Speaking strictly on appearances, Yates looks a lot like Ardad

Kensei is also similar (for obvious reasons) to Alpha.

I’m not sure if they’re doing this for lore reasons, or if they’re not getting as many original ideas?

maybe he is ardan’s (or ardad’s) long lost twin brother

I think Yates is a techonolgist

So is his kit,just powercreeped abilities taken from different heroes.
Phinn’s ult
Grace’s B that actually increases movespeed
Joule jump(when combo’d with B) but global and a lot easier to land


Having a hook shot is a pretty common ability, I wouldn’t be surprised if a MOBA has 5 or 6 variations ranging from AoE hookshot to only hooking allies back. His b is more like Flicker rather than Grace, tbh Grace needs a skill rework of some sort. Her A and Ult are nice but her B makes more sense on Yeets rather than herself. His Ult is new comparing it to a really bad jump ability is just far fetched…


His Ult is very difficult to time when you wwnt to land it on both friend and foe…

His B feels very Awkward.

His A is hella Nasty.

His basic attack range is 3.4!!! He has the longest melee range in the game

Reworked Grace:

Holy Nova

Grace’s Holy Nova
• Has a much wider radius (2/3 the size of a bulwark)
• Loses the stun for a powerful slow
• Heros inside the holy nova has their Holy Shield timer refreshed

Lance and kensei have a higher AA range.

He reminds me of Cable from DP2

I think I already said this?

His ult is HELLA annoying~!

Low on health? NO PROBLEM. just ult outta there.

Enemy low on health? can’t catch him? NO PROBLEM.

i hate trying to kill him.

Bruh by your logic every character is pretty much exactly the same.

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Okay not gonna lie, I tried only practice and haven’t played a real game but anyway. Is it just me or is his perk literally almost permanent boots without CD? Everybody is so impressed with the teleport while I’m here wondering how do you catch/escape this guy.


Speaking of Ardad, the pair of them are the perfect combo. The amount of walls I pulled enemies into was astounding. Add in the stun from my B right after, and rip.

Also, saved myself from 5 deaths already with that ult :joy:

You can’t escape him but you can catch him pretty easily if his ult is on CD

Not if ur in a lane and he hits the minions passing him and uses his perk for infinite boots

name 5 chars with no “unique” abilities


This text will be blurred

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i played a casual game with 2 Yates. one in each team. I swear the amount of surprise attacks and escapes is ridiculous~!

We was 2v1 the enemy Yates, ganked him HARD, thinking it’ll be a sure fire kill… NOPE… next thing ya know… ZOOM superman flies away and lands GOD KNOWS where, so you’re checking the MAP constantly to make sure you don’t get ganked.

OMG, THE most annoying hero EVER.

Is he untouchable during the channel, or is it an instant tp?

it’s not instant, the channel is very fast though and feels like he’s untargetable. Haven’t tried to stun him during the ULT… so I can’t really answer the question? lol.

Maybe i’ll try a hero like blackfeather to see what happens when he A’s at the exact moment Yates does the ULT.

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