Soo... hows VG doing?

is currently kinda scared to open the vg app due to not being there are not knowing the meta


Well 2 weeks ago when I quit it was just a terrible expierence so many trolls and afks it just made the game unplayable for me…this is all my opinion by the way.


I quit about a month ago right at the update for the same reasons as @eclipse. I haven’t even opened the app since.

I like the Halloween skins enough that I might possibly buy them, and I’m hoping that 3.8 (or more likely 3.9, when they supposedly intend to start restoring 3v3 to its former glory) might give me a reason to play again.


5v5: the duo-support/tank meta as always…tragic, at best. Mages are no where to be found. 6/10 Star

3v3: oh…it’s still a thing… ?/10 Stars

Blitz: Ardan’s One Punch + Idris’s Bisexual Path + Kestrel shoot mor =Auto Win. 4/10

Battle Royale: the only fun game mode, if you ignore the fact that the MM just picked for you a MELEE hero! AGAIN! 7/10.

RECOMMEND: Uhm. I recommend the Practise mode, where you can check out new skins that you can never own because (the blue print system) that’s life. Basically.

VG su gud. 10/10 rekkcummen


Dude mages are the only things being played. If people choose tanks where is the damage gonna come from.


emmm k. Not wp damage carries k


Besides baron all of them are forced to capitalize on their mid game. If the player can’t do that it’s gg unless ur mid laner is popping. By then u can clean up and be an objective threat. Even if u do capitalize u still have to get ur mid fed.

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Mages are nowhere to be found in 5v5? They are the only mid laners. I think you are mistaken with non-support-warriors.

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I can’t help to notice that the rise in “trolls and afk’s” coincide perfectly with the release of the PC version of vainglory - even if it’s still in the BETA stage.

I recently tried it myself and can spot all the flaws in the PC version. I FELT so much like a troll while playing with the PC version. and yes, i wanted to just AFK because i was playing so badly.

Another thing that contributes to AFK’s is that PC gaming is largely accepted that you have the ability to PAUSE at any time. even large Massive Multiplayer Online games have fail safe systems to accomodate for a player who goes AFK. VG doesn’t offer such an option.

I feel like the rise of cross - platform gaming is just another headache / problem. That will take forever to fix. Because that’s just how SEMC do things. Snail pace.

For the record, i played Battle Royale and even in the most non - toxic game mode, i felt so bad for being such a troll. The PC version at this pace, needs another year or 2 or 3 to get rid of all those bugs. (nobody takes 3 years to get rid of bugs, but i’m being extra generous, because i know how slow SEMC is).

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@FinnTran summarized it best. Besides the mages part.

More to what interested me, @Ve3nNo0wM is right in a lot of ways. The amount of people you see who seem like they can’t control their heroes.


I meant talents.

But on the whole SEMC is actually trying a lot of new things and listening to feedback about stuff intently. I still have a good amount of faith in semc despite the many blunders since…talents, because they did a lot exeedingly well before that and did some things well after that, and mainly because they keep trying to find the business & game balance they need to to keep moving forward as a company rather than quitting and only releasing gimmicky new content designed to milk everyone left to death.

Though for my 2 cents they’re getting slightly aggressive with this talent stuff and it’s becoming annoying.

Finally, Vainglory is still a great game, when you find a good match, and damn is a good match still satisfying to play, but prepare for most of your life to be annoying & leave you feeling used for your time.

Actually really finally, after Cyber Krul and the new Inara release skin, which I do like but it’s more recolor, I really hope they aren’t releasing gimmicky new content to milk everyone before it dies, and that isn’t sarcasm, because they have been working on a lot of actual new things lately, but skin & hero ideas hasn’t been one of them.

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You’re the first player I’ve seen that has that opinion on PC VG after its release. My point is people complained about PC version taking extra resources and time but never functionality (there were problems but they are pretty good now).

I play perfectly fine on PC and actually better than table because of high fps which isn’t the case on my mobile devices. Yes I do have problems stutterstepping as ADC but I don’t play ADCs in general. Even then I’ve had good games as ADC in ranked VG. I’ve also never played any PC MOBA before so no experience (Smite doesn’t count its combat is closer to Skyrim’s lol). I’ve heard from other people that it’s pretty good as well. I know 2 or 3 friends who can’t play it at all but they played it only for 1 day. First day I couldn’t play well either. But literally 2nd say I played I ranked. I also know people who returned to VG because of PC version and their bad mobile devices.

Overall it’s a bit different has different pros and cons but it’s definitely playable and good at any level. Stutterstep is hard on high attack speed heroes but blocks and other active items are really easy to use. Global ults are/were pain in the ass to use (haven’t updated in like a month, dunno if it’s fixed) but dodging skillshots is really easy.


Nah, not even close. It started LONG before that.

The real problem is the size of the player base. By every measure I’ve seen (all unofficial, of course, because SEMC guards that bit of information like it’s a nuclear launch code), it’s been shrinking for at least six months.

The size of the decrease depends on how you define the player base, but a reasonable guess would be that it’s 50% smaller than it was six months ago.


well, true… but i’m taking into account that the comments are coming from veterans who would be used to the current trolls and afk’s from months leading up to these weeks.

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I definitely agree it’s worse lately – that and the ridiculous queue times were the primary reasons I stopped playing a month ago.


i usually base my comments on my own real life experience and imagine that the problems I encounter would be also be experienced by the wider community to a percentage %… what percentage, it would vary… but a base line in my own mind is about 30%.

in anycase, even if it was a low 1%, it would still be a 1% added increase to the existing problems. SEMC are being ambitious, AS they SHOULD be, to keep afloat and bring in more business, but i really hope they are also ramping up their sleepless nights and caffeine intake to squash those bugs. It’s really going to the death of them.

i see trolls and afk’s in a different light as most people do. a troll is a product of frustration and an AFK is a product of a U.I that isn’t user friendly enough.

I believe most people play games for enjoyment - the idea of “enjoyment” - for most is happy times, smiles, laughs, etc. The idea that somebody would spend their time on a game for their own evil purposes means there is an underlying problem that has LEAD to them becoming a troll. A truely evil nature in someone’s soul … WELL… I would say it’s about the same ratio has Good people living a normal life to people who are in a prison cell… and without looking up actual numbers, I’m betting it’s quite small.

AFK’s are a little more complicated and it can happen to the best of us. but again, it’s a behavior that needs to be accounted for.

Anyway, back to my original point, they are creating more work than they can handle. Can trolling and afk be reduced through clever marketing? rewards? achievements? squashing bugs? A better U.I ? I believe so. It’s just a question of whether the team at SEMC is up to the task. Can they do it? will they ? when?

Remember it is a game. I find the notion of “quitting a game”… a bit ludicrous. I still have a saved file for final fantasy 8 on my ps2 that i plan to finish, when? god knows. it’s been over 10 years since i even touched it. In the same notion, I stopped playing VG. but I don’t think of it as Quitting the game. I will re-visit it every once in a while, just to see what they’ve done, what’s new.

Mobile gaming is such a unique platform, forever changing, so as long as it keeps generating a profitable income. It’s evolving over time. not like the old console gaming, you paid for a complete game, bug free… but also had a limited life.

I think VG needs time to evolve. they need talented programmers and whatever else they are lacking in. Things aren’t moving at a satisfactory pace to keep with customer demand. Social Media is partly to blame for that instant gratification mind set that everybody has these days. In any case, their marketing / community manager should be keeping us entertained / enthralled in suspense - mostly to buy more time for them to work.



That’s the state.

Broken MM,
Broken sun system
Broken turrets which lead to tank meta
3s is still somewhat fun if you managed to avoid the literal t3 poor noobs tryna survive.

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The turrets weren’t the reason of this triple tank meta.


The fact turrets half health squishies and tickles tanks has nothing to do with the tank meta? :thinking:


I hope they don’t do this. No matter the problem their health should not be put on the line. Afk/trolls/bugs are a big problem and I get your getting across the impact of this issue but you shouldn’t actually want people to have many sleepless nights to work non stop on something.

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It’s related, but it’s not even the most important reason.

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