many of you are still playing the game?

Curious lmao.
For me, I’ve already moved on to other games like Warframe, Dauntless and Borderlands2, even League as well. I’m just kinda curious how many people on the forums still play Vainglory?

“How many people in a Vainglory forum play Vainglory” lmao, seriously? Well, I still play it

It’s still a pretty good time killer when you’re not in-front of a PC. Those other games are good in their own right.

I would think the majority of the forumer’s still play Vainglory actively. I do. Maybe not competitively, but I still enjoy it.

Curious why are you even here?

I still play. VG is an on-and-off kind of thing for me. When school starts, I’ll drop it again. I’ll suck, relearn, stop playing, and the cycle continues.

i still play it, i dont burn out bc i play one or two matches, do something else, then maybe i’ll play another rounf. i also usually stop for a day or two every now and then
im def not stopping anytime soon even w school starting tomorrow (rip), i feel like i keep improving and honestly i’ve been thinking of finding a competitive team to join in my country

Such a pointless thread tbh…

I rarely play any more. Just wasted >10 minutes this morning trying to play with my daughter, only to face long queues and at least one dodge in each match. Never did actually play. We switched to AoV instead.

I disagree. I think it’s interesting to learn who’s still active in the game and who’s here just for the community. If you don’t find the topic of value to you, there are tools that Discourse provides that allow you to effectively hide it.


Still playing and enjoying as well. I tried fortnite but got bored quickly along with the fact that I just can’t sit and play on a PC anymore.
Feels wierd that the last game I finished was Middle Earth :Shadow of War almost a year ago and I still consider myself a hardcore gamer.

I still play, but mostly 3v3 (really hating 5v5 idk why). I have to say though that i had to take a break for ~2 weeks due to frustration (MM op).

I don’t play anymore.

Hanging out in this forum is more entertaining than a match of VG.


I still play quite a lot, especially with IRL friends, as well as some here like @This_Aint_Sparta_2.0, but I don’t go out of my way to play. IRL stuff and all of the great games coming out recently have been taking up more of my time.

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I play alot of VG, but when i get 8+ dodged matches or 40 minute q’s, i move my bored ass to LoL or AOV.

im currently waiting cor WarSong cuz it looks better then AOV and isnt a halfbaked chinese moba.

Lol is a half baked moba lead by the worst balancer in DotA allstars history

o k

i just use the excuse "thats your opinion*

its totally not like LoL has 20x the VG playerbase

I can’t do Dauntless. I’m glad they fixed their queue times, but it’s Fortnite art style mixed with its really lackluster attempt at being a MonHun parallel is just… not good. I’d love to hear what brings you to play Dauntless? Maybe it’ll give me a reason to see past it’s stylistic choices.

Vainglory has never been a truly main game for me. I’ve always loved it, and I’ve always played it frequently - sans a hiatus here and there - but not to a degree that I would place it up there with the games that I do consider as such, i.e. FFXIV and the FF franchise, or some titles like Bloodborne, the Souls franchise. Vainglory is what got me into MOBAs though, and by that I draw most comparatives with MOBAs back to it.

I play a lot of games, though, I’m very passionate about finding new games and revisiting old ones and completing things for the experience.

Am I playing much right now? No, honestly. But I love Vainglory.

It should also be noted majority of DotA all-star players never migrated to league. Not to mention vainglory is located in the wrong platform for who they were marketing for. Don’t get me started on how the market is oversaturated with majority players being lazy and sticking to what they know

I just googled “warsong” and watching a youtube gameplay video. it looks half decent. I like the “training” they do.

Arrows on the ground. the game “pauses” and tells you to swipe out of the danger zone. gives you hints on how to use abilities…

I still do. Im trying to reach t10 then i’ll drop this game. Lel

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