Soo... hows VG doing?


SMEC has good ideas and terrible execution…
Talents would have been fun if they weren’t level uppable or if they were actually interesting and not stat changes/resets/number changes.
Early access would’ve been better if it wasn’t a RNG fest to get in.
Chests were a good idea until they saturated everything i the shop
Sunlight was good until T100 etc


Thats not the first reason. I think you forgot what started it…

The newer items. Pulseweave and Rooks Decree


Maybe it’s just a thing that only I noticed. But because of the heavy CC/Tank meta, traditional mages like Skarff, Celeste, Reim aren’t being played as often as they lack the mobility. Mobile/Anti CC carries like Gwen, Silver-nail, Baron are everywhere tho.


Not in mid, mid is only played by mages.


Bdsm ardan is so annoying!

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yeah, health is important. I’m just pointing out that this tactic is going to be their last and only hope of achieving the results players expect.

it’s kinda sad that they have such a huge work load, so little income and no other avenue to go. Hiring talented workers requires more money. they’ve been letting non - critical staff go recently.


It started even before the 5vs5 release with the changes for the mode (health and so on, the “genius” idea how they should balance both modes the same). Till update 2.8 it was stable and even slowly growing. Then they started to f up big time 3vs3 gameplay, most bared with it as it was explained it is for the 5vs5 release that was hyped so much from SEMC that we expected polished to the max experience. After all it took them so so so long, it was hyper like no tomorrow anddd in the end they released something clearly unfinished. From there it only got worse - new items that made the meta from 2 tanks (already bad) to 3 full tanks and it’s only jungle play - no laning phase.

If they kept 3vs3 running without any changes and build on top of 2.8 with new heroes and refining the gameplay/performance/QOA changes/guilds expansion/ladder with pricing/hard punishing for dodging/trolling/cosmetics that makes sense like different teleport animations and sound packs/and so on - I am sure the game would have atleast the player base from the previous summer. Right now I agree it feels like 50% are off to another games - from unofficial info to the ingame feel.

Should had not hyper the mode like that and develop it till it’s ready and bam - new mode, new balance specially for that mode, fast and fun to play (blowed out 1vs5 as you enter the bush without vision alone? Your problem, it’s a mobile game that should not take 50m to finish a match). Could have also gone with different interesting objectives, like opening shorter route to somewhere when taken or changing the map in a way as an effect. So many possibilities actually.

Lastly, the not rushed release could had give them time to give a proper time to the map details as it clearly is 50% of what the fold map got in little attention to detail that not only makes the visuals better, but also the map/game/experience more filled with life.


Couldn’t have said it better – 100% agree with everything you said.


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