[Suggestion] I need a Bartender Baptiste skin

By the amount of Bad Mojos Baptiste can dish out (~1 every second with clockwork) its a miracle he didn’t get a Bartender skin. That’s how I imagine it to be: As his A skill, he will throw alcohol bottles, his B will surround enemies with moonshine berries and as his ultimate, instead of undead thingies, drunk barfighters will crawl ahead! Although, only changing his A and making him a rare skin is more than enough. Though, choosing a design for his uniform will be tricky.

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I need: Clown Baptiste, ChurnLord Samuel/Necromancer Samuel, SunGod Reza, Druid Reim, Time traveller Vox, Samurai Kensei, Futurist Idris.

People are actually playing reza, eh? Sungod idea was recycled from the Radagio skin, but fine suggestions, don’t see the time travel vox working out tho

Okey, that not, but Baptiste? imagine him throwing cakes!

That’s some rapid cake-throwing right there

yall want to see those skins? smh

im still waiting for my Winter War Alpha Skin

its the picture of krul choking daisy (alpha befor she died)

Winter war Alpha? Are they actually gonna add that? I don’t see how that would work out, because alpha is a robot and doesn’t need anything against cold weather if she is well-built, which she is because she is designed by the same dwarf that made time travelling a thing

u dont know daisys lore do u?


Instabuy for the A effect.

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I do, but what has her human past to do with her current robot form? She’s not human anymore, and heartless alpha skin makes her an android

He wants a human alpha skin. Skins don’t follow logic so it’s possible

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Isn’t Heartless Alpha sufficient? I don’t think she’d get anymore skins for a while due to alpha already having around 5

Skin amount also doesn’t follow logic according to SEMC


its good to know someone know thats

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Reza is top tier rn lol

He is currently the best top laner

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Oh, I don’t play 5v5,so I can’t really tell.

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Only if I can get alcoholic saw

Perfect idea… But what will replace the gun?! :eyes::weary:

Something like this

Edit: or this

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This looks hilariously stupid, SE SAW skin incoming?!

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