Soloq jungling in 5v5 sucks

I died right in the start attempting a jungle invade because my gwen wanted it but she ran away after I committed to the fight and died. Spawned back hoping to clear jungle only to see gwen clearing my entire crystal side solo and my Baron was doing the same to the weapon side. The entire match was painful to play as my own teammates starved me off gold, I think I got one gold oak in the entire game and had no buffs on me at any point of the game. My healing treants went to side laners and buffs to the laners again. My double bears and gold oak were taken by the gwen who left lane and was roaming alone forcing me to defend turrets and die.


Trust me party 5v5 isn’t any better :confused:.
You need to keep track of the spawn timers and be there as soon as its up to get any farm in soloQ.

it’s not soloq in general, it’s your tier.
i’m practicing jungling, and since i dont like cas i do it in rank. i’m poa and here, the jungle is fine. an invade lvl1 is common, and usually, wp buff would go to you unless you dont need it. i think the problem is, as jungler, you need more help from your teammates to counter jungle.

I mained jungle since I started playing in 3v3. Liked roaming but not in soloq and people I play with roam so in more than a year I’ve barely ever played anything but jungle. When 5v5 came I just noticed it’s not the same thing. Now I only enjoy jungling when in full party and on voice chat… sometimes. In soloq I just get tilted as everything is very uncoordinated and even if I want to help I end up dying. If I need help I can’t really tell them. I hope that changes as the mode develops but I’m not sure. It’s just not the same thing.
Another thing I liked in 3v3 more is the hero selection. I’ve used literally every hero in jungle and to be honest there’s time when everything could work. Even though it was mostly trolling and having fun there really isn’t a hero that isn’t viable in jungle in some circumstances.


yeh, jungle invading at the start really needs teamwork, and if there is none, fall back immediately and DON’T DIE, no matter what.

Death means you’ll need to catch 300 gold from no where. which means laneing and getting perfect last hits.

Don’t try anything with Koshka, unless you’re a Taka or a Reza. ALWAYS keep an eye on the map. Enemies don’t just dissapear for nothing…

Its only worth jungle invading at the start if you meet an enemy within the first 30-40 seconds and can get off the first hit. you’ll usually win. If you don’t meet any enemy, start farming. Time is too precious in 5v5 to be walking around not killing stuff or dieing trying to kill stuff.

I didn’t want to invade as ozo has a weak early game. My gwen started to contest buff and I didn’t want her alone as she could have died, but when I got in she ran away leaving me stranded.

The problem isn’t spawn timers for me, it’s my teammates stealing farm from me thinking they are hypercarries when they are not. When I am a laner and behind I usually play safe and just farm till I hit my powerspikes but as a jungler with no farm I can’t do anything

But if you take them before they take it then isnt it fine?

Ozo weak early game? Open with boe and TRC (A) and outsustain everyone…

soloq is a hell for a jungler, indeed… so many greedy players that are starving you from xp and gold. You are literally potato, especially in those time where the enemy team aren’t starving their jungler lol. Even in poa tier this happens, but atleast sometimes I got good teammates and all is ok.

Also I love those that solo the goldoak while you are in like 1-2 seconds from sharing the gold and they don’t delay the last auto literally not giving their team136 gold…

Soloq is rough anywhere i had 3 teammates steal my farm in lanes once because my lane was the only one not getting pushed back and anytime i moved to one of their lanes they would follow

soloq anything is painful in 5v5, ranked or casual, at least to me, and that’s an understatement. The only reason why I’d play 5v5 at this point is if I have at least one person to party up with me, and even then, I’d prefer if the party and I were able to verbally communicate, especially irl.

Low skill tiers don’t fully understand the consequences of stealing jungle farm.

However I’ll defend them to say the healing minion is fair game and not specifically for the jungler. Buffs etc however belong to the jungler, but for Christ sake don’t take the CP buff if you’re a WP jungler it provides nothing.


First buffs should go to lanes and the jungler can raid oppents buffs more effectively

Not sure I’d agree, a buffed Krul for instance is a nightmare I’d rather avoid. Personally feel the jungler should be getting access to early buffs to aid in clearing and ganking. As OP points out if thelanes taking this as well as healing minions your starving your jungler.

What pisses me off though is a Krul stealing the CP buff from the midlane, whe I provides no utility to him as. WP jungler.

The buffs are better for junglers around mid game when serious ganking is needed but early game is needed by the lanes to get a good 1-2 turret lead in each lane

First WP buff should almost always go to jungler as well as the next few. CP should go to mid laner pretty much the entire game with some exceptions. But I don’t agree CP buff is useless on Krul. It’s actually very strong. His Smite mid game is so strong, with the added CP he can devastate targets.


Well, at least you didn’t have 2 additional junglers on your team - all WP, along with the obligatory Saw (because if you see 3x red on hero select, WP Saw is the obvious choice).
Of course none of them come to gank in Lane, or help defend turrets when they see their team-mate 1vs3ing it. But stealing entire minion waves is NP.

I guess with all the match-maker tweaks and me being inactive for a while, due to connectivity bullshit, I’m back to playing exclusively with not-so-gifted-people… but really, this is draining my will to live.


1/2 turret lead? In early game?

I’m going to disagree with this, I’d say late game CO buff is better on your hyper carry but the WP buff is always going to be more ref rice on a jungler/melee hero. If your giving this over to your laner your starving your jungler which is the very point OP is making.

What’s left of the jungle? Gold and back two the rest the lanes taking… makes little sense to me.

It has a 18.5% buff to CP DMG, if your applying this to Krul it’s a waste period, your midlane hyper carry is going to get more use than Krul ever would. In fact I’ll argue the CP is almost always better placed on our hyper carry, especially since they’ll benefit more from the passive.

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