So uh vgpro has a pretty noticeable visual bug rn

So I just went to vgpro to check on the stats of the matches I just finished and I noticed that players’ ranks aren’t being properly displayed on the match statistics.
For the stats of a cas 5v5 I just did, it shows that I’m T4G, but I’m actually T6B (yes I know I’m a pleb but idc about rank and it’s besides the point)

Additionally, in other matches, such as the blitz I just did, it shows that I’m T7G

It’s not really a big deal as rank displays properly on a players profile page, but it bugs (yes pun intended) me a little.

Could it be showing 3v3 rank by any chance?

I saw that UH in the title and instantly knew who the author was without actually looking


The official API is inconsistent about how it reports player rank at the moment. It looks like VGPro is using the older stat (which shows 3v3 rank) instead of using the actual rank points and then calculating the skill tier themselves.

Don’t ask me why the API works the way it does. It’s poorly designed and implemented, tbqh.


Does that mean I’m special UwU

Yes yes it does

I believe it shows you the blitz elo (the number in game converted to rank based on the tiers).

They’re so bad that their elo is -1 :koshkalaugh::ringo::haha::ozo:


-1 is the value for unranked btw

You’re correct. Tbh, that’s kind of sloppy programming: it ought to say “unranked” or “n/a” or something.

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if (elo < 0)
    printf("%d", elo);

So heccing difficult kek. Tho I am writing in basic VS C so ye. Dunno what they use. What do they use?

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Lol, 99% sure the front end code is JavaScript.

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Hecc I am not too familiar with Java. Only meddled with is once or so in my intro to programming class .-.

It’s pretty much the same thing though but with



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I cry


Sh I know it is JavaScript I just call it Java don’t hang me for heresy fam

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They’re not even close, though … weeps :persevere:

Sh ok I’m sorry pls stop crying ._.

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Well technically they are distant cousins :stuck_out_tongue:

Extremely distant … lol

For those who are interested (if anyone): A Brief History of JavaScript