Sovereign’s Rise - what would you have done differently?

After going through here, and Reddit, I’ve seen a lot of talk regarding the state of the map for various reasons. Covering almost anything from layout, appearance, size, complexity, even the fog of war. I know we’re not all game designers (are we?) but I’m sure even then we all have well constructed opinions or ideas, and I’m curious to hear about everyone’s ideas on what they’d make different about the map.


The Rise isn’t very deep theme-wise.
Look at the Fold: you have multiple themes that create unique and distinct atmospheres. The high-fantasy town, the futuristic/industrial base, and the overgrown ruins and lush vegetation in the jungle.
But despite having an area many times that of the Fold, the Rise has only one theme. It’s just a garden. Well manicured in places, overgrown in others, but overall, very bland. The same statues are everywhere. The same half-walls line every lane. The same stone pattern in the lane covers almost the entire map.
The execution was good, but the concept and theme are nearly non-existent.

Also, some of the baked-in lightning doesn’t look quite right when you play on B side with the map rotated.


For me, the Sovereign’s Rise map design is quiet beautiful. It is so big that captain is very tired babysit three laners from bot to top. On early game I like spend my time in bot lane just to admire that waterfall. The waters flow is so beautiful and almost real. When i used Gift-Wrapped Fortress, often i made him pee on the bush on that waterfall, so cute. I just cant wait how the map face will change in every season.

Now that you’ve made all those points comparing the liveliness of the Halcyon Fold, to the lack thereof in Sovereign’s Rise, I can understand totally where you’re coming from. The overall atmosphere and the idea behind the Rise I believe are executed very well, and personally I think the theme is strong - but you are on the money when you describe it as bland, as it is, just a garden.

An edit, I want to stress that I honestly absolutely love Sovereign’s Rise, I think it’s breathtaking and immersive, I genuinely feel that map. Your post has given me a different perspective to view it from, and, in turn I honestly agree with your points.

Do you think we’ll get a winter theme for it?

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I believe there will be 4 different map faces in every season. For now, we see that Sovereign’s Rise in spring is goldish. Maybe the theme will be different in next summer.

I would make it so that a certain ninja doesn’t spawn on the map.

For real though, I would say that the map is incomplete now, and I don’t think it should be judged on aesthetics yet. One big example is the jungle mobs all being trees. Maybe the map would feel better if everything wasn’t a damn tree.

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Maybe SEMC is going green. Save the trees

Screw that, I need my gold. And my buffs. And my 30 character minimum


I would make 2 lanes instead of 3 so there would be 2 laners and 2 junglers. Map would be more compact which means easier rotations and more battling action.

I hope so! Or, at least, some kind of change. The map is already broken up into four seasons, so I’m not sure if they’d try to use a season-related skin, or pick some other kind of theme…?

I would’ve added some kind of fast travel things across the map. LoL has stuff you can hit and that will make you jump a wall, I think that’s a pretty fun mechanic, and it would make it faster to get from one lane to the other.
Speaking of fast travel, anyone know why the teleport boots are so criminally underused?

I personally like the map design. Something to remember is that the map was built by the dwarves against their own will, so perhaps they had to make the map look perfect or else they would lose their life? Though what would be interesting is if the dwarves were able to sneak stuff into the map design like putting a random statue of a dwarf. It is also likely that they’ll give the touch a touch up down the road like they did with the halcyon fold by making it more overgrown.

180 seconds cooldown. It’s just too long to make them more useful vs the other boots.

For Captains, Treads allow you to peel or engage for your team.
For Divers, the mobility Journies gives you is too important in teamfights to give up.
For Mages, the CDR on Heels is a no brainer.

So who would even take TP boots?
What’s left is snipers and peelers.

However, most peelers require either CDR or tankiness (such as Bap or WP Glaive). Something like WP Lance, who already is somewhat ranks enough and doesn’t do that well either the mana from heels COULD use it, but a second pair of Treads seems more reasonable.

Most snipers require mobility to survive. Vox, Ringo, Skye and Gwen are good examples of this. They can’t really go without the boots active.

So what’s left?
SAW, Shiversteel Rona, WP Grace, WP Ardan, CDR Glaive. I would say most of these are quite situational, except maybe SAW.

Plus nobody co-ordinates for a teleport so oh well.


We still have to buy 5 tp boots and then teleport to our minions in the enemy base.

Imo it could’ve been a bit more sombre since lore-wise it’s supposed to be tied to the Stormqueen’s story arc. But I love it nonetheless!

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I hope we get an alt theme eventually, but I’d rather 3v3 balancing get sorted before cosmetics for the map.

We still have to buy 5 tp boots and then teleport to our minions in the enemy base.
Chances are if there are minions in the enemy base that we can teleport to without getting blown up instantly, those minions are already going to kill the base.


When they reveal the 5v5 map (sketched), each jungle has different seasons, maybe they will also implement that design in 3.0??


As soon as I get to see and play the actual map I will let you know. Still buy to play atm…