he tries to roadie run I hit him with ordain (B) and he stuns himself.

Divers will stun themselves through ordain. if an enemy is super close use C then B rapidly to guarantee a stun then throw A after them. Deadly combo.

When the enemy is further away do B C A or A B C.
You need to learn the right chain for each situation. Baptiste has no hard counters!!!

If only Baptiste was actually m exican and not French and papi Baptiste would make sooo much more sense.

This is why I like reading your posts - learning something new. I’ve always done B C A to ensure the stun and now it’s more reactionary than thought out. Reason for differentiating which combo to use by distance? If anything, I was thinking it’s because the C range but that would mean the opposite combos correlate to each distance

I destroy him with reim , ordained and poke does no damage
Also petal his hard counter because of her munions she can block all the damage , celeste , skaarf , cp bf , reza
They all can counter him .

He has a few hard counters. Skaarf , Celeste and Cp baron are the ones that come to my mind right now. Mages in general do well into him because he has zero mobility and his cc doesnt matter much against long distance pokers like skaarf or sam


Atm a koshka can beat a baptiste provided she doesnt try to walk out of his B. And with gwen he has no chance tbh. Theres always BF/reims who are hard counters.

Yup, yup, yup Insane and Maddening are accurate in my experience! lol

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Your enemies run from you at high speed under fear. They will distance themselves from you making your ordain tricky to hit just like your A. If the enemy is in your face do C to remove them. b to guarantee a stun then A to finish off.

If you do B first you will be predictable and they can reflex block through both ordain and the Fear.

The secondary benefit from this is that your skill chain will work toward resetting your Ult with CW.

I have no issues with Koshka or Gwen I will outheal them and their mobility works against them! Koshka relies on her barrier and melee contact. Lvl 1 I can’t win but lvl 2 the odds are even at best for her. Lvl 6 I am superior.

While he has no mobility he is a poker himself. You can dodge Skaarfs and Celestes A’s just like they can try and dodge yours.

Your benefit as Baptiste is your build in healing which allows you to trade hits favourably.

Samuel needs to keep moving to get hits in I’d call that a tie.

CP Baron will be very annoying to deal with I agree.

@LegendaryE I guess patel can be very annoying as well early game. She does like to kite through jumping and there lies the vulnerability against Baptiste.

Patel and Baron will be the hardest to deal with I agree.

Though those are 2/37 lol