So uh vgpro has a pretty noticeable visual bug rn

Dude what’s your take on the Oracle lawsuits going around for the use of the word “JavaScript”?

Well, there aren’t any lawsuits – one iOS developer apparently got word that Apple had received a takedown notice for his app from a law firm associated with Oracle, supposedly because it used the word “JavaScript” in its name. Some details here.

I would think Oracle would have a very tough time enforcing that trademark, tbh. But they have extremely deep pockets and are litigation-happy, so who knows.

IP law in the US is pretty much insanity, so there’s no predicting how any court would rule on a given case. And most every ruling eventually gets reversed anyway.


Generally you need a history of cease and dissists along with ability to proove you used it first

you can say this about any system in vg and it’d still be true

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Sad but accurate. The engine underlying the game is pretty great, but so much of what’s built on top of it is … not.


Least they have reduced battery drain

Nice! Ok it’s super good to know this may have been a law firm based tactic! Yay UK journalism!

Hopefully this tactic isn’t a test before a maelstrom. I haven’t looked into it since it’s first day of news. Clearly my news was still sensationalized. Lol

But dammit, Oracle just deserves a few slaps back down to earth. Just sayin…

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They would need a lot more cease and dissist orders out before any lawsuits would go through

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The “beauty” of the US legal system is that anyone can file a lawsuit for any reason, even if there’s no merit in the suit. Deep pocketed plaintiffs can file lawsuits (or send intimidating letters) all day, while the defendants (who are unlikely to have the financial wherewithal to defend themselves) are often forced to give in out of fear.

It’s ridiculous.