New Header & Search?

Have I just missed this all along? It stands out to me and catches my attention. I’m referring to the new light blue icon, text, and magnifying glass search icon at the top of the screen (apologies for not highlighting it. Not sure I can with my smartphone).

If this is new, I like it! Cool cosmetic touch. I like the convenience of the search button too. If this is not new, apologies for this topic.


Love the new logo! Hehe ^^ :blush:


Another minor change that I noticed in today’s design overhaul is the changed colors for all of the categories. It’s honestly nice to see all of the site changes that have been happening recently.

Also, since I’m on the topic of the categories, @hazeleyes was OT being viewable for those not in the group for it intentional? If so, is there really a purpose of the group now?

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I unlocked #off-topic a little while back, as I really saw no reason for it to be hidden. So no, there’s not really any use for the group, but I haven’t removed it yet

Ah. I honestly was really confused the first time I saw an OT thread on the main page without even being logged in.

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