Spring Cleaning: Forum Edition

Hello hello!

Some of you have already noticed… (New Header and Search?), but to make it official:

:cheers_minioncandy_t2: We’ve updated our look! :cheers_boba_t2:

You should be seeing lots of little tweaks here and there, including our updated logo, our harmonious yet punchy color palette, and in some of our fonts. We also have a legit favicon now! You know, that little picture in the internet browser tab. We thought hard about making changes that felt cohesive, and added to usability for everyone, but didn’t get in the way of how you all enjoy the site already. You’ll also notice the same branding on our twitter page. Hooray, cohesive branding across multiple social media outlets!

:minions_happy_t2: Feedback is welcome, so please let us know what you think! :skaarf:

If you have suggestions about other forum features (like requesting different emoji or something), feel free to give us those too, in the forum suggestions subcategory: #site-feedback:forum-suggestions

And here’s some higher resolution assets, if you’re interested :kraken_happy_t2::

logo and header

new color palette


When I first got on, I was pleasantly surprised by how snazzy the forums look. :happy: The new font is my favorite change tho <3


I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw the update! Looks fantastic and a great makeover for spring!


I really like this changes, I wasn’t expecting them but I’m loving it :haha: :happy:


LOVE THE LOGO. (goes well with my Dark Siren Lorelai background :heart:)

Community Forums getting better is a slap in the face to the higher-ups at SEMC who decided to boot the official forums smh :clap:


Real talk: that was my goal in making this.


Not particularly a fan of the new font yet, but I’m sure it’ll grow on me, it’s just a thing I have to get used to. Otherwise, love the changes, the only thing that’s mildly annoying is that my app icon is still the old logo… Is there a way I can fix that?

Are you on iOS?

Nope, android. It’s not exactly the app but like I have it as a widget and it acts like the app

We’ve got one uploaded for Android. Maybe you just have to recreate your widget?