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If the last person in your friend list is in a party of 3 or more you can’t see who’s in the party cause the game won’t let you scroll down. Pretty sure you still can’t report the last player in a 5v5 match for offensive name and unskilled cause the buttons don’t fit in your screen (can someone confirm). This has been a thing forever maybe optimize the ui some day because stuff like that is really embarassing, makes the devs look like amateurs.

Also is there a way to open the daily free chests besides going trough the market section ?


It’s a small fraction of the stuff that’s not sized properly or is graphically inconsistent – and as you say, it’s been that way for patch after patch. It’s really kind of ridiculous, and I agree that it gives the game an amateurish feel.

Apparently not any more. Moreover, the counter on the market section usually (but not always) doesn’t show when you have free chests available to open.


Tbh, i feel like we can go for something like Nintendo’s Smash series UI.
Just one touch to go into matchmaking.


I’m a little shocked and surprised at how clean the current U.I is. (just updated)

IT is by faRRrr the best I’ve seen for ANY touch game platform and I can finally take back all my past comments about the horrible U.I.

THIS is the Vainglory U.I standard that I’m expecting. Just… So… Damn… C.L.E.A.N.

I Love it.


The fact that this screen still looks like this for the third patch in a row really irritates the crap out of me.

This is just badly written code. Period.


Just as someone who as worked on game development, this is not badly written code, but failure to optimize the game for the wide range of screen revolutions that exist.

More likely than not this is a static image file with a specific resolution meaning on certain devices it will look awkwardly sized. On my ipad pro it is too small for example. Not excusing them by any means, but this is one of the most common type of “bugs” for games, and Vainglory is developed for more devices than any game I know (using the same client mind you, it’s not like the PC version is an entirely separate game).

Another example of this, was a game called rules of survival (one of the largest and most porifitable mobile games at the time). The PC version had almost every UI element so miss sized that they would obscure eachother or make text unreadable.


Window and image resizing code is pretty basic stuff. And it IS a coding issue, actually – that’s HOW you “optimize the game for the wide range of screen resolutions,” after all.


It’s still not a coding issue or mistake, no one messed up in a stupid way. They just didn’t fit it for all devices.


It’s not a mistake when the button to purchase the deal is almost off the screen? Lol …

Sorry, but there’s a proper way to code for varied screen sizes, aspect ratios, and resolutions … and the way they’re doing it is NOT it.


I thought your ping indicator when you’re lagging was gone, turns out its very well hidden. Top left corner above your score for those wondering.


For you to scroll further down, open your OFFLINE list. It’s one way but not really convenient. I still think one should be able to scroll down without doing the suggested. Same goes for wanting to know what mode a friend is currently playing and that friend is on the top of your list, with no current conversations or no recent/guild/team list… if you know what I mean. :wink:

Overall, I do love the new UI. I just think that they should lessen the blur intensity on Kessy as she isn’t recognizable at all (home page) during queueing. :slight_smile:


New UI and you would think they would fix the sizing issues but nope they’re still there. This shows that they’re either too lazy and consider that they’re not worth fixing or that they don’t actually test their product. Could be both.

Edit: I am aware that you can open your offline friends and see, so yeah.


They desperately need to replace their UI designer with someone with better design sense.


I think part of the issue is that the app structure itself makes it really hard to implement UI and other graphic design changes. I don’t know if it works off of something like style sheets, or if each element’s size and relative position needs to be coded in C++, or what. At least, that was the issue a while back. But yeah, this Social tab needs a bit of work. :crossed_fingers:


I honestly think that isnt the problem, but how you stated that their priority is to get it out instead of having a fully tested product.

Maybe if they worked on a UI (I MEAN AN ENTIRE NEW UI) and tested it internally (gaining feedback) for a year or so, it would end up 100% better than what we have now.


There are really two parts to any opinion of the UI:

  1. the overall look
  2. the implementation of #1

The first issue is obviously going to be subject to someone’s own biases and preferences. I find the current look to be extremely generic and boring – there is nothing about it that is at all unique or says “Vainglory” to me. I can easily see it being used in any other app on my iDevices or computer – it’s that bland to me. The previous UI was distinctive and fit very well with the world that they were creating: it had a bit of an archaic & arcane feel to it, and the entire app felt designed to fit together. That lots of people disagree with me on #1 I have no doubt. And that’s fine, because it’s simply a reflection of their own aesthetic preferences.

With regard to #2, I don’t think there’s much argument to be made that implementation of the UI is anything but pretty terrible. Lots of things are comically mis-sized, tap targets are too small or in weird places, common UI elements are missing (e.g., back buttons when selecting a game mode), typefaces are inconsistent, and bits of the older UIs remain months and months after they announced the FIRST UI update.


The current UI is the worst UI for almost any mobile game I’ve played right now. I LOVED patch 3.8 and 3.9… I think those are the patches, for the UI. It was super clean and easy to navigate. We’ve all gone over the obnoxiously tedious path to claim your two free chests now in 3.10 and 4.0.

Overall, the layout is just terrible and I can attest to those who have difficulties with button responsiveness. I think it’s a smarphone device issue, but it shouldn’t exist. The excessively small buttons, for example on the social page, is just so unnecessary. For larger screens and devices, perhaps that’s not as big of an issue. I can’t even imagine this UI looking nice on a desktop…

The social page alone has me vomiting and is truly my only compaint but it’s a vital piece to the UI environment. This game is more fun when it’s more social - party play - chatting with team and guildmates, etc. I thought hotfix 4.0.1 was going to make it better? I notice zero difference.

The “match found” screen is ugly, but that doesn’t bother me. It’s an insignificant part to the game experience, in my opinion. When I evaluate a game’s UI, I really make my judgments on the more essential parts. VG is failing right now. It’s annoying to navigatge to some key features and the social tab just stinks.


Has anyone noticed the “blocklist” when you thumbs down a player’s performance ?

A message appears that says - " this player will be put on your blocklist, which has a maximum of 3 and we will avoid pairing you with in future games " - which is NOT a direct quote, but is pretty much the gist of it.

and I did type in “blocklist” in the forum search with no results. so is this subject talked about elsewhere?

Anyway, I just think this tiny little addition is just another layer on the Smol UI cake after the update. Finally after years of MM agony… it’s finally happening.


What graphics setting do you have your game on? That might be part of the issue…


This was implemented in 3.9 (or 3.8? I don’t remember) if you look at the patch notes for those updates I think it’s mentioned somewhere. I know that did tweet about it at least.