Skye's FB bug

Sometimes my FB just goes through minions. Idk it feels really weird and glitchy when I play Skye

Are you sure it aint just missing


That should be a good thing? then it’s just like her legendary talent?

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But it does no dmg, it just passes through

I thought it’s just me. Then I saw this and also about 1 hour ago it happened on Xeno’s stream so I guess it is a thing.

Same with Kestrels Glimmershots her hitbox is halved and you need to hit very very specific targets. The width of the shots is minimal at best.


I don’t really think it’s halved or intentionally reduced as it isn’t changed for enemy heroes. Seems like a bug to me but it certainly is very annoying.

It seems a lot of A abilities are bugged. Some have been for quite a while, in fact.

Yesterday, I once again encountered the most frustrating bug in Vainglory: the complete inability to trigger ANY ability for 5-10 seconds.

Bugs like that have me playing AoV in preference to VG these days.


I have gotten that too the Gwen and idris stopping auto after an ability is one of the most annoying thing ever. I just can’t deal with joystick mobas

My left thumb always hurts after an AoV session. Lol


There is a bug with a lot abilities, including fb of skye. A lot of people are now playing AOV, won’t go deep into why as here most of us already knows the reasons.

Erm… I’m not in the cool crew, lol. is AoV the moba that got partnered with nintendo switch?

Yeah they did. I tried it on mobile once and hated it. If I wanted to play a joystick game it ain’t gonna be a moba lol

I’m a huge nintendo fan tho… so I’m curious to check it out. It was a smart move to partner with them.

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Yes especially with games taking elements from Moba games and implementing them into it

completely unrelated comment:

nintendo also partnered with blizzard when starcraft came out. It was horrible to play using joysticks, but still fun to play due to the multiplayer aspect.

This is the reason why Joystick players have such a huge fan base. They consider the ability to master horrible D-pad and buttons a mechanical skilled ability that not many can do.

The same can be said for touch screen i guess.

Mouse and keyboard games are much more challenging than game controller imo but touchscreens are a more like a midground with a completely different set of challenges

Mouse and keyboard is way easier to use… The amount of things you are able to do is greater on M & K but playing accurately is much morr difficult with a controller.

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Nothing beats the good old mouse and keyboard. :relieved:

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Here I am still wondering which idiot thought it would be a good idea to make every single game that has you control a character on mobile control with a joystick.

There’s a reason PC MOBAs use right clicks to move and not WASD/arrow keys.

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